How I Love Your Word .. It is My Meditation all the Day

From Mike Parker, CTM Advisory Board Member, on his reflections during a recent trip to Uganda…

Matthew Henry, in his Concise Commentary on Psalm 119: 97 – 104 that “what we love, we love to think of. All true wisdom is from God. A good man carries his Bible with him, if not in his hands, yet in his head and in his heart.”

While in Uganda in February, with Pastor Arthur Magezi, we held a seminar for the new church plant pastors from Transform Uganda. Pastor Marc Andresen, who traveled with me, was teaching inductive bible study methods using the book of Nehemiah. His great emphasis to the pastors was the area of observation. We noticed, while he taught, there was an older man who wouldA_Well_Read_Bible intensely read his bible to study and follow the lesson. Yet, his bible, was tattered, well worn, pages falling out. His bible was yellowed, no longer had a front or back cover, and so weathered and marked it was difficult to read. It was clearly, a book that he devoured, studied, and read often and constantly.

To Marc and myself, we discovered a few of the pastors did not have a bible, and the one the old pastor had was really almost unusable. The Lord put it in Marc’s heart to purchase some bibles, including one for the old man.

Studying_scriptureLater, we discovered the old pastor’s name is Charles. He is pastor of the Kyankole church, along with his sons Tomas and Godfrey. Upon his receiving his new bible, Charles with great joy, began to look and read through it. He was eager, to take his new bible, and the lessons from Nehemiah, and teach the new Christians at his church plant.

Charles Spurgeon, in his Treasury of David – a commentary on the Psalms, wrote this of Psalm 119: 97 -104 “he loves so much that heWe_Need_Bibles must express his love, and in making the attempt he perceives that it is inexpressible – and therefore cries, “O how I Love! The law is God’s law, and therefore it is our love. We love it for its holiness, and pine to be holy; we love it for its wisdom, and study to be wise; we love it for its perfection, and long to be perfect.”

Oh that we might treasure the Word and love it as David, who wrote the Psalm, and Charles, a simple rural bush village pastor in Uganda.

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