Arthur’s Monday Aug 8th Update from Transform Uganda II …

From Arthur Magezi, Monday Aug 8, 2016…

Arthur is engaged with American, Nigerian and Ugandan teams in Arthur_preaching“Transform Uganda II” – a two week intensive outreach to outback Uganda villages, to build up the people, strengthen the infrastructure, address medical needs, and build up the people spiritually.

Believers_listening in on serviceIn the photo above you can see Arthur preach to a crown of Americans, Nigerians and Americans on the topic of “Deliverance”. Jesus said “I am come that you might have life, and that more abundantly”!  How do you enjoy that life and freedom?  Turn your eyes toward Jesus, for He said “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life”! He can indeed deliver you from any darkness, and bring you into His glorious light!

One of the goals of Transform Uganda is to not only to plant churches CTM_village church leadersthrough CTM, but also raise raise up Godly men to lead these churches.  Here you see the leaders and pastors of the new churches, being encourages and build up during Transform Uganda II”.

Waiting to get treatmentBesides ministering to the pastors, and building up the churches and church leadership spiritually, CTM is also working with eTeamGlobal to meet the medical needs of villagers.  The needs are many, and in some cases urgent.

Thank God for the doctors and nurses from the U.S. and Nigeria who Medical_team_ready_to_goare taking part in meeting the medical needs of the villagers in our churches!  They have taken time and made significant personal sacrifices to come her to meet the needs of God’s people.  May you all be blessed as a result!

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