Updates from Arthur – Studies in Oregon this summer …

From Arthur Magezi, at
Multnomah University, Oregon – June 2016

Greetings brothers and sisters.  Enclosed are some photos from my recent studies in Oregon, at Multnomah University (http://www.multnomah.edu/).

Here is a photo with my classmates and two professors (Dr. Tim ClassmatesRobnett, in green and Dr. Steve Wingfield in blue).

Studies were intensive – morning until night – for a period of about two weeks straight!

What a small world this is!  I am from Uganda, and one of our Twins from Kenyaneighboring countries of course is Kenya.  What are the chances that two of my classmates would be from a neighboring country! Here are twins from Kenya! Moses & George Muguro. Bath are my classmates.

Meanwhile, my family is surviving on bananas and other foods from Banannas from Gardenour garden.  Thanks be to God for providing us with a good home, and our own garden, for daily essentials!

My sincere thanks to those of you who are sending a monthly donation to support the work of CTM in Uganda.  You are helping to meet our daily needs, so that I and the CTM team can go to the churches and strengthen them, and spread the saving message of Jesus Christ!

The time went by so quickly!  Here is a shot at Dr, Tim Robnett’s Farewell Dinnerhome.  We say good by after two weeks of heavy study.  I have learned so much.  And now back to Uganda, so that I can prepare with others to go back to the churches this August to carry out “Transform Uganda II”.  We are going back to the churches we established last summer, to build them up. educate the pastors, carry our medical missions and building projects. and to strength the church.

May God bless you all!

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