TU III Post 2 – Well Dedication at Kisanga, and Rest Up for the Week!

July 22 – Saturday – A Joyous Well Dedication at Kisanga

Woke up and had breakfast.  Then departed with Arthur and Esther


to dedicate a borehole (well) at a village called Kisanga (this was the same village that had their church structure attacked by Muslims last December!)

The drive over very rough roads took about 2 hours.  Finally we arrived, and to a huge enthusiastic greeting I might add! As we got out of the Toyota Land Cruiser, women were singing, dancing and praising God!  What a welcome!

Chairs and a basic PA system were set up by the villagers, and we


gathered round for the dedication speeches. Arthur was speaking with a translator, and we thanked God for the provision of this most excellent borehole.  Arthur mentioned that Serrano Jr. High School, in Lake Forest California, had worked hard to raise the funds for this well, and we very thankful to them indeed (Arthur and Esther were wearing Serano T-shirts!).

The local village choir, all smartly dressed, broke out in song and dance to celebrate the blessing of the well for the villagers.  Such excitement in the faces of the men, women and children!  Having a well to draw clean, fresh water means so much to them that we can hardly appreciate this (don’t we in the U.S. just take clean, clear water for granted?).  Now the church, but also anyone in the village will have access to clean, healthy water – for drinking, cooking, and bathing.  No more contaminated water that led to disease, sickness, and in


some cases death for villagers!

In closing, Arthur gave a message about how Jesus was “the water of life”, and that if we come to Him and invite Him to be the Lord of our life, He would give each of us the spiritual water that each of our souls so longs for. People listened intently, and 8 raised their hands to say they wanted Jesus to come into their hearts and be their Lord and Redeemer.

After this, we all walked a short distance over to the well which was surrounded by decorated wooden poles (and flowers). I was asked to cut the ribbon to officially dedicate the well, which I did to much applause.  I bent down and washed my face, and tasted the cool, clear water.  Then everyone else joined me, enjoying the blessing.

After walking back to the gathering area, the local village official (the LOC 1), greeted us and thanked us for supporting the community by donating this most precious well.  We all said thank you, we were delighted that God had enabled us to provide this “water of natural life” to the community.

Arthur, Esther and I were also able to visit the “source of the Nile” on our way back to the hotel near the villages.  Did you know the Nile is


the longest river in the world, and that its source is located in Uganda.  Who knew? By the way, most of the roads in Uganda are very bumpy, dirt roads.  Only the main roads, and a few streets in some of the larger towns are paved (partially).  It soon became obvious why CTM so desperately needs a solid off-road 4WD vehicle.  This is a necessity just to get to the villages and back!

July 23 – Sunday – Worship and Fellowship!

Had a worship service in the evening with team members. Today was a day of worship together with the Nigerian and Ugandan team


members, as well as a number of believers from the villages who were brought in. It was a long day, but very rewarding. It would take too long to go into detail, so here are the highlights:
• Worship – we started off with a Ugandan worship group leading us in song.
• Prayer – a number of leaders led us in prayer for the ministry that will be taking place through the week
• Sermon – Tim Robnett shared from Deuteronomy 11:22-24, which is the theme verses for Transform Uganda 3 this year.


• Teaching – Arthur Magezi and a Nigerian leader both had sessions on teaching. These were mainly aimed at the Ugandans from the villages
• Bible Presentation – Martha was able to present Bibles to the village women that came to the conference she led in January. These were donated by friends at our church
• Graduation – four Nigerian evangelists finished their training led by Tim Robnett. They had a ceremony in the evening to honor them.

Next post:  TU 3 Begins on Monday – 12 new villages churches!

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