Further updates & photos from July Outreach!

More Updates!  The CTM July 2015 Outreach
The July outreach to establish 10 more local churches across the countryside of Uganda came to a close last week, and the results
were beyond expectations!

Praying for a Muslim Leader
Praying for a Muslim Leader

10 new churches are planted, and are in the process of growing!There are many needs, sop be praying what you can give to help the ministry.  We will be putting up a Donate page soon on the web site – so watch for this!  Here are some recent photos with captions:

Praying for a former Muslim leader in Kyankoole
Help!  Car Breakdown!
As you know, Christ Car_breakdown_July_2015Transformation Ministries is in dire need of improved transportation, includes a new off-road vehicle for serving the churches, bicycles, and motor bikes.  Here you see Arthur’s old car broke down.  The team had to push many times for it to start. One of us, Jacob fainted as a result and my wife Esther did all she could to resuscitate him.
Discipleship Programdiscipleship_prog_jul_2015
CTM has launched a discipleship and leadership development program. We were able to give only three books per new church. We seriously need more books and Bibles.  Please pray that the Lord will meet these needs!

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