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Sept-Oct Update – Trips to Build Up the Village Churches

Greetings CTM supporters and members,

This month we are giving you an update on two village followup trips that took place over the past two months.  The first was during the first week of September, with Arthur and our local CTM team visiting a number of villages. The second visit occurred during the first week of October, with Moses Magzi heading the local CTM team.

September Village Follow-up

Our local follow-up team for the September village visits included:

  • Rev.Arthur Magezi, CTM Founder and Executive Director
  • Esther Magezi, Women’s Ministry
  • Monday Wilberforce, theCTM driver
  • Tumwine Moses Magezi, lead for Project Follow-up

The team was out visiting local village churches over the space of 4 days, having left Kampala on Thursday morning and returning on Sunday night.

Five local village churches were visited in September:

Our CTM team first visited the church at Kisanga, and cleared the land bill at zero balance. Now this local church has the land on which to build an improved church structure in which to meet!

Next was a visit to the Nabigaga church, where our CTM team payed for the road access to the nearby borehole (which we had dug and paid for several months ago, as you recall), and the church  land where the large church was finished last August.

Our third visit was to the Kapyokoro church in Bukungu, where Arthur and the team met the pastor and few people there, talking with them and encouraging the pastor and the congregation.

The Kabale church was the fourth village church we visited,  where the team met and spoke with the person who is giving CTM 20 fits by 100 fit land for the church  in Kibale. Praise the Lord for His servants who freely given, for they shall be given to!

The fifth stop includes the Nabulezi B church, where the team prayed Sunday morning before then returned back to Kampala. That’s the  Nabulezi B church  where Arthur prayed for that girl who was demon possessed. She got healed during the service on Sunday. He also prayed for different people who were sick and others who had issues with their families.

October church follow-up

Arthur was on his way to the U.S. for his doctoral studies, along with visits with our U.S. based support organization, churches, and supporters.  In his absence and not wanting to look idle (!), Moses Magezi organized:

  • an evangelistic crusade
  • a door to door gospel outreach, and
  • a Jesus’s film showing at the Nagulu church.

Photo with youth arms raised – that’s pastor Ronald praying for those to give their lives to Christ. The bible says that “by grace are you saved through faith – and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God – not of works, lest anyone should boast”.

This photo with the red glare inside thatched church – this was taken inside the church of Nagulu. Not sure why the red glare – may have been due to the late afternoon sun shining through the sides of the church structure! In any case, whatever the building, the church is a community of people – not a building!

Here we have a photo with all the pastors from various CTM churches in different places who attended our meeting:

  • Pastor Blessing Kizito from Kabale church
  • Pastor Gwako Daniel from the Ssinini church
  • Pastor John Okuni from the Kassala church
  • Pastor Vicent from the Bulondo church
    … and many others

There is a great work God is doing in the church at Nagulu with pastor Monica.  See how a projector is helping us spread the gospel in Busoga.

I hope this update from the villages in Uganda is giving you a sense of what Christ Transformation Ministries is able to accomplish thanks to our gracious Father and the Lord Jesus Christ, as well as you our faithful supporters.  We are continuing our monthly follow-up to the village churches…

  • Praying with the pastors and congregations
  • Helping to ensure funding for land and water boreholes
  • Praying for the sick and those that need encouraging
  • Casting out evil spirits wherever we find them

Thank you for you continuing support.  In closing, your support has mad possible not only these regular follow-up projects, building up the local churches that were planed in 2015-2017;  as a result of the success of TU4 this past August,  we are now forming partnerships with several U.S. based churches, who have pledged to help CTM with resources, church leadership training, teaching programs, and further strengthening of the villages churches!

More new on the continuing growth of CTM and of the Lords Kingdom next month. Praise the Lord!

Paul M. Dooley
Secretary – Christ Transformation Ministries (CTM)

Part 2 of 4 – Amazing Stories from Transform Uganda IV

Our last update to you was August 30th, when we shared Part 1 of 4 about the Amazing Stories of Transform Uganda IV, our forth big outreach into the jungle villages of Uganda.

This is Part 2 of 4, the experience and report from Pastor Brad Nassif, Calvary Phoenix, Arizona,  and Chris Magezi, CTM Uganda team member, regarding their first trip to a remote village called Wangobo.

Our Trip to the Village of Wangobo!

Pastor Brad Nassif and Chris Magezi
TU 4: August 24th, 2018 – Uganda, Africa.

