Update on Kasanga church after the Dec. 25th attack

Dear friends and supporters,

We wanted to give you an update on the aftermath of the attach on the Kasanga church, which occurred on Dec. 25th of 2016.

As you know from the previous blog posting, there was an attack on Dec. 25th, Christmas day, on the small village church in Kasanga. Chairs and tables were broken, electronic equipment was damaged, one of the walls of the church structure was pulled down, and some church members sustained minor injuries.

The attack was reported to the local police.  What happened next was amazing,  The parents of the youths that attacked the church are agreeing to pay for part of the damages!  Not only that, the youth themselves who carried out the attack are agreeing to pay for part of the damages by making bricks to repair the structure.

Thank you Lord for intervening, and caring for your people.  You are our Strong Tower – a very present help in time of trouble!  We pray for these youths, and their families, that we can live in peace.  And that the light of Christ Jesus our Lord may shine upon them!

Paul M. Dooleypaul-dooley

Christ Transformation Ministries


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