Transform Uganda IV – Coming 2018

… Coming August 2018!

An eTeamGlobal and Christ Transformation Ministries Outreach

What is Transform Uganda?

Transform Uganda is the vision of Ugandan Evangelist and Church Planter, Rev. Arthur Magezi. Arthur is founder of Christ Transformation Ministries (CTM) in Uganda. The vision God has laid on his heart is to plant 50 churches, over the several years, deep in the rural bush of Uganda. His focus, in particular, is to see rural villages embrace Christ and start churches where there has never been one. A second focus, as the villagers embrace Jesus Christ, is for the villages to be transformed by the Gospel in many ways. This includes improving: literacy levels, healthcare, water access and quality, treatment of women and children, and stewardship of village resources (as the men turn from alcoholism, witchcraft, and gambling).

Transform Uganda Phase I (2015):

Phase I of TU began in July 2015, a team of Ugandans, Nigerians, and Americans worked alongside CTM to evangelize 10 villages. The Nigerians lived among the villagers. Evangelism was one on one, Jesus Film showings, a festival, and sitting and visiting with the villagers.

At the end of the two-week mission, 10 churches
were born. Pastor Magezi deployed 10 young church planters to pastor these new churches and believers. Initially, the villages averaged about 25 adults and 10 children for Sunday worship services. They continue to grow and average 45 adults and 25 children for a service. One church, in a Muslim village, is growing with over 250 in attendance. In addition, several of these church plants are meeting in simple pole and thatch roof churches they have built.

Transform Uganda Phase II (2016):

TU Phase II began in August 2016, by setting out to deepen and strengthen the church plants. The team consisted of Nigerian Evangelists/Pastors, ETeam Global along with CTM. During the two-week event, several ministries served simultaneously. Here are some of the major activities that happened and the results:

  • 8,834 total heard the Gospel and 2,370 prayed to receive Christ.
    Nigerians lived in the villages and shared the Gospel.
  • 900 saw the Jesus Film, and 120 received Christ.
  • A village ministry team taught and encouraged men, women, and children in the villages that were reached in Phase I.
  • A construction team helped build a brick church alongside some of the local church men.
  • A medical team provided medicines and the love of Christ to many of the villages; 2,287 people received medical treatment.
    In addition, two clean water well projects were started and there is now a total of 16 church plants.

Transform Uganda Phase III (2017):

TU Phase III in August of 2017 worked with the village churches to in planting daughter churches in neighboring villages. This was a multinational team effort consisting of 70 Nigerian evangelists
representing New Life for All Ministry, 40+ Ugandan’s representing

School comes to Jesus!

Christ Transformation Ministry, and 18 Americans representing ETeam Global and U.S. based CTM. It was amazing to see this group united in Christ bring forth the gospel into areas oppressed by spiritual darkness. The group was dispersed into the following teams:

2 medical teams, 2 crusade teams, 2 village evangelism teams, 2 Jesus film teams, and 12 pairs of Nigerian evangelist living by faith in the villages. Because of the moving of the Spirit, a total of 12 new churches were planted in villages that had little or no knowledge of Christ prior! The following provides a snapshot of the work that took place.

  • Twelve bicycles were given to village Pastors, enabling them to
    travel to the daughter church plant villages.
  • Clothing and sandals were distributed to children.
    The multiyear brick and mortar church building project was completed.
  • Two bore holes for clean water were established in villages where churches were planted in earlier phases of the TU.
  • A total of 14,000 heard the gospel and 4,323 made professions of faith.
  • Numerous villagers were delivered from demon possession, including 17 children from a single school.

Transform Uganda Phase IV (Coming in August 2018!):

Preparation is underway for the next phase of TU this Summer. The focus will be to strengthen the 28 church plants and train the leaders. The primary ministry will be to continue the training and

development of the church plant pastors and women/children’s ministry leaders. In addition, as the Lord provides team members and resources we will be conducting the following ministries to the villages:

  • Jesus Film showings each night in the villages, leading people to Christ
  • Evangelism  to groups of men, women and youth in the villages, sharing the good news about Jesus
  • Training of pastors and church leaders will be provided, for those of you equipped to teach
  • Day medical clinics will be made availale as we visit each of the villages, so we need doctors and nurses!

CTM, working with eTeamGlobal, is already taking signups for volunteers who wish to take part in TU IV.  Volunteers from Calvary Chapel Phoenix, churches in Oregon, and in Southern California are participating.

Interested in being a part of Transform Uganda IV?

  • We need volunteers! To hold your space, send an email to Mike Parker at
  • Plan your Schedule to Come To Uganda August 3rd – 13th 2018
  • Budget the Cost starting now: Total cost is $4,000 per person (a payment plan will be made available). The trip will include:
    • Round trip airfare
    • Lodging each night in a comfortable hotel near the villages
    • Full breakfast each morning
    • Food and water, local transportation, trip insurance, project budget split among team, misc./emergency funds, and admin fee, Ugandan visa and translators and other local help and their care.
  • Cost does not include passport, medical immunizations required and medicines, or travel supplies such as snack foods or sunscreen, mosquito repellent, and for forth.

Payment Plan:

  • May 16, 2018: $500 non-refundable down payment to secure place on the team. The funds will be applied to Airline tickets.
  • June 20, 2018: $1,500 second installment toward trip cost due; majority going toward airline tickets.
  • July 24, 2018: Final installment and full payment for trip due.

All participants will be required to provide medical information such as medicines, insurance, and health issues that might require the team leaders to know in case of emergency. In addition, each team member must sign a ETeam Global waiver as well as a character and conduct agreement for the duration of the trip. The idea is that there is no illicit drug use, alcohol use, unmarried sexual engagement, and submission to team leaders. Note: Those who raise more funds will have those funds applied toward the entire team and projects needs of the mission.

How to make Payment to Participate

Where to send checks and how to make out checks:

  • Make checks out to Eteam Global, PO Box 61, North Plains, Oregon 97133.
  • In the Memo of the check please write TU4 – and your initials such as JD for John Doe.

Contact for more information:

  • California / Oregon / Other: Mike Parker, ETeam Global – Director of Strategic Initiatives and TU4 Global Project Director
    (c) 541-410-1209 or
  • Arizona: Nathan Walters, TU4 AZ Region Leader
    602-748-3290 or

About ETeam Global and Christ Transformation Ministries (CTM)

ETeam Global is a 501(c)(3) non-profit ministry established by Dr. Tim Robnett. The primary purpose of ETeam Global is to identify, affirm, train and mobilize Ephesians 4 Evangelists around the world. ETeam Global has worked closely with Christ Transformation Ministries (CTM) and Rev. Arthur Magezi for many years. Rev. Mike Parker is the Director of Strategic Initiatives for ETeam Global with 30 years history of evangelism and cross-cultural ministry in many parts of the world. He has directed the past three Transform Uganda projects and will work with Nathan Walters this year, as well as the CTM team here in the U.S. and in Uganda.

Christ Transformation Ministries (CTM), a 501 (c) (3) non-profit charity to the villages in Africa.  As part of his Doctoral work for his degree in Global Evangelism, Arthur Magezi and CTM have partnered with  ETeam Global for the past three years to plant 28 new rural bush churches (previous to this CTM by itself had platnted over 70 rural bush churches throughout the back country of Uganda).  In many of the villages they had not had a church previously.  Over the past three years, Transform Uganda I, II and III have included drilling bore hole wells for fresh water to villages that had none, medical ministries that had treated thousands,  pastor’s conferences to equip pastors, women’s conferences, ministry to children, women, men and showings of the Jesus Film and evangelism.

Transforming Africa through Jesus

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