CTM Garage Sale Oct 15th, Online Donations Now Live!


CTM is having a Garage Sale on Saturday, Oct 15th, for the purposegarage_sale_sm of raising much needed funds for CTM Africa.  After the big Transform Uganda campaign in August, we now need CTM staff to get back to those new believers and strengthen them in the Word.

We need funds to provide bibles to new believers, funds to providechurch_land_donation teaching materials to new pastors, and funds to provide transportation to and from the back country villages.

A battle against the powers of darkness is waging, and we need your help!  You and I are the eyes, ears, hands and feet of Jesus in the world! Please bring items you wish to donate to this garage sale, and help CTM raise funds to support our ministry to the church in Africa.

CTM Garage Sale
Purpose: Raise funds for CTM

Location: Dan and Ann Noel’s home, 21292 Hillside CourtLake Forest, California
Date & Time:  Saturday, Oct 15th, 7:00 AM – 11:00 AM

To find out more, and participate, email Dan Noel atdan@mediaexperts.tv, or call 949-305-3544 and leave a message that you would like to participate in the CTM Garage Sale on Oct 15th. If you are in the Lake Forest area, we will make an effort to come to your location and pick up your donated items.  Thank you and may God bless you for your help! 


Christ Transformation Ministries (CTM) is reliant on God to provide for support of the churches through this ministry. This happens through individual supporters like you.  By your donation, you are enabling CTM to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ, His saving grace and regenerative power to thousands of people in the back villages of Africa who would otherwise never hear of the Lord who so dearly loves them!

NEW!  You can now donate online to CTM:
  • Simply go to our Donate page on our web site: https://ctmafrica.org/donate/
  • Click on the link to go to our secure PayPal account
  • Enter your donation amount (any amount is appreciated – what ever you feel the Lord is leading you to give).  Monthly supporters:  this is where you can also give your monthly donation, whether that is $10, $25, or $100 per month.  Its easy!
  • You will be emailed a receipt, and the funds will be directly deposited to our CTM PayPal account and routed to CTM Africa to be put to work!

Please note:  Christ Transformation Ministries is in process of filing as a legal non-profit entity with the IRS. We expect to be granted this status by the end of the year, and will inform all of our supporters via email, and via our web site Blog (as well as on the Donate page).  As such, technically your donation is not presently deductible, but it will be in the event we are granted non-profit status.  So keep your receipt, and watch for our further updates about our non-profit status! God bless you.

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