Part 2 of 4 – Amazing Stories from Transform Uganda IV

Our last update to you was August 30th, when we shared Part 1 of 4 about the Amazing Stories of Transform Uganda IV, our forth big outreach into the jungle villages of Uganda.

This is Part 2 of 4, the experience and report from Pastor Brad Nassif, Calvary Phoenix, Arizona,  and Chris Magezi, CTM Uganda team member, regarding their first trip to a remote village called Wangobo.

Our Trip to the Village of Wangobo!

Pastor Brad Nassif and Chris Magezi
TU 4: August 24th, 2018 – Uganda, Africa.

Note: Pastor Brad leads men’s ministries for Calvary Chapel Phoenix. Chris is Arthur Magezi’s son. What was special is the work the lord has done in Chris. This was the first time he ever went on a mission. He helped translate as well as he and Brad teamed up to reach men.

 “The TU4 teams were sent out to a remote village in northern Uganda called Wangobo. This is one of the many remote villages throughout Uganda. Chris and I were assigned to evangelize the men in the village. After presenting the gospel to a group of about twelve men (young and old), several hands were raised to accept the message of Christ. 

We were both amazed as this was Chris’s first time translating and evangelizing, and my first mission trip and first time evangelizing. We were both nervous and felt unprepared, but the Lord did the work. We continued presenting the gospel and among the forty to forty-five men that we spoke to, and thirteen more responded and came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. 

As the Lord’s messengers and ministers we can trust that the Lord through the Holy Spirit is doing His work in drawing people to Jesus Christ through the gospel.  This was made abundantly clear when one of the young men who accepted Jesus Christ later in the day told Chris that his “heart hurt” when the gospel message was being presented. Amen!

What an encouragement to continue ministering in the name of the Lord. Although we may feel nervous and unprepared for the work of God, we must trust that the Holy Spirit is working and drawing people to Jesus Christ.

Thank you and may the Lord bless you Pastor Brad and Chris for your sacrifice, and for your care and outreach to the people of Uganda.  

Next week check back for Part 3 of 4 – Pastor Zach Papuga, Calvary Phioenix, shares re the Pastors Conference in Kamuli.  Pastor Zach Papuga, Calvary Phoenix, shares about the Pastor’s Conference held in the village of Kamuli



Paul M. Dooley
Secretary, Christ Transformation Ministries

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