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New Article Added to Evidence to Believe: “Why the Bible?”

We just completed a few weeks ago a series of small group studies on Apologetics – Why Christianity, Why Jesus?  As you know, according to the Bible, Christians should “always be ready to give a reason for the hope that lies within you”.

This has never been more needful than today.  So many people in our society are without hope, in a world lost in strife, war, poverty, and general misery.  But God is still in control.  He still has things moving toward an eventual culmination of “His Story” – a time when the events of human history will be met with His second coming.

In the mean time, keep the faith, and let your faith reside in the Lord Jesus Christ, who one day will be proclaimed by all as “Lord of Heaven and Earth”.

You hear from many skeptics, atheists and agnostics that the Bible is no different than any other book.  That there are many so-called “sacred texts”, and the bible is no different.  Absolutely not true. The Bible stands apart from any of the other so called “holy books”.  It was in fact written “by humans, as they were moved by the Holy Spirit”.  Its is God’s word, His guidance, His love letter to His creation. And there is good reason to believe that it is unlike any other book.

Here is the link to this latest article from our small group study, entitled “Why the Bible?”.  Here is why the Bible is unique:

New Articles on Apologetics added to Evidence to Believe

We just completed a small group study on Christian apologetics, and I am in the process of uploading new pages from this study to the Evidence to Believe web site.  These pages are organized under the tab “For Seekers” ….

Six Reasons to Believe
Core Beliefs of Christianity
Atheism vs Christianity
udaism vs. Christianity

Already resident under this tab were the articles:

Islam vs Christianity
Buddhism vs Christianity
Mormonism vs Christianity

Here is the link to Evidence to Believe:

I will be adding a few more pages to fill out this section of the web site, including new pages on:

New Age vs Christianity
Why the Bible?
Why Christianity?

Feel free to leave comments or suggestions on the new pages, should you review them.  I hope the content is helpful to believers, strengthening your reasonable faith.  I also help the new content provides seekers with good reasons to believe in our Lord.

Be blessed.


Pastor Arthur’s update – Nov 5, 2015

Dear friends,
 CTM has completed a ministry mission with Dr. John Stewart. We had one day training seminar for the village church leaders in Busoga area.  After that, my team went visiting several of the new Arthur Magezi, CTMones to encourage them. Some are impressively growing steadily and some are struggling, but they are all alive!
After the villages, Dr. Stewart ministered in two places in Kampala, had a program on radio and preached in my church. We were greatly blessed by Dr. Stewart’s ministry.
Am now preparing and trusting God for funds to go back to the villages to conduct another training and give tests to the students studying through TEE (Theological Education by Extension). Those who pass Dr_Stewart_teaching
will go to the next study. During the training, part of my team will be showing the Jesus film and and leading people to Christ.
Our biggest challenge as you know is transport.  If you someone who is willing to donate a vehicle, or contribute to the provision for a much needed vehicle, please contact us!  We continue to trust God and use whatever means He avails to us. That you for your active support.
Am now planning for the mission next year. I invite you to join with Teaching_in_Kampalaus. We welcome different types of ministry including construction, medical, technical training, games, music and any other area that people have skills in. All we need is to serve God with what He has given us.
Ann and Dan Noel have done a great job to raise funds from the garage sale and from themselves to support my family.  Thank you to others who have been able to contribute to the support of this ministry.  I am not completely John_Speaking_at_my_Churchcleared for all, but I can breathe now as I trust God to clear all. May the Lord bless this family and all of you who are working hard to enable me take the gospel to the villages.
Enclosed are some pictures of my October ministry with Dr. John Stewart.
Thank you and may God bless you,
Arthur Magezi

Oct 2015 Update – Teaching Pastors and Leaders at Makanga

Here is a report from John Stewart, of Rolling Stone Ministries (, about his trip this month to Uganda villages, accompanied by Arthur Magezi of Christ Source_of_the_Mile_RiverTransformation Ministries.  The purpose was to bring teaching on Christian apologetics (how to answer questions, and defend the faith) to new pastors and leaders of the Makanga Church, in Uganda.  I’ve also included some photos taken during John and Arthur’s trip.

Wednesday—(Oct 28) Conference in Makanga, Uganda
From John Stewart…

Arthur Magezi and I were driven in a beat-up car to the bush outside Kamuli, to an area called Makanga. It took one hour on marginal dirt roads to reach the Makanga, and we passed several small villages along the way. WhenMakanga_Church we arrived at the church, I was not totally surprised at what I saw, since Arthur had told me that this was a new church plant in a very poor area, and there were presently no resources to build a church building.

The structure used for the Makanga church consisted of thick branches used as posts, and more branches for the frame. The roof
was palm leafs, and the structure was perfectly suitable to keep the congregation and me out of the sun. Given the porous nature of the roof (there were a few places where you could look up and see the sky), I was glad it did not rain, because we would have all gotten wet to some degree, not a desirable situation when everyone has open Bibles!

The majority of 35 or so who attended were pastors and Christian Dr_Stewart_teachingleaders that came from a long way, and needed assistance to get to the conference. Motorcycles are the least expensive way to travel
long distances in the bush, and motorcycle taxis are everywhere. Also, Arthur’s son Moses drove Arthur’s vehicle to ferry many who attended to the meeting.

I taught about God, the Bible and Jesus, with my teaching translated into Kiswahili. It was a joy to see their eyes light up as I explained how God created us, then sin became humanity’s problem, and how the rest of the Bible tells how God planned fix the sin problem through the Messiah.  I laid out the prophecies of the Bible that gave more and more specific details of who the Messiah will be. Finally, I came to the New Testament and showed how Jesus fulfilled the prophecies, and did miracles to demonstrate His spiritual authority. I highlighted that the ultimate proof that Jesus’ death on the cross saves all who believe was His resurrection from the dead.

There were some wonderful ladies who prepared lunch for all Apologetics_class_engagedattending, cooked over a wood fire. It was my second time in two days eating goat meat. I explained to Arthur that probably the only place in the U.S. where you can find goat meat is in authentic Mexican restaurants. Arthur told me that the average Ugandan who lives in the bush maybe gets meat once per month, either goat or chicken. Thus, our lunch, which included Ugandan rice, potatoes and ugali (a dish commonly eaten by poor people in Kenya) was a feast for most who were present.

After lunch there was a time of praise and worship, and just like in neighboring Kenya, these Christians knew how to sing and dance. It was delightful to watch, and I only imagined how the Lord must delight in the praises of these people. I told them I would like to bring them to America to show us new ways to praise the Lord.

I spent some time answering questions. All the questions were good ones, and it gave me more opportunity to emphasize God’s plan for His people, and how we need to read and study the Bible to obtain the details of how Christians and the church are supposed to function. Without using the term, I ended up presenting a basic course in Christian apologetics, that aspect of evangelism that deals with the reasons why Christianity is true. I repeatedly used the terms “fact” and “evidence” as I explained that what sets Christianity apart from other “religions” is that Christianity stands or falls on the facts of Jesus life, death and resurrection, and that while other religions are efforts of man to reach God, Christianity is God reaching us.
Thank you for your prayers.


John Stewart