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Arthur Returns to Uganda to Continue the Work of CTM …

After nearly 3 months in the US , Pastor Arthur returned home. to Uganda.

While in US, he continued his work on his doctorate, and also met with several churches …

  • Calvary Chapel Phoenix – As you recall, we had several pastors visit Uganda on this year’s Transform Uganda IV.  Calvary Phoenix has been such a blessing to CTM, and we look forward to their continued involvement in 2019!
  • A large church in Texas – Arthur has received communications and support from a church in Texas, as the pastor their has a heart from the people in Africa, and feels the Lord may be leading them to become more involved in reaching out to Africa with our mission teams.  He felt it important to visit the church in person, thank them for their interest and concern, and talk about how they can participate with us in 2019.

But his hard work did not stop when he returned home. The day after he landed in Uganda, Arthur was on the road to Central Uganda where he officiated the wedding of five couples.

We also have a new church plant not far from Arthur’s home, outside Kampala.  Nearly 50 members has joined this new church plant over the past few weeks, and it looks like this is going to grow very quickly!

We will share more about this new church in the next posting.

May you have a blessed Christmas, as you remember how much the Lord loved us to come into this world, become born as a little baby, grow up to become a man and suffer all the hardships of being human — all the while never sinning – and then sacrificing Himself for all of us, to make a way for us to heaven.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!




CTM Installs New Treasurer – Welcome Joshua Mundell!

We are delighted to welcom Joshua Mundell as the new Treasurer for Christ Transformation Ministries

Besides serving as CTM’s Treasurer, beginning in February 2018, Joshua is attending Concordia University in Irvine, California.  Josh’s focus at Concordia is in finance and accounting. He is also the founder and CEO of a startup company called NeighborING, (  a company focused on helping neighborhoods by connecting those that need chores done with willing and able college students.  It’s a win-win situation – helping students, and getting your chores done!

Joshua is also a board member of CTM, and is very focused on spreading the word about CTM to other students and youth at Concordia University, and the Southern California region.  He is working with Arthur Magezi and our other board members to launch a “CTM Youth” initiative in 2018, which will serve to help develop and equip for success the youth of the backcountry villages in Uganda.

Short Video on a Visit to South Uganda – Late July, 2017

Here is a link to a short video of a trip I took to south Uganda in late July 2017. We visited the home of Ignatius, who is a senior pastor of 3 churches in the southern region of Uganda.

The video shows his home, which is a nice structure built in the hills. He runs the home entirely on solar! Artur and I stayed there a night, and he showed us aroud to several of the local churches.

Ignatius is an amazing servant of the Lord. He planted these churches after Arthur introduced him to Jesus years ago. Now the three churches are thriving, each with their owne pastor and small congregation. In addition, Ignatius founded a school in the region because there simply was none! He took from his own meager earnings, and started the school for children from scratch – which has now grown for about 400 children, with a headmaster and several teachers.

My what the Lord can do when you lean on Him!


Paul Presents at Calvary Chapel Mission Viejo!

We are excited to report that Paul M. Dooley, CTM Secretary and Treasurer, was able to present at Calvary Chapel Mission Viejo  on Sunday, April 9th.

Paul was invited by Senior Pastor Rob Miller to present at both services – the 9 AM, and 11 AM service.  Several hundred people attended each service, and heard about ….

  • How Paul and Marie met Arthur Magezi in 2015, when he was passing through Southern California, and attended our home bible study and fellowship
  • How Arthur, with his message about CTM, touched not only our hearts, but all of those in our small group
  • The vision and Mission of this emerging non-profit ministry
    known as Christ Transformation Ministries (CTM)
  • How from humble  beginnings in 2014, CTM has now been able to plant more than 100 churches in the back-country villages of Uganda; and had grown into a unified U.S and Uganda based ministry that is having a real impact on the hearts and lives of people across the back-country of Uganda. 
  • How CTM is a unique ministry in that we focus on “holistic
    – helping individuals, families, and entire
    communities be transformed by the power of Christ to new life – spiritually, economically, and socially.
  • How CTM has had tremendous impact to the back-country villages in 2015 and 16, through “Transform Uganda” I and II.
  • “Transform Uganda III”, coming the last two weeks of July, where 20-30 people will be traveling from the U.S., Nigeria and Kenya to meet up as teams, and then together minister to the country villages of Uganda – drilling wells, dispensing medical treatment, building shelters, and showing the love of God to His people.

