Mae’s update – Reaching Women and Children in Uganda

Mae Jean Dickason went with the team to Uganda in July.  Here is an update from her experiences this past July …

“Most of the pictures I have posted so far have been about children smiles, new friends I have made and the amazing group of women Mae_photo_1that I traveled with to the villages. All seems very happy and upbeat. 

One of the things that struck me is the eyes of the women and children. In the places that we went that did not have strong Christian presence, you see almost a sadness or lost look in the women’s eyes. This was one of the tougher villages to go to in that the women seemed sad. They clearly Mae_photo_2needed something. We did have quite a few come to Christ after Martha Wagner and Esther Magezi spoke with them.

I found out some of the abusive situations and what we take for granted as “normal women issues” were really big to them. With the help of Doreen Gandhi translating, stories were told and it became apparent how unprepared I was for answers.  But the Holy Spirit was with us, and this gave me more of a heart and need to learn about women’s issues and struggles and needs.

This was a village that had power and not quite as remote, but still needing…well honestly….Jesus…………..and other women to just listen to their stories…….

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