The July Outreach in Uganda is going well!

July 19, 2015:  Arthur and team just arrived in Kampala for a meeting and then they go back to the field. The work of planting churches is going on well! Muslim_leader_accepts_Jesus

Some newsworthy points 

A Muslim leader has embraced Christ at Kyankoole church. Its important to share the good news of mankind’s Lord and Savior with all of God’s creatures, including those that follow Islam.  But to do all such sharing in love, and with kindness – as the Bible says, “always be ready to give an answer to those that Buyumba_church_2015ask, for the HOPE that lies within you”.

The Buyumba church is already planted, and new Christians are meeting and worshiping together!  The Bible says “How pleasant for brothers and sisters to worship together in unity”.

Right now a make-shift church building is in place, but we have faith Buyumba_church_plantedthat God will provide.  The new CTM web site will make it easier for people to give to this ministry, and we believe that “when God guides, God provides”.  We must  as the Bible says “seek first the Kingdom of God. and His righteouness, and ALL these things shall be added unto you”>

A new building is in the works – that is for sure – according to God’s Platform_for_evangelism_in_Ugandatiming, and His  provision!

Here Arthur is testing the platform built for evangelism.

Be careful Arthur!  You are watching your weight, aren’t you?  Ha ha!

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