Note: Pastor Brad leads men’s ministries for Calvary Chapel Phoenix. Chris is Arthur Magezi’s son. What was special is the work the lord has done in Chris. This was the first time he ever went on a mission. He helped translate as well as he and Brad teamed up to reach men.

 “The TU4 teams were sent out to a remote village in northern Uganda called Wangobo. This is one of the many remote villages throughout Uganda. Chris and I were assigned to evangelize the men in the village. After presenting the gospel to a group of about twelve men (young and old), several hands were raised to accept the message of Christ. 

We were both amazed as this was Chris’s first time translating and evangelizing, and my first mission trip and first time evangelizing. We were both nervous and felt unprepared, but the Lord did the work. We continued presenting the gospel and among the forty to forty-five men that we spoke to, and thirteen more responded and came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. 

As the Lord’s messengers and ministers we can trust that the Lord through the Holy Spirit is doing His work in drawing people to Jesus Christ through the gospel.  This was made abundantly clear when one of the young men who accepted Jesus Christ later in the day told Chris that his “heart hurt” when the gospel message was being presented. Amen!

What an encouragement to continue ministering in the name of the Lord. Although we may feel nervous and unprepared for the work of God, we must trust that the Holy Spirit is working and drawing people to Jesus Christ.

Thank you and may the Lord bless you Pastor Brad and Chris for your sacrifice, and for your care and outreach to the people of Uganda.  

Next week check back for Part 3 of 4 – Pastor Zach Papuga, Calvary Phioenix, shares re the Pastors Conference in Kamuli.  Pastor Zach Papuga, Calvary Phoenix, shares about the Pastor’s Conference held in the village of Kamuli



Paul M. Dooley
Secretary, Christ Transformation Ministries

A Look Back at What You Helped Us Accomplish in 2017!

Looking Back at 2017

Together We Have Made a Huge Difference in the Lives of Thousands of Ugandan Villagers!

Because of the faithful support from individuals like you, Christ Transformation Ministries (CTM) was able to reach out to dozens of jungle villages in 2017, and make a real impact on the lives of children, families and entire communities. Here are some key CTM accomplishments in 2017:

Twelve New Churches Planted!

During our summer outreach, 12 new churches were planted in the back country of Uganda, where no church had existed, and the goodnews about Jesus was never heard! This brings the total number of churches planted by CTM to well over 100 during the last 5 years, with over 30 in the past 2 years alone. Because of your support, you have equipped us to carry the good news of the saving grace of Jesus Christ to thousands of villagers in Uganda. Truly your reward will be great in heaven!

Thousands Accepted Christ to Begin a New Life!

CTM showed the Jesus Film in 12 villages this past summer. 3,170 attending the showings in 12 villages, with 509 praying to receive


Christ into their lives. During the provision of medical treatment, 336 prayed to receive Christ. Our village teams ministered to the men, women and children during our village visits. 687 adults were shared with by the village teams, and 258 prayed to receive Christ (More men than women, which is unusual and wonderful). Of the 2,957 children ministered to, 1,379 prayed to receive Jesus into their lives.

Equipping Pastors with a Means of Transportation

CTM provided 12 bicycles to pastors in small villages who had no other means of transportation. We also provided several motor scooters to pastors of larger villages, so they could more easily get around to visit their congregation, go for supplies, and be more effective in their ministry. In the fall we were able to provide even more pastors with scooters, giving them a means to go for village supplies, and more effectively support their church.

Two Deep Boreholes Dug to Provide Fresh Water

Because of your generous gifts to our water wells ministry, and our partnership with “A Way to Help”, we were able to dig two deep water wells for two of the larger communities – Nabigaga, and Kisanga. These wells were received with overwhelming joy, and the difference your have made in these communities is nothing less than astounding. There will be less sickness, disease and death because of what you have done! In 2018, we plan to continue our water borehole ministry, with plans for more boreholes that will provide fresh, clear water to hundreds of villagers in other communities.

Medical Treatment Given to Thousands!

Over 5,000 were treated by the Medical Teams during our TU III summer visit to villages. Those with malaria, yellow feve, typhoid, worms and many other ailments were examined by our doctors and nurses, and treated with medical supplies we were able to procure. Our medical team treated 5,620 men, women and chilkdren, and 336 prayed to receive Christ after their treatment!. Teaching was also provided by te doctors and nurses on family planning, nutrition, and hygiene.

Children Provided with Teaching, Clothing and Sandals

Because of your gifts, we were able to provide teaching about the


saving Christ grace of our Lord Jesus Christ to hundreds of children across the villages we visited. Many accepted Jesus into their hearts, including over 200 at a school near to one of the villages! 200 sets of clothing were distributed to small children during our visits to villages. In addition,70 sets of sandals were distributed in one village for small children.

