Teams Arrive – Transform Uganda II Now in Progress!

“Transform Uganda II” Has Begun!

The past few days, dozens of believers from America and Nigeria
have arrived in Uganda, to link up with CTM Uganda, and begin an intensive two-week ministering project called “Transform Uganda II”

What is “Transform Uganda”?

Transform Uganda is the vision of Ugandan Evangelist and Church Planter, Rev. Arthur Magezi, of Christ Transformation Ministries (CTM).  The vision God has laid on Arthur’s heart is to plant 50 Gathering_near_home_Wesunirechurches deep in the rural bush of Uganda over the next few years. His focus, in particular, is to see rural villages embrace Christ and start churches where there has never been a church – where most missionaries fear to go, or simply find it too difficult to get to such far off places.

A second focus is that as the villagers embrace Jesus Christ, and have a strong and growing church body, in time the villages will be “transformed” by the Gospel in many ways. This includes literacy, Fellowship_Wesunire_Churchimproved health care, clean water available through new wells drilled, improved treatment of women and children, and economic health being stabilized as the men turn from alcoholism, witchcraft, and gambling to faith in Christ, care for their families, and improved economic opportunities.

Last Year: “Transform Uganda Phase I” Was Accomplished

Phase I of TU was accomplished last year – in the spring of 2015. In July of 2015, a team of Ugandans, Nigerians, and Americans worked alongside the local CTM Uganda team to share the love of Jesus in Ministry_at_Wesunire_Churchback country 10 villages. The Nigerians lived among the villagers. Evangelism was “one on one”, with Jesus Film showings, a festival, and sitting and visiting with the villagers.

At the end of the two-week mission, 10 new village churches were born! Pastor Magezi was able to raise up 10 young church planters to pastor these new churches and believers. Initially, the villages averaged about 25 adults and 10 children for Sunday worship Tom_Teaching_Kibaleservices. Six months later, they continue to grow and average 45 adults and 25 children for a service. In addition, several of these church plants have now built simple pole and thatch roof churches to meet in.

February 2016: Encourage the Churches!

Mike Parker, a pastor and board member of CTM, visited Uganda to help encourage the new church pastors, and new believers.  He and Arthur Magezi visited many of the churches, and to their amazement, many of the churches had doubled in size!

August 2016 –  “Transform Uganda Phase II” Has Launched!

Transform Uganda has begun this week! Teams from America, Nigeria and the local CTM Uganda team are combining to go out and Mission planning_at_Ngolevisit the 10 new churches established last year, to build them up – spiritually, physically, and economically.

The combined teams include about 20 Nigerian Evangelists/Pastors, about 18 people from Tim Robnett Ministries and ETeamGlobal, and about a dozen staff from CTM Uganda.  The plans for this summer include:

  • A women’s and children’s ministryLowering_by_crank
  • A construction team to help build one or two brick churches (alongside the local church)
  • A medical team of doctors and nurses to hold free clinics, ministering to the physical needs of the villagers
  • A teaching/evangelism team to minister to the villagers the truth of God’s Word
  • Holding a pastor’s seminar
  • At least two clean water projects, to provide clean water through newly drilled wells

Please be in prayer daily for the safety of those ministering the needs of the villagers in Uganda, and for the churches and new believers  in these villages – that they be made strong in spirit, soul and body.  And that our Lord continues to transform individuals, families, villages, and the nation toward Christ Jesus – the Hope of the world!

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to help offset the costs of this worthy ministry, please visit our Donate page and give what ever the Lord leads.  Whatever that is, even if only a few dollars – God will bless you, and your gift will go to the work of this ministry.  Link:  Thank you !

Mike Parker
Paul M. Dooley
Christ Transformation Ministries
August, 2016

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