Who We Are

Christ Transformation Ministries (CTM)

We thank God for His providence by His grace to the many communities in Uganda and Africa at large. However, most
IMG_0295communities will be much better off, if their primary focus of worship is the Kingdom of God rather than the Kingdom of Satan.

Christ Transformation Ministries, through the establishment of Christ Transformation Centers (CTCs) in local communities throughout Uganda, will help whole communities focus their worship on the Kingdom of God.  CTM has already established over 70 CTCs throughout Uganda, with more local centers in the works.

Meet Arthur Magezi, Founder of CTM

CTM is composed of a non-profit, U.S. based support organization, working with a Uganda-based CTM team to implement our initiatives.

Transformation from the Inside Out

Communities are being transformed from the “inside out”, due toIMG_2782 our emphasis on putting Jesus Christ, and the Kingdom of God, first in all that we do.  Men, women, children, families are turning to the Lord Jesus Christ, and by giving their heart to God, they are seeing the community transformed – culturally, economically, and in every other way!

Our Focus: the Kingdom of God

With this new focus on the Kingdom of God (Matthew 6:33), communities are discovering the infinite power of God in dealing with daily life issues in practical ways. This is a new concept to many people who Arthur_Magezi_headshotthink that Christianity is a “religious activity” reserved for Sunday mornings and special ceremonies like weddings, baptisms and burials, but not a total empowering way of life.

Christ Transformation Ministries, and the CTCs established at the center of each community, is changing people, and thus entire communities for the good!

Arthur Magezi
Christ Transformation Ministries


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