Nov 21st, 2016 – from Pastor Arthur:

Dear servants of God, I greet you in Christ Jesus.

I have come back from the field to meet church leaders and plan for churches_growingnext year missions. The journey was a bit challenging as the car got into some issues and we were delayed – but thanks be to God we still made it, and had a nice meeting!

We have identified 15 locations for new church plants and we have 13 leaders to train for leading the new church plants in July next year. I need to make two more trips before the Christmas season starts. So, continue praying for resources to buy TEE books and a car.

prayer_timeHere you can see we get very much into prayer time. We have stepped up our prayer ministry to ensure we are always listening to God’s direction, and in a right relationship with Him.

Here you can see wtchcraft items in the area of the Kisanga church being burnt. Muslim witches planted their stuff in the door way of the church. The Lord showed witchj_craft_items_burnedthe pastor in a dream and he dug the place in the morning and removed them. We then burnt them after the meeting. This church is growing fast and we needs resources to build a big church. Pray with us.

Have a blessed day.

Rev. Arthur Magezi
Founder/Executive Director
Christ Transformation Ministries (CTM)
Ph: +256782911817

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