AwayToHelp Assisting with New Water Well for Kisanga!

Update from Dan Noel, April 27, 2017:

We have just heard from AwayToHelp regarding funds for the planned water well in Kisanga.  AwayToHelp is a partner of Christ Transformation Ministries, and has been accumulating funds from all all of Ann Mundell-Noel’s hard work with Recycle Tuesday/Recycle Thursday, where the middle school kids bring in bottles and cans, and we exchange them for cash.

Knowing that CTM needed additional funds for the well as Kisanga to be completed, we prayerfully asked their board to contribute the additional monies needed, to which they have said yes!  What a blessing!

We are now working with AwayToHelp to get the funds transferred, and local Ugandan resources in place to begin planning and drilling the new water well. So grateful to God.. and thankful for Ann and her hard work and sacrifice so that village can have clean water, and now they can begin to also make bricks for the church!

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