Medical update from Mae – Transform Uganda II

August 8th, PM. Further Medical Team update from Mae …

Today the medical team went back to the village I went to for Mae listeningchurch yesterday. When we first got to Ngole there wasn’t very many people there. Part of the reason is that it had rained and so the people were out working the fields. But when they figured out we were here, we saw a total of 271 people.

A few of the people were really ill.  One baby was super sick, and a pregnant woman has probably pre eclampsia.  We treated a little boy with a really weird looking tongue – Dr. Joy thinks it might be cancer.  

We also saw LIttle boya little elderly lady that felt sick. Her blood pressure was 180/100. Her family brought her by motorcycle.

It can be really overwhelming here if you aren’t careful. The poverty and the lack of education is mind boggling.

You can’t truly get a grip on the severity of it unless you are here to see it.

But overall it was a very productive and rewarding day. Glory be to God! !!

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