TU III – Post 3 – The Outreach Begins, Two Villages per Day!

July 24th – Monday – Transform Uganda III begins!

TU 3 officially starts.  Teams gathered in the courtyard of our hotel, and boarded into small buses by team: Medical teams 1 and 2, Village Teams 1 and 2, and the Construction team.  People were excited to be on their way to the villages, and looking forward to what God was going to do this day.  Our plan is to visit 12 villages, two per day, in the bush that had never heard the good news about Jesus, to share with them the gospel, and minister to their physical and social needs.

The Village Teams and Medical Teams will be in two villages simultaneously, while the Construction Team is working to finish the roof of one of the two “anchor churches”, located in Nabigaga. Two “mobile” teams will be circulating among the villages to oversee the work, head off any issues, and encourage the teams.  The schedule also includes preaching the good news in the evenings in each of the villages, along with a showing of the “Jesus Film”. 

It’s important that we make good progress on finishing the church walls and the roof of the Nabigaga church building, as a wedding is planned for this coming Saturday July 29th – the pastor, Alex, is engaged to be married to his betrothed Judith this coming Saturday, and a big wedding celebration is planned!

I met one of the translators for our team Mr.Johnson, who was just married and now taking part in this mission.  Also team member Malachi Kabaale, who happens to be an IT students, and a member of Calvary Chapel Busega , in Uganda.  I traded some contact information with Malachi, and plan to keep in touch with him.  Perhaps he can share our presentation on TU 3 results with his church!

I was part of “Mobil Team 1”, comprised of Arthur Magezi (Exec. Director of CTM), Paul Slankard (eTeam Global), Nuhu Dauda (President of NLFA), and myself.  Our mission is to visit each of the villages, oversee the mission and what is going on, we are here to encourage our teams as well.

The first village we visited was Bukungu.  The village is meeting in a temporary shelter, and is in need of land so they can build a permanent structure.  The Village Team was busy ministering to women and children while we were there.  I was impacted by what they were sharing. We made sure to visit the local village “chief” – the “LOC 1” – to ensure the he and his council were aware of our activities.

Another village church we visited was lead by a woman by the name of Monica.  She was dressed in a colorful outfit, and showed us around the village and the modest grass shack church structure they worshipped in together.  The church is about 30 people, but when they get together – what joy.  Singing, drums, and music is lifted up to the Lord!  God is doing an amazing work here through Monica, who is the mother of 9 children to boot!  We left the medical team and village team to minister to the village menu, women and children, and went on our way.

On the way to another village we noticed some school boys dragging a young girl by the arms and legs, as though they were in a fight.  She was struggling, so we slowed down and asked the boys to stop harassing her – we then proceed on. Little did we know that the Village Team that was following us assessed the situation differently.  We later found out that they stopped, because they sensed that this girl had been possessed with an evil spirit!  Arthur’s wife, Esther was certain that what was going on was unusual. She wanted to know what was truly happening. The team decided to get out of their car. They soon realized they needed to begin  praying with their team for this girl, they called out in the name of Jesus for this evil spirit to set her free and release her from its demonic oppression.  After the evil spirit left her, the boys took her back to the school and left her with the headmaster.

Later that evening, while speaking about what had happened earlier that day, this gentleman Nuhu Douda advised us that he felt that there were other demonic activities that were going on and maybe others were experiencing evil spirits in that school, and that we should go back and assess the situation, to see if there was anything else that we could do.  Again, we all agreed – we would go back tomorrow to that school and see what the Lord would have us do!

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