Village Church Follow-up Action Plan Launching in October


Following up with and and building up the pastors and believers in the 28 churches we have planted in the last two years is no small task!  It is certainly more that our exective director, Arthur Magezi, can handle by himself. That is why we are engaging a special strategy to be effective:

  • We are organizing three Regional Ministry Teams, each composed of about 4-6 people. Each team will be assigned a

    “cluster” of village churches to follow-up with on a monthly basis.

  • Each team will be lead by a Senior Regional Pastor, who will lead the team in its ministry and training to the village pastors and believers in its assigned area
  • Thanks to your donations, CTM will provide each team with a motor scooter to get around to the village churches in its assigned area
  • The goals of these teams will be …
    1) to ensure that bibles and training materials are in place at each of the churches;
    2) that the pastor is trained and equipped to lead his/her local church;
    3) to identify any “needs” that the church has, so that we can become aware, and help meet those needs (medical needs, educational needs, skills-building, fresh water needs, etc.)

To be successful in building up these new churches, we need prayer partners and financial support partners. Please keep our three regional teams in your prayers – to be protected on their monthly journeys, to have the bibles and training materials they need for each journey, and to be blessed and fruitful in their mission.

Please please consider being a monthly CTM financial support partner. We desparately need regular monthly financial partners so that bibles and training matterials can be purchased, fuel can be put in the scooters and the CTM truck, and provisions can be made available to these teams who are going out to the new village churches. We also need bibles for believers, support for village pastors, etc.

Visit our Donate page to become a regular CTM support partner, or our Get Involved page to donate monthly for a specific purpose. Even if you can pledge $10, $20, or any amount, that will be greatly appreciated! As a special thank-you, we will send every monthly supporter your choice of a CTM cap or T-shirt!

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