Special Needs in the Villages for this Christmas!

My dear friends,
I greet you in Christ Jesus. I believe you are all fine and expecting to have a blessed Christmas. That’s my prayer for us all.
I came from the field on Saturday and the churches are all growing Arthur Magezi, CTMwell. The pastors are doing a great job out there despite the hard conditions they operate in.
As I moved through the churches, I clearly noticed a consistent challenge of food in these poor communities. Unlike other times, this season had no rain and too much sunshine. The crops failed. The people were not prepared for this, since they are used to e good crop every December.
The pastors in these communities work so hard to feed their families as well as preach the gospel. I have not had peace in my heart as I realized that these pastors my not even afford a good meal this Christmas! I know this is very short notice, but if there is a way I can raise $50 for each pastor (for 16 pastors =$800 + $200 for travel = $1,000), I would then give them a surprise blessing before Christmas. I have not promised anything and I have never done this for them.
My heart greatly goes out to these men and women of God. We generally have a famine situation for the next three to four months in the whole country. Food prices have gone up here and some of us with big families are beginning to feel it. The situation is worse for the village -based pastors, whose only source of survival is farming. Please pray for us as we go through a hard season.

May the Lord bless you. 

Rev. Arthur Magezi, Founder/Executive Director, Christ Transformation Ministries (CTM)
Web: https://ctmafrica.org/
Ph:  +256782911817

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