Our First “Anchor Church” Building Completed

During TU III in July, our construction team finished the walls and the roof on the “anchor” church building at Nabigaga. The trusses and metal roofing were put in place, and the first church services were held. Preformed bible skits were performed each day by our team to tell big stories of God, and our Lord Jesus. 275 adults and children attend the plays, and 215 prayed to receive Christ.

Our plan for 2018 is to complete a building for a second “anchor church in another region of the country. These larger structures allow the churches in the entire region to come together in praise and worship, for special events such as weddings, and to engages in training activities.

Learn more about the amazing impact CTM had to thousands of villagers in Ugamda by visiting our Transform Uganda web page.

Thank You for Giving Generously
throughout the Year.
You Have Been the Hands and Feet our Our Lord Jesus, Making a Difference in the Lives
of Thousands of Ugandan Villagers!

Please Help CTM Continue to Transform the Lives of Ugandan Villagers into 2018

Donate to CTM


New Videos from Transform Uganda III

I have updated the Resources section of the web site to add a special page entitled “Transform Uganda III Videos”.  These short 2-5 minute videos were all taken during the Transform Uganda III outreach the was conducted during the last 2 weeks of July, 2017.

CTM partnered with several organizations to accomplish TU III, and we wish to express our sincere thanks for their support:

We look forward to following up with the 12 new church plans that were established in 2017 during this outreach, in addition to building up all of the previous churches planted in communities across the back country of Uganda.  Please visit our Get Involved page to lean more about how you can become a part of this amazing work of God!

Click to View Videos of Transform Uganda III:

TU III – Post 5 – Car Breakdown was in God’s Plan After all!

July 26th – Wednesday


Heading out today to visit a village in Kisanga.  This particular village, has a need for both a pastor, and a church structure.  They have neither, so the believers are struggling.  We let them know we would be praying for them.  A visiting pastor by the name of “James” was staying in the village to encourage the believers there. We prayed with them that the Lord would be providing them with a pastor in the near future.

The Medical Team was led by Dr. Charles, and Mae Dickenson they both were performing a lot of the nursing duties.  Their assistant “Kayla” was also assisting as much she could for what was needed.


We were told that a village member donated some land for a future church building. Even before he received Jesus into his life!  James, the visiting pastor from Nigeria, led the man to Christ at 7 am this morning! Another huge Praise for our Lord.

Onto the next village that we visited in we visited in Buwangla. A resident pastor named Barth from Nigeria, staying with the village all week. He was leading a small village team, going from door to door to visit the villagers and assess their needs. According to Barth’s testimony, there were 11 Muslims that gave their lives and hearts to Jesus. Barth’s team was moving through the villages, and a major amount of these people heard about their activity. One man brought his daughter to Barth and his team, and told them that his daughter was being terrorized by evil spirits!  She had told him that her soul was buried in two places in the floor of their home!  Barth prayed for the daughter, and she was freed from this torment.

Unexpected Car Breakdown but Really God’s Plan!

We set out for another village after getting a quick roadside meal.  What does the Lord have in store for us now? We passed through


several more road-side markets, and then just as we had gone beyond the markets- our 4 WD vehicle broke down!  Apparently, the bolts had come loose front the left front wheel of the vehicle, and some other metal pieces that had gotten into the brake system!  It was about 2 pm, and we were stuck! We didn’t have a clue as to how we would be able to continue onward. It might be a long time, until we would all be back on the road again.  Our driver was assessing the damage, then he called Moses [Arthur’s son].  Fortunately, Moses arrived a short time after.  He arrived via his motor cycle, and he and our driver, proceeded to speed off to the nearest town. In hopes to find a good mechanic to help with the repairs.

Only a few minutes later, the mechanic and Moses returned. He was on the back of Moses’ bike. He immediately began working on


the car front end – taking off he tire, then inspecting the damage.  It looked like this was going to take a while – I thought maybe a few hours, or maybe even into the night!  How were we going to get through this?  While I was musing over our situation, Paul Slanker remarked  “Well, there must be a reason why we broke down here, right at this particular spot.  God must have a plan in this – I wonder what that is?”  Paul Slankard, myself and Nuhu Douda, started looking around, and we spotted two fellas and a woman sitting on the porch of a nearby storefront.  One of the young men looked like he had been badly burnt, it was his right hand and, in fact, his whole arm!

