Pastor Arthur’s update – Nov 5, 2015

Dear friends,
 CTM has completed a ministry mission with Dr. John Stewart. We had one day training seminar for the village church leaders in Busoga area.  After that, my team went visiting several of the new Arthur Magezi, CTMones to encourage them. Some are impressively growing steadily and some are struggling, but they are all alive!
After the villages, Dr. Stewart ministered in two places in Kampala, had a program on radio and preached in my church. We were greatly blessed by Dr. Stewart’s ministry.
Am now preparing and trusting God for funds to go back to the villages to conduct another training and give tests to the students studying through TEE (Theological Education by Extension). Those who pass Dr_Stewart_teaching
will go to the next study. During the training, part of my team will be showing the Jesus film and and leading people to Christ.
Our biggest challenge as you know is transport.  If you someone who is willing to donate a vehicle, or contribute to the provision for a much needed vehicle, please contact us!  We continue to trust God and use whatever means He avails to us. That you for your active support.
Am now planning for the mission next year. I invite you to join with Teaching_in_Kampalaus. We welcome different types of ministry including construction, medical, technical training, games, music and any other area that people have skills in. All we need is to serve God with what He has given us.
Ann and Dan Noel have done a great job to raise funds from the garage sale and from themselves to support my family.  Thank you to others who have been able to contribute to the support of this ministry.  I am not completely John_Speaking_at_my_Churchcleared for all, but I can breathe now as I trust God to clear all. May the Lord bless this family and all of you who are working hard to enable me take the gospel to the villages.
Enclosed are some pictures of my October ministry with Dr. John Stewart.
Thank you and may God bless you,
Arthur Magezi

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