In closing, Paul promised to document the events of Transform Uganda III, and bring back a full report – along with photos, stories of impact, and videos. Paul was prayed for by the pastor, accompanied by the entire CCMV church.  After each service, we were able to share the ministry of CTM with people who stopped by after the service.

Several expressed interest in supporting Paul, and CTM’s ministry, and filled out contact requests to stay in touch.  All in all it was a blessed day!  Thank you CCMV!

CTM Presents at Calvary Chapel Mission Viejo, California

Greetings in the name of Jesus.

Just updating you on a presentation Dan and I gave this past Sunday at Calvary Chapel, Mission Viejo, California (CCMV – web site

Dan and I presented to the CCMV Missions Council, who listened intently to our presentation about …

  • The vision and mission of Christ Transformation Ministries
  • What makes CTM so unique and different from other missionary organizations
  • How we are dedicated to “holistic transformation” of communiities – spiritually, physically and socially
  • The great things that CTM has been able to do by God’s Spirit during “Transform Uganda” I and II
  • Our plans for Transform Uganda III this coming July!

CCMV is very much a missions church, supporting missionaries all over the world – in the U.S., Mexico, Western and Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, South America, just to name a few locations.  They are very interested in CTM, and we hope this will be a step in strengthening our partnership.

CTM plans to produce a documentary of Transform Uganda III, composed of a running narrative of events and activities, interviews, photos, videos, and stories of  the impact we hope this future outreach will bring.  I plan to share this back with individual supporters, CCMV missions council, and other churches and organizations in August and Sept of this year.

Please be in prayer for Transform Uganda III, and the people and financial resources we need to put this all together.  Our God is an awesome God, and we are expecting great things with thus year’s outreach!

Paul M. Dooley
Christ Transformation Ministries (CTM)

Timothy Etoori Joins CTM as Financial Manager, Uganda!

We are excited to announce that Timothy Etoori has joined Christ Transformation Ministries (CTM0 as our in-country Uganda Financial Manager.

Timothy is a resident of Kampala, Uganda, and a long time friend of Arthur Magezi, CTM’s Executive Director.  Timothy brings a wealth of financial management experience and expertise to CTM financial operations in Uganda.  His background and qualifications include:

  • Member of Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) of Kenya, and Uganda
  • Certified Financial Services Auditor
  • Employment history includes a broad array of experience serving various types of institutions, including the Opportunity Bank Uganda Limited, FINCA Uganda Limited, Carr Stanyer Sims & Co., and CELTEL Uganda

Timothy’s key responsibilities as our Financial Manager, Uganda, will include:

  • Local in-county financial management of CTM activities, including budgeting and  accounting
  • Financial reporting to CTM global and local authorities
  • Ensuring CTM compliance with local laws and regulations
  • Working with counterparts in the U.S. to achieve our financial goals and objectives

In addition, Timothy is a published author, and has written several inspiring books –  one of which is entitled “Visions of Glory”.

Please joins us in welcoming Timothy to the CTM team!


Arthur’s Monday Aug 8th Update from Transform Uganda II …

From Arthur Magezi, Monday Aug 8, 2016…

Arthur is engaged with American, Nigerian and Ugandan teams in Arthur_preaching“Transform Uganda II” – a two week intensive outreach to outback Uganda villages, to build up the people, strengthen the infrastructure, address medical needs, and build up the people spiritually.

