Land Donated for the Nagangama Church!

4/25/16 update from Arthur:

My dear friends,

The Lord has been so good to us as we serve in this ministry! We are progressing well and gaining ground. The devil is not happy with us, but God is pleased!  And that’s all we need. I have come back from the field, and here is the good new of what God is doing …

CTM got a donation of a plot of land for building Nagangama Praying for the church landChurch. The village leader gave the land. The photo here shows us praying for the land. The pastor is pink shirt and the donor is in blue t-shirt and me between them. This place is the stronghold of ancestral worship, and we need your prayers and financial gifts urgently to build Digging a bore holea church and a strong community of believers!

This same church also desperately needs a borehole. Here you can see one underway.  Pray for God’s blessing that He blesses this local church!

A youth member of the new church is already making bricks for the New church bricks - hand madenew church build to go up soon (we hope and pray!).

It’s amazing what God can do when you put your trust in Him, and move ahead in faith!

The Lyingo church desperately needs a church and school. The
children don’t go to school and are hungry for the gospel.  Please Be_blessedremember them in your prayers, and should the Lord lead, please donate to help support CTM and its mission to help establish these churches and the people of Uganda in Christ Jesus! 

Be blessed.

Rev. Arthur Magezi
President, Christ Transformation Ministries (CTM) 

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