About Rev. Arthur Magezi

CTM’s Founder and Executive Director


Name: Arthur Magezi (Rev.)Arthur Magezi, CTM
Address: P. O. Box 11114, Kampala, Uganda
* Tel. +256 782 911817
* Email: amagezi20(at)yahoo.com
Born: 20/10/1961, Rukungiri, Uganda
Married: Wife, Ester Kwikirza Magezi, Ntoroko, Uganda
Ordained: 10/08/1986, Kampala, Uganda


Arthur received his M.A. from Daystar University, Nairobi, Kenya, in 1997, specializing in Christian Ministries.  He received his B.A. from Messiah College, in Penn.  USA, in 1990, specializing in Mass Communication

He received his Diploma from Kima International School of Theology (former Kima Theological College)


Arthur re3ceived ths “Spiritual Nurturing Excellence Award” from World Vision Eastern Africa, in August 2007.  In 1990, he received the Evangelism Excellence Award from Daystar University, in Nairobi, Kenya


Arthur’s strengths are in leadership, mentoring, interpersonal relations, mass communications (generally through all media), crisis management, and launching into new horizons.  He excels ar originating things and sailing them through, enduring opposition and criticism, leading people through transitions. He confront issues, sorts them out, and remains friends with the people concerned (he just completed directing a huge evangelistic meeting that gathered 100,6000 people and led over 13000 to Christ). He is a leader, a trainer and a writer.


Since 2011, Arthur has been the Director of “Christ Transformation Ministries” in Uganda.  He has been focused on:

  • Training and mentoring people in Christ Transformation Centers CTCs), on Biblical living that replaces ancestral worship
  • Designing and implementation of community development programs
  • Linking the ministry with donors, both local and international
  • Counseling with people, both online and local
  • Overall leadership of the ministry

From 2010-2011. Arthur was Director, LOVE KAMPALA FESTIVAL, with Andrew Palau.  His experience included:

  • Working with two boards, (Advisory Board’s 12 members and Executive Board’s 24 members) to give guidance to numerous committees and guide the design and implementation of mission strategies
  • Coordinating staff and committees to mobilize 1114 churches that participated
  • Coordinating special ministry teams from USA with ministry teams in Uganda
  • Overall supervision of resource acquisition and utilization
  • Leadership of staff, volunteers and visiting workers from abroad
  • Relating with government, business community, religious bodies and service providers
  • Representing the Luis Palau Association (based in USA) in all local forums, such as media, security, religious, and others
  • Reporting on the progress of all aspects of the festival
  • Advising (sometimes giving speech content) to speakers in different functions (including dinners, sports, medical outreaches, community service, prisons ministry, women, youth, universities, etc.)
  • Final decision maker (approving officer) for all aspects of this largest Christian festival ever in Kampala city
  • Associate to the senior pastor in his church

From 2006-2009. Arthur was the Program Officer in charge of Christian Commitments, for World Vision Uganda.  His duties consisted primarily of:

  • Designing programs/strategies/trainings/tools to integrate Christian Commitments in all development interventions of World Vision
  • Develop strategies for prayer, spiritual nurture and any other ministry to staff, children, and other community members in WV projects
  • Lead and nurture all staffs, board members and other partners to grow spiritually and be accountable to God in their ministries
  • Heading Christian-oriented HIV (channels of hope) programs
  • Relate with the churches and all other Christian institutions that are partners with WV to strengthen our ministry effectiveness
  • Continually give technical spiritual direction to WVU Associate to the senior pastor in my church

Arthur was a Missionary from 2002- 2006, representing Christian Ministries and Development Consultant in Tanzania.  While in Tanzania, Arthur was:

  • Conducting Seminars and revival meetings for churches and NGOs
  • Designing mission strategies for churches and NGOs
  • Organizing conferences and evangelistic meetings in partnership with international ministry missions
  • Advising churches and Christian NGOs on leadership issues.
  • Orienting new missionaries on the ground
  • Associate to the senior pastor in his church

From 1999-2001, Arthur was a Christian Witness Advisor for World Vision Tanzania.  In this role his primary dutues were:

  • Advising the Organization on issues related to Christian Witness
  • Developing and implementing the Christian Witness Strategy
  • Building the capacity of World Vision Staff for Christian Witness, both internally and externally
  • Introducing new Christian Development programs in the projects
  • Promoting the image of World Vision among church leaders
  • Developing, identifying and recommending materials for the Christian Witness Ministry
  • He continued as the Associate to the senior pastor in his church

Arthur was a Consultant from 1997-1999, working with Christian Ministries Program design, Information Generation and Dissemination.  His services included:

  • Developing Christian Ministry strategy for World Vision Tanzania
  • Conducting leadership development seminars for church leaders
  • Designing strategies for Christian development in 30 member countries of Africa Alliance of YMCAs (AAYMCAs)
  • Preparing speeches and materials for international conferences
  • Supervising workshops, compiling and disseminating reports
  • Advising Bishops and other Christian on Missions implementation strategies

From 1995-1996 Arthur was a Field Manager, E.A Region, for Allen McNair Missions to Africa, based in Nairobi, Kenya.  During this time his duties consisted of:

  • Administration and management, East Africa office
  • Introducing the ministry Churches in East Africa audiences
  • Linking the E.A office with the head office in USA
  • Handling the organization’s policy issues
  • He also planted a church in the giant Imara Daima Housing Estate, Nairobi

From 1991-1995, Arthur was the Director of Christian Education for Compassion International. in Uganda.  His duties on behalf of Compassion consisted of:

  • Designing and implementing Christian Education (CE) programs for children, teachers, pastors and staffs
  • Monitoring and evaluation of ongoing programs
  • Recommending, purchasing and distributing CE materials
  • Designing strategies and evaluation tools
  • Organizing conferences and conducting seminars for leader/ students
  • Launching pilot programs to serve as models
  • Planting Grace Church in Kansanga, Kampala

In 1994 Arthur launched a Public Speaking Course for executives in Kampala, Uganda.  In delivering this course, Arthur was involved in:

  • Doing public relations to attract participants
  • Administration and financial management
  • Teaching, supervising and assessing performance
  • Guiding students in speech preparation and delivery
  • Was an Associate to the senior pastor in his church

1990-1991 Arthur was Assistant Lecturer, department of religion and philosophy, at Daystar University, Nairobi, Kenya.  During this time, Arthur was responsible for:

  • Preparing and administering assignments and exams
  • Grading papers and computing final grades
  • Providing academic counseling to students
  • He was also a Youth Pastor, for the Buruburu Church of God, located in Nairobi, Kenya

From 1987-1991, Arthus was a Public Relations Assistant for Daystar University, based in Nairobi, Kenya.  During this time, his duties included:

  • Assisting the editor to publish “OUTPUT” newsletter
  • Image promotion through electronic and print media
  • Designing and implementing PR Strategies
  • Organizing public relations activities
  • Broadcasted 12 lecturers to youth in Africa through TransWorld Radio, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Taking photos, designing brochures and lobbying
  • Leading the Daystar Evangelistic Team (Student Missions body)


Facilitation, counseling, mass and inter-personal communication.  Arthur enjoys driving, Fine Art, and Music
In terms of languages, Arthur is fluent in English, Kiswahili, Luganda, and Runyakitara



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