TU III – Post 5 – Car Breakdown was in God’s Plan After all!

July 26th – Wednesday


Heading out today to visit a village in Kisanga.  This particular village, has a need for both a pastor, and a church structure.  They have neither, so the believers are struggling.  We let them know we would be praying for them.  A visiting pastor by the name of “James” was staying in the village to encourage the believers there. We prayed with them that the Lord would be providing them with a pastor in the near future.

The Medical Team was led by Dr. Charles, and Mae Dickenson they both were performing a lot of the nursing duties.  Their assistant “Kayla” was also assisting as much she could for what was needed.


We were told that a village member donated some land for a future church building. Even before he received Jesus into his life!  James, the visiting pastor from Nigeria, led the man to Christ at 7 am this morning! Another huge Praise for our Lord.

Onto the next village that we visited in we visited in Buwangla. A resident pastor named Barth from Nigeria, staying with the village all week. He was leading a small village team, going from door to door to visit the villagers and assess their needs. According to Barth’s testimony, there were 11 Muslims that gave their lives and hearts to Jesus. Barth’s team was moving through the villages, and a major amount of these people heard about their activity. One man brought his daughter to Barth and his team, and told them that his daughter was being terrorized by evil spirits!  She had told him that her soul was buried in two places in the floor of their home!  Barth prayed for the daughter, and she was freed from this torment.

Unexpected Car Breakdown but Really God’s Plan!

We set out for another village after getting a quick roadside meal.  What does the Lord have in store for us now? We passed through


several more road-side markets, and then just as we had gone beyond the markets- our 4 WD vehicle broke down!  Apparently, the bolts had come loose front the left front wheel of the vehicle, and some other metal pieces that had gotten into the brake system!  It was about 2 pm, and we were stuck! We didn’t have a clue as to how we would be able to continue onward. It might be a long time, until we would all be back on the road again.  Our driver was assessing the damage, then he called Moses [Arthur’s son].  Fortunately, Moses arrived a short time after.  He arrived via his motor cycle, and he and our driver, proceeded to speed off to the nearest town. In hopes to find a good mechanic to help with the repairs.

Only a few minutes later, the mechanic and Moses returned. He was on the back of Moses’ bike. He immediately began working on


the car front end – taking off he tire, then inspecting the damage.  It looked like this was going to take a while – I thought maybe a few hours, or maybe even into the night!  How were we going to get through this?  While I was musing over our situation, Paul Slanker remarked  “Well, there must be a reason why we broke down here, right at this particular spot.  God must have a plan in this – I wonder what that is?”  Paul Slankard, myself and Nuhu Douda, started looking around, and we spotted two fellas and a woman sitting on the porch of a nearby storefront.  One of the young men looked like he had been badly burnt, it was his right hand and, in fact, his whole arm!

We started walking toward the storefront, and looking back at us the three of them began smiling.  I wondered, what did God have in


mind for us here?  We struck up a conversation with them and found out that the young man – Gerard – had burned his arm by falling asleep while cooking fish in hot oil.  His whole arm fell into the frying pan, and he sustained 3rd degree burns over his entire arm!  Yet he was smiling at us as he described the incident.

I walked back to the Toyota Land Cruiser and saw the mechanic busy at work. I asked Nicholas to check with him on the status of damages, and how long it might take to do all the repairs.  He told us only an hour or two!  He would have to go back and pick up a few

parts, and then it would be done and we would be on our way.  That sounded Encouraging!  I looked over a saw Paul and Nuhu sharing with the two fellas and the girl, and so I walked back over to join them once again.

As I sat down, I listened to what Nuhu was saying.  The one fellow, not injured guy, was a Muslim – Ishmael, and Nuhu began sharing the fundamental differences between the Muslim religion, and the Christian faith.  He was asking the boy where are all the prophets – Jerimiah, Isaiah, an even Mohammed – where are they?  “In the ground”, Nuhu remarked. Even the Quran admits this. But then he asked the boy, where was “Isa” (Jesus)?  Why, He was in heaven with God (as the bible and the Quaran agree).  The boy was listening intently.  Eventually, Nuhu asked the boys if they would like to receive Jesus into their hearts and be born again. Their respond was “Yes”!  We all prayed with them, and they believed and received the Lord into their hearts! We gave them bibles we happen to have in their own language.

As I glanced over at the mechanic working on the truck, I noticed that he was wrapping things up. He had finished the repairs and we would be ready to go soon. Walking over, I saw that the tire was back on the vehicle, and he was packing up his tools.  Nicholas started up the engine, and we were on our way! We said our good byes to the two boys and the girl, and we all prayed together before we left. We asked the Lord to strengthen their faith so that they remain faithful and may the Lord be with them always.  We told them that we would send someone to follow-up with them. They thanked us and then we drove away.

God’s timing is perfect.  Our car broke down for a reason, in this precise location.  The time was ripe, for our visit was over. The Lord provided an awesome mechanic, along with all the needed parts.  His plan was to save some souls today.  He had planned this whole episode, two souls were brought into His kingdom, a girl’s faith was encouraged, and a local fellowship was born. As we drove away, we thought to ourselves – “what an awesome God we serve”!  In the life of a believer, many times thing happen for a reason.  If we allow ourselves to be sensitive to His Spirit, and what He is trying to accomplish through us! We will experience the plans He has set for us.

We headed back to our hotel, with a thankful heart and a joyful spirit. We were blessed by the whole incident that occurred.  It was so encouraging to see how that this experience was orchestrated by the Lord – the breakdown, the two souls needing hope, the right mechanic close by needing work, equipped with the right parts and tools.  You are always an awesome God!

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