Arthur Visits Our Saddleback Church Small Group

We had a wonderful and blessed time as Arthur Magezi, the Executive Direction and lead Pastor of Christ Transformation Ministries (CTM), visited our Saddleback Small Group this past Sm Group Says Hiweek.

Arthur brought us up to date on the status of the 10 new church plants, the plan for Transform Uganda II which is scheduled for this coming August, and he also delivered a special, inspiring message about the “four groups” we often associate with (this was based on the passage in Matthew 26:36-46), where Jesus gathered in the Garden of Gethsemane) :

  • The “party group” – the people that come and gather round, to hear something new, have something to eat, and participate in fun activities.  These people will not hang around, or go deeper with you. Sm Group Fellowship
  • The “stay here” group – like the large group of disciples who followed Jesus, these are those who are with you whether there is a party on no party.  These are the people who are your larger circle of friends – but they are not ready to go with you down the road of more difficult challenges.  They need to “stay here, while you go to meet the challenges before you.
  • A third group is the “come along side” group.  Like Peter, James and John, these are the lose friends that come along side you – going further with you than then “stay here” group.  They are your close confidants.  Are you a “come along side” person to Sm Group Photosomeone you know?
  • The forth group is a group you would not expect.  When Jesus sent ahead alone, he prayed to the Father whether the “cup” He was to drink could be removed from Him.  He endured deep sorrow, but prayed to the Father “not My will, but Thy will be done”.  Although they could not be seen, angels ministered to Jesus during HIs time of great sorrow. Remember that if you are a believer, you are never alone – the  Spirit of Christ is within you, Jesus is beside you, and His holy angels are watching over you – even in your darkest trials.

Please keep Arthur, and CTM in your prayers, and visit this blog and our Facebook page often for the latest updates.

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