Transform Uganda II Update: Medical Team Makes the Rounds

On location – an update from Mae Dickason:

Today was an experience. …our medical team went out to Buyumba. It was our first day, and I was no sure what to expect. I Villagers_awaiting_treatmentremembered what the ride out to the villages was going to be like from last year, so was not surprised by the bumpy, jolting, crazy ride that it was . Not sure why but I ended up in the front..let’s just say that I look out the side a lot!!!!

The people were ready for us. We had a nice thatched area to work Sorting_thru_medsin. I think it was actually their church. We set up 2 stations to diagnose and then a table to dispense medications I was so thankful for Rose and Evelyn, the nurses from Nigeria who are experienced at this kind of mission, and for Dr Charles and Ruth from Uganda. They were amazing.

Dr Charles and I worked together. Apollo who is an evangelist was one of our drivers, translators and helped by preaching Jesus and Ministering to God's peoplecrowd control. Wyatt and Alex helped with record keeping and handing out the meds that were packaged for the people. So…..the thought was to treat 50-60 people, but we ended up treating around 130 people!

It was amazing, sad, encouraging, and at times a little overwhelming, but i was never scared – which is totally a God thing. Tomorrow we go to another village that is a little bigger.

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