April Update – Regional CTM Team Teaching Pastors from 3 Villages!

Greeings everyone,

Arthur Magezi, our Executive Director and Founder, along with one of our regional CTM support teams, conducted a pastors teaching seminar in the region of Busoga during the latter  part of March 2018.

Pastors from 3 villages attended the seminar:

  • Nabigaga
  • Kibale
  • Nagulu

The pastors gathered at the church at Nabigaga, which as you recall was completed as one of the “anchor” church buildings this past summer of 2017, as we concluded the work done during our last big outreach – “Transform Uganda III”.

Since that time this building has been hosting the regular church meetings of the Nabigaga local church, and now is beginning its role as a regional “anchor” church for the surrounding village churches and pastors!  We thank our Lord for your faithfulness, and God’s blessing! 

In the video below you can see and hear the pastors as they pray and open the conference teaching activities: 

One of the goals of Christ Transformation Ministries in 2018 is to fortify the local churches already established over the past several years, and to “build them up” – spiritually, economically and socially. To this end we conducted our first “pastors conference” in the region during the month of March, inviting pastors and teachers from  the regional churches in the area to Nabigaga.

Arthur spoke, encouraging the pastors in the Word, and giving them guidance on how to better guide and lead their congregations.  By conducting these quarterly pastor’s seminars, we hope to magify our efforts – with the Lord’s blessing – to give the pastors and teachers better tools and training to grow themselves, and to strengthen their communities.

Please be in prayer on how you can help and become a part of this vital campaignTo be effective, we need to provide the funds for the logistical support and the materials for these quarterly seminars.  For example, your gifts can help provide for:

  • Fuel for the CTM vehicle and scooters used to get to the seminar location.  Usually getting to where these seminar are held  means driving 2-3 hours through the rough jungle, so funds are eneeded for travel fuel and supplies for the trip.  Our CTM vehicle is use, along with several scooters.
  • Teaching material for pastors – funds are needed to provide each pastor attending with copies of the training materials. These have to be purchased, cost about $13 USD for a set.
  • Biblessome pastors or their assistants may not even have a bible! So your gift can purchase a bible (for $13) for a pastor or assistant in need.

How can you give to meet one of these needs?  Its easY!  Just go online to our Donate page at https://ctmafrica.org/donate/ and click on “One time donation” to give a specified amount to meet one of the above needs.  When you enter your payment through our secure PayPal site, be sure to note in the comments field how you would like the money used.

Thanks for supporting CTM and our work to transform the villages in Africa – first in the outback of Uganda, and then to the rest of Africa!  To God be the glory!

Paul M. Dooley
Secretary – Christ Transformation Ministries
E: CTMAfricaInfo@gmail.com
W: www.CTMAfrica.org

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