Presentation of TU III Trip at Calvary Chapel MV

Greetings in the Lord!

Calvary Chapel Mission Viejo (CCMV) allowed me to present a summary of my trip this past July to Uganda, while I was a part of the Transform Uganda III outreach.

CCMV was most gracious in providing their Fellowship Hall, and a very generous buffet lunch for all that attended!  Thank you to Rob Miller, Senior Pastor, and Brian Dagen, Associate Pastor, and to the entire church at CCMV!

The presentation began about 12:45 PM, and about 30-40 people were in attendance (mostly local church members, but also some other visitors who came to hear the news!).

I shared with them a summary of the Transform Uganda III events that took place during the last two weeks of July, when about 50

people arrived in Uganda to take part in TU III – volunteers from Oregon, Washington, Nigeria and Uganda – about 50 people in all.

I taked about our approach, and how we formed multiple teams with specific purposes to accomplish when visiting the 12 villages we were seeking to minister to:

  • Two medical teams, each with a doctor and nurses
  • Two Village teams, to share the good news of Jesus with men, women and children of the village
  • A construction team, to finish the building at one of the “anchor church” locations
  • Two “mobile” teams to troubleshoot and take care of any unforseen issues

As you know from preious blog entries, Transform Uganda III had an amazing impact during the last 2 weeks of July…

  • 12 new village churches were planted, to add to the 16 that were planted last year
  • Over 3,000 viewed the Jesus Film, with 509 praying to receive Jesus into their lives
  • Over 5,000 were treated medically, with 336 praying to receive Jesus as their Savior after having received medical treatment
  • Our construction team finished the walls and roof on the Nabigaga church building (and the first services were held!)
  • The village teams ministered in each of the 12 villages,

    sharing Christ with the men, women and children.  As a result, 258 adults prayed to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  Of the children ministered to, 1,379 children accepted Jesus.

  • Two water wells (boreholes) were dedicated – in KIsanga, and Nabigaga – and dedicated to the glory of God, to provide clear water to those villages.
  • 12 bicycles were provided to pastors who had no means of transportation
  • 200 sets of clothing, and 70 shoes were provided to needy


  • Young girls in a primary school were set free from demonic oppression, and an entire school was dedicated to Jesus as Lord – the headmaster, most of the teachers, and over half the student population!

Its October, and we are launching our region team follow-up program.  We need prayer partners and financial support partners to ensure these “babay churches” grow to full maturity! Please keep our three regional teams in your prayers  – to be protected on their monthly journeys, to have the bibles and training materials they need for each journey, and to be blessed and fruitful in their mission.

Please consider being a monthly CTM financial support partner.  We desparately need regular monthly financial partners so

that bibles and training matterials can be purchased, fuel can be put in the scooters and the CTM truck, and provisions can be made available to these teams who are going out to the new village churches. We also need bibles for believers, support for village pastors, etc.

Please visit our Donate page to become a regular CTM support partner.  Even if you can pledge $10, $20, or any amount on a regular basis, that will be greatly appreciated! AN plese note that all donations to CTM are tax deductible. As a special thank-you, we will send every monthly supporter your choice of a CTM cap or T-shirt!   

May our Lord richly bless you! 

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