Believers_listening in on serviceIn the photo above you can see Arthur preach to a crown of Americans, Nigerians and Americans on the topic of “Deliverance”. Jesus said “I am come that you might have life, and that more abundantly”!  How do you enjoy that life and freedom?  Turn your eyes toward Jesus, for He said “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life”! He can indeed deliver you from any darkness, and bring you into His glorious light!

One of the goals of Transform Uganda is to not only to plant churches CTM_village church leadersthrough CTM, but also raise raise up Godly men to lead these churches.  Here you see the leaders and pastors of the new churches, being encourages and build up during Transform Uganda II”.

Waiting to get treatmentBesides ministering to the pastors, and building up the churches and church leadership spiritually, CTM is also working with eTeamGlobal to meet the medical needs of villagers.  The needs are many, and in some cases urgent.

Thank God for the doctors and nurses from the U.S. and Nigeria who Medical_team_ready_to_goare taking part in meeting the medical needs of the villagers in our churches!  They have taken time and made significant personal sacrifices to come her to meet the needs of God’s people.  May you all be blessed as a result!

Arthur Visits Our Saddleback Church Small Group

We had a wonderful and blessed time as Arthur Magezi, the Executive Direction and lead Pastor of Christ Transformation Ministries (CTM), visited our Saddleback Small Group this past Sm Group Says Hiweek.

Arthur brought us up to date on the status of the 10 new church plants, the plan for Transform Uganda II which is scheduled for this coming August, and he also delivered a special, inspiring message about the “four groups” we often associate with (this was based on the passage in Matthew 26:36-46), where Jesus gathered in the Garden of Gethsemane) :

  • The “party group” – the people that come and gather round, to hear something new, have something to eat, and participate in fun activities.  These people will not hang around, or go deeper with you. Sm Group Fellowship
  • The “stay here” group – like the large group of disciples who followed Jesus, these are those who are with you whether there is a party on no party.  These are the people who are your larger circle of friends – but they are not ready to go with you down the road of more difficult challenges.  They need to “stay here, while you go to meet the challenges before you.
  • A third group is the “come along side” group.  Like Peter, James and John, these are the lose friends that come along side you – going further with you than then “stay here” group.  They are your close confidants.  Are you a “come along side” person to Sm Group Photosomeone you know?
  • The forth group is a group you would not expect.  When Jesus sent ahead alone, he prayed to the Father whether the “cup” He was to drink could be removed from Him.  He endured deep sorrow, but prayed to the Father “not My will, but Thy will be done”.  Although they could not be seen, angels ministered to Jesus during HIs time of great sorrow. Remember that if you are a believer, you are never alone – the  Spirit of Christ is within you, Jesus is beside you, and His holy angels are watching over you – even in your darkest trials.

Please keep Arthur, and CTM in your prayers, and visit this blog and our Facebook page often for the latest updates.

Mike Parker Joins CTM Advisory Board!

Mike Parker has joined CTM as an Advisory Board member, assisting Arthur in strategic and tactical planning for CTM’s 2016 calendar of activities.  Mike is a proven leader in global evangelism, leadership, networking, project management, and collaborative partnerships. Mike_Parker_photoHe is an entrepreneur having started or co-started four ministries and a wilderness therapy program for troubled youth. He is known as a gifted evangelist, visionary, project manager, leader, and sought after speaker. Mike has extensive international experience having ministered in 40 countries around the world.  For more on Mike, please visit the CTM web site at

Leaders Gather for the July 2015 Outreach

July 16, 2015 – These are the leaders partnering to make this mission a success. From left; Rev. Elijah Rwanika (TEE specialist), Evangelist Nuhu Dauda General Secretary (NLFA), Dr. Tim Robnett (President, TRM), Dr. Soja Bewarang (Chairman, NLFA), Rev. Arthur Magezi (President, CTM), Rev. Josiah Kaduna (Nigerian Forum Team Leader).

Please lift these dear leaders up in your prayers, and ask God’s blessing upon them!

CTM Outreach July 2015 - Leadership