Please help support the materials for newly planted churches

During July, 2015, CTM was able to plant ten (10) new churches
throughout the back country of Uganda: they are Kyankoole, Kibaale, Ngole, Makanga, Nabigaaga, Iyingo, Buyumba, Irundu, Naganga and Kisanga.   Praise the Lord!  But the new pastors of these churches are without basic materials tp help them develop.

CTM has created three (3) valuable books to help these church leaders grow in faith, in in turn, this will help the local churches grow and develop.  The books are : 1) “Following Jesus”, which is a 10 week course on being a leader; 2) “Talking to God”, which teaches one how to pray, and 3) “Bring People to Jesus”, which teaches a new pastor the skills of evangelism.  Please give to support the copy and distribution of these materials to the leaders of these newly planted churches.  May God richly bless you!  >> Go to Donate

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