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Motor Scooters and Bikes Deployed for New Church Followup!

Greetings in the Lord!

Thanks to your donations during the month of September, we were able to send funds to CTM Uganda to purchase two additional motor cycles, in addition to the one motor bike we already had.

This provided us with a total of three motor scooters to enable our three CTM Uganda regional teams to followup with the new church plants established in 2016 (16) and this past July (12 new church plants). Since these young church plants are so many, it seemed best to us to organize three teams – each to followup with a cluster of churches in a region. Arthur Magezi is overseeing the followup program, as Executive Director of CTM, along with Moses Magezi acting as coordinator and project lead.

So our followup game plan has already begun.  The teams have been formed, and a scooter assigned to each.  Our CTM off-road vehicle will be used to carry any additional team resources needed, and supplies (bibles, training materials, food, etc.) as needed to the church locations.

The scooters are designed to carry 1-2 persons to each of the villages where we planted new churches these past two years.  Our goal is to use these, along with the one CTM vehicle we have, to followup with each of these young churches on a monthly basis – visiting each one, to ….

  • Encourage and train up the new pastor
  • Ensure that the pastor has a bible and teaching materials
  • As much as possible, provide the believers in each church with bibles
  • Identify any other needs that the church community might have, such as medical needs, a need for a water well (bore hole), and so on
  • Provide feedback to CTM leadership so we can develop plans to continue the process of building up these churches

Once the motor scooters were purchase by Moses, our project manager with CTM Uganda, they were prayed over and blessed for the tasks ahead.  Each was assigned to a regional team for follow-up,  to get the critical task going of encouraging and building up the new churches and the communities in which they reside.

Again, thanks to all of you who donated to purchases these scooters.  May the Lord bless you!

I also wanted to mention that 12 bicycles were purchased to provide basic transportation to many of the pastors in these new churches that had absolutely NO means of transport – other than by foot.  Those bicycles have now been assigned to needy pastors, and are being used to help them get around their village to visit their church members and families.  The bikes are also used for many other things as well – carrying supplies, water and so forth.

May the Lord richly bless those who gave to provide these much needed bicycles!

Our next Blog and Facebook posting will feature news and photos about the new church that were re-visited in October – to encourage, build up and strengthen these new churches and believers.  We will also be sharing about any needs these young churches may have, and how you may be able to help – by donating to provide bibles, teaching materials, to help drill a well, or meet some other urgent need (see our Get Involved page for details on how to give to meet an identified need)!  So be watching for further updates!

God bless.

Paul M. Dooley
Christ Transformation Ministries (CTM) 

Generous Donor Steps Forward with Gift for Off-Road Vehicle!

God works in awesome ways! His timing is perfect! 

The same day we sent out our monthly CTM eNewsletter, announcing that CTM had obtained official non-profit status as a public charity, and that we were still in need of help to purchase a badly needed off-road vehicle, an anonymous donor stepped forward with a $2,500 donation toward the purchase of our off-road vehicle!

With this we have about $10,500 toward the purchase of a good, used off-road vehicle to visit the churches in the bush on a regular basis! If some additional funds come in, we might actually be able to get that good used Toyota Helix!

Praise the Lord from whom all blessing flow!

Feb Update on CTM in Uganda

Thank you for visiting our CTM blog. 
The needs are great in for the people of Uganda, and that is why we are there.  We are the people willing to go where Christ leads – on the difficult, dangerous roads to the back country of Uganda. Places others ministries just don’t go to. To encourage new believers, to refugee-camppreach the good news about Jesus, to drill wells for fresh water, to train people about how to build and sustain their communities in every way – spiritually first, then socially, and economically.  
The most urgent needs are food right now – especially for Busoga, which is on the edge of starving.  Arthur is out there this week, boy-in-refugee-campcarrying food with him.  We need donations for food – this is an urgent need right now. 
There is also the monthly pastoral support for Arthur and his wife and large family.  If you, your small group, or church, could set aside a small amount each month for pastoral support, that would be awesome.  To donate, just go to our Donate page each month and enter your gift – its that simple.
Thirdly, we need to purchase a good used 4 WD truck or SUV.  The Car_breakdown_July_2015existing one is breaking down, and we need to rent vehicles now to get to the villages – which is very expensive.  The cost of a good used Toyota truck is about $13,000 USD.  So far we have been able to raise $5,000 due to one very generous donor.  But we need another $8,000 to raise – so if you, your small group, or your church could donate toward a vehicle, that would be greatly appreciated!
How to donate?  its simple and easy!  We have a Donate page on our web site, and anyone can donate online at any time what every they can afford.  The funds go directly to CTM , which is then transferred to Uganda each week for distribution to meed these needs.  Just log in, and when you donate, put a comment at the top as to what you want the funds to go for.  We will guarantee that they will only be used for that purpose.  You are also automatically sent a receipt.
Here is a link to our Donate page to use, and pass along to your small group and church:
Now, how do you stay in touch with CTM?
1.  To get added to our email list of supporters, send an email to CTMAfricaInfo@gmail.comYou will get regular monthly CTM email updates on what is happening with CTM, here in the U.S., and on the ground in Uganda.  If others want to receive our monthly emails, just let me know.
2.  Book mark our web site and pass the URL on to others.  Visit the web site for updates, especially the Blog, where you will find usually news updates, stories of recent trips, and lots of photos at least month: “Follow” the blog so you will get automatic updates.
3.  Visit our Facebook page and follow us there.  Follow this as well for frequent updates, and pass it on to your small group and church members.  Logon to Facebook, and go to our page at
CTM and eTeamGlobal are also planning a “Transform Uganda III” this July.  If you would like to know more about this, here is a link to our web page on this:  Please let us know if you would like to be a part of this.  and we will get you involved.  Just email
Thank you and May our Lord bless you! paul-dooley

Paul M. Dooley, MBA

Christ Transformation Ministries

A Motor Scooter and Bicycles for Local Pastors!

Thanks to the gracious donations of Christ Transformation Ministry partners and supporters, a motor scooter, along with several bicycles were able to be purchased in February of 2016!  Praise the Lord, and thank you to John Stewart, and to ALL those that donated funds in February to make this possible.

This will now enable CTM support staff to visit the local churches in a more expedient manner, and several local pastors are now equipped with the means to get around their village and visit members on a more regular basis!

May the Lord richly bless each of you that is helping to support this ministry, and the growth of thesCOOTER_FOR_ctmbICYCLES_FOR_ctm Uganda church!