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Mae’s update – Reaching Women and Children in Uganda

Mae Jean Dickason went with the team to Uganda in July.  Here is an update from her experiences this past July …

“Most of the pictures I have posted so far have been about children smiles, new friends I have made and the amazing group of women Mae_photo_1that I traveled with to the villages. All seems very happy and upbeat. 

One of the things that struck me is the eyes of the women and children. In the places that we went that did not have strong Christian presence, you see almost a sadness or lost look in the women’s eyes. This was one of the tougher villages to go to in that the women seemed sad. They clearly Mae_photo_2needed something. We did have quite a few come to Christ after Martha Wagner and Esther Magezi spoke with them.

I found out some of the abusive situations and what we take for granted as “normal women issues” were really big to them. With the help of Doreen Gandhi translating, stories were told and it became apparent how unprepared I was for answers.  But the Holy Spirit was with us, and this gave me more of a heart and need to learn about women’s issues and struggles and needs.

This was a village that had power and not quite as remote, but still needing…well honestly….Jesus…………..and other women to just listen to their stories…….

Mae from Oregon Shares About Sharing the Good News in Uganda

Here is a story from Mae Dickason, from Oregon, who went along with other people to Uganda fpr the Transform Uganda outreach in July, 2015:


My name is Mae Dickason and I was one of the Americans that came to Uganda to assist Rev Arthur in his mission to plant churches. I am still processing this trip as this was my first time on a mission trip.  Never did I think I would be “one of those people that go to far away places to share the gospel”.  I have always felt very highly of missionaries or anyone that will go out of the comfort zone to help others.

This year, I was discussing with my husband that maybe I would like to go on a mission trip.  My first thought was not Africa, but Guatemala, as I knew a lot of people that did medical missions.  But, I wasn’t sure if a medical mission was want I should be doing.  I prayed and boy oh boy did God open those doors right open!  The next thing I knew I was on a plane headed to Uganda!

This picture is of a young girl in the village of Kisanga.  This village Mae_with_little_girlwas by the lake and was very heavily influenced by Islam and Witchcraft/demons.  As soon as I got out of the van, this young girl came up to me and wanted to be my friend.  She spoke some English.  She went and got her mother out of the field, along with the other women.  After Esther and Martha Wagner evangelized, both her and her mother and her younger deaf/mute sister accepted Jesus as their Savior.  She was so happy!  God is good!  I spoke about hygiene and listened to health issues the women had.  I also was asked to look at two sick young children.  The mother of one of those children asked if we would pray to have the demons removed from her.

I did not know what to expect, even though I researched as much as I could.  I have learned so much, and God willing, I will be back next year to assist with this wonderful project of planting churches!!!



From Arthur:

Thank you all who supported the Transform Uganda 2015 mission. We Irundu_church_8-6-15were able to plant ten new churches in deep rural areas and have also launched a discipleship program.

Continue to pray with us. The work has just begun. We need…

  • bibles,
  • discipleship books,
  • bicycles,
  • motorcycles and a
  • double cabin 4WD truck.

May the Lord bless you.

Further updates & photos from July Outreach!

More Updates!  The CTM July 2015 Outreach
The July outreach to establish 10 more local churches across the countryside of Uganda came to a close last week, and the results
were beyond expectations!

Praying for a Muslim Leader
Praying for a Muslim Leader

10 new churches are planted, and are in the process of growing!There are many needs, sop be praying what you can give to help the ministry.  We will be putting up a Donate page soon on the web site – so watch for this!  Here are some recent photos with captions:

Praying for a former Muslim leader in Kyankoole
Help!  Car Breakdown!
As you know, Christ Car_breakdown_July_2015Transformation Ministries is in dire need of improved transportation, includes a new off-road vehicle for serving the churches, bicycles, and motor bikes.  Here you see Arthur’s old car broke down.  The team had to push many times for it to start. One of us, Jacob fainted as a result and my wife Esther did all she could to resuscitate him.
Discipleship Programdiscipleship_prog_jul_2015
CTM has launched a discipleship and leadership development program. We were able to give only three books per new church. We seriously need more books and Bibles.  Please pray that the Lord will meet these needs!