New Videos of Interviews with Transform Uganda III Volunteers

Here are a selection of short interviews with people who were participating in the Transform Uganda III outreach that occurred during July, 2017.   The videos feature

  • Arthur Magezi talking about a 3 year old church in the south of Uganda, its pastor, and growing membership
  • Malachi, a volunteer from Calvary Chapel Busoga, providing his thoughts about being involved, and the medical team’ s accomplishments
  • Nathan Walters from Oregon, about his confrontation with daemons, and the confidence he felt in Christ freeing these captives from the hold of the enemy
  • Nuhu Dauda, head of New Life for All (NLFA), commenting on his role, and praying for the on-going success of CTM and God’s kingdom
  • Mark Fullmer and Greg Satrum, two of our Construction Team, on the project to finish the church building at Nabigaga
  • A visiting pastor from Nigeria, commenting on his role as a pastor in one of the villages for the week, and the freeing of a mayor’s daughter from daemonic possession.

> Watch videos of interviews with TU III volunteers

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