Give Thanks to the Lord this Christmas, for He is Good!

Praise be to the Lord from whom all blessings flow!  

May many blessings be your this Christmas season, when we remember the time that the Lord, the CREATOR of heaven and earth, visited us and took the form of a helpless little child!

And shepherds heard the good news announced by heavenly angels, and visited Him who came down from heaven to be with us (as the scriptures foretold, He is our Emmanuel – “God with Us”).Mae_photo_2

As the Bible say, He “emptied Himself” and took on the form of a helpless little baby.  He that spoke he universe into existence, God’s eternal Word, became one of us, so that we might become – if we let Him come into our hearts – like Him.  Little Christs.  And be saved from our transgressions and sins. He lived a sinless life, and took upon Himself the penalty of our sins.  “Our chastisement was placed upon Him, and with His striped we are healed” (Isaiah).  We are healed.  We are forgiven.  What we could not do, He has done for us!  The wicked power of this world put Him to death upon a cross, but death could not hold the One who has power over death itself.  For the Lord Jesus is truly the “Way, the Truth, and the Life”.

He was taken up into heaven after rising, showing that He has the power over death and life. And that little baby is returning – yes returning soon – as no little baby, but as a LION!  As King  of kings and Lord of lords.  To clam His own, and bring an end to death and suffering to all those that believe in Him.

Oh how unselfish and loving our Lord is, that He would enter this world and take our sins upon Himself, and bear our iniquities, so that we might enter into His heavenly kingdom and have everlasting life.  He has made a WAY for us!  A way to the Father.  There is no other Shroud_faceway.  Works will not do.  False religions will not do.  There is only one way possible.  If there was another way, He would not have come and endured the cross as He did.  Please believe this!  He died, He rose, and He is indeed coming back!

ALL that He asks is that we believe in Him, and confess that we are one of His.  At that point He begins a new work in each of us, so that we are “transformed from the inside out”, becoming new creations – individual works of the Master Carpenter Himself.

Do you know Jesus?  Have you given your life to Him?  Trusted Him to be your Savior?  If you have, then give thanks – for you are on an exciting adventure with the Lord of the universe – with tribulations sometimes, yes, but also with joy, and eternal life!  If you don’t know Him, then wait no longer – invite Him to be Lord of your life! Believe in the Lord Jesus.  To take your first steps, go to

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