We started walking toward the storefront, and looking back at us the three of them began smiling.  I wondered, what did God have in


mind for us here?  We struck up a conversation with them and found out that the young man – Gerard – had burned his arm by falling asleep while cooking fish in hot oil.  His whole arm fell into the frying pan, and he sustained 3rd degree burns over his entire arm!  Yet he was smiling at us as he described the incident.

I walked back to the Toyota Land Cruiser and saw the mechanic busy at work. I asked Nicholas to check with him on the status of damages, and how long it might take to do all the repairs.  He told us only an hour or two!  He would have to go back and pick up a few

parts, and then it would be done and we would be on our way.  That sounded Encouraging!  I looked over a saw Paul and Nuhu sharing with the two fellas and the girl, and so I walked back over to join them once again.

As I sat down, I listened to what Nuhu was saying.  The one fellow, not injured guy, was a Muslim – Ishmael, and Nuhu began sharing the fundamental differences between the Muslim religion, and the Christian faith.  He was asking the boy where are all the prophets – Jerimiah, Isaiah, an even Mohammed – where are they?  “In the ground”, Nuhu remarked. Even the Quran admits this. But then he asked the boy, where was “Isa” (Jesus)?  Why, He was in heaven with God (as the bible and the Quaran agree).  The boy was listening intently.  Eventually, Nuhu asked the boys if they would like to receive Jesus into their hearts and be born again. Their respond was “Yes”!  We all prayed with them, and they believed and received the Lord into their hearts! We gave them bibles we happen to have in their own language.

As I glanced over at the mechanic working on the truck, I noticed that he was wrapping things up. He had finished the repairs and we would be ready to go soon. Walking over, I saw that the tire was back on the vehicle, and he was packing up his tools.  Nicholas started up the engine, and we were on our way! We said our good byes to the two boys and the girl, and we all prayed together before we left. We asked the Lord to strengthen their faith so that they remain faithful and may the Lord be with them always.  We told them that we would send someone to follow-up with them. They thanked us and then we drove away.

God’s timing is perfect.  Our car broke down for a reason, in this precise location.  The time was ripe, for our visit was over. The Lord provided an awesome mechanic, along with all the needed parts.  His plan was to save some souls today.  He had planned this whole episode, two souls were brought into His kingdom, a girl’s faith was encouraged, and a local fellowship was born. As we drove away, we thought to ourselves – “what an awesome God we serve”!  In the life of a believer, many times thing happen for a reason.  If we allow ourselves to be sensitive to His Spirit, and what He is trying to accomplish through us! We will experience the plans He has set for us.

We headed back to our hotel, with a thankful heart and a joyful spirit. We were blessed by the whole incident that occurred.  It was so encouraging to see how that this experience was orchestrated by the Lord – the breakdown, the two souls needing hope, the right mechanic close by needing work, equipped with the right parts and tools.  You are always an awesome God!

TU III – Post 4 – Evil Spirits Cast Out, a School for Christ!

July 25th – Tuesday – Evil spirits cast out, a school introduced to Christ!

After breakfast, we proceeded on our way with “Mobile 1”.  We went out to visit another village on Tuesday morning. When we got


there, our Medical Team began to get to work immediately. What a blessing!

It’s Tuesday in Uganda, and what an awesome day it was. We departed for the school that we had suspected had “demonic activity” was going on. Soon after we arrived we discovered that [approximately 30-40 minutes] there was indeed some serious


demonic activity going on there. Upon realizing our suspicions were true, we needed to go to the headmaster and inquire further. As soon as we met up with the headmaster we began experiencing all kinds of commotion, especially when we began witnessing to the headmaster. We shared with him the importance of his conversion and being filled with God’s Spirit to combat this sort of evil. He accepted Christ. In parallel to his conversion two brothers that we were praying for,


they also accepted Jesus and were set free in Jesus name. Several other besieged girls (16 in all) came to Christ.

Then the headmaster began calling all the teachers together in a room and we told them how important it was that they believe in the one true God, believe on the Lord Jesus and receive Him into their hearts. Eight accepted Christ, and received him as Lord. We gave them some Bible’s, and told them to read, study and know God’s word.


It gets even better still. The headmaster then began calling the whole school of children together, and we explained the good news about how Jesus came to pay the price for their sins, and give them a full life here, and in heaven to come. Over 200 of the approximately 300 grade school children stepped forward and prayed that they would receive Jesus as their savior.

We then prayed for the whole school, and we left them in the care of a local pastor for ongoing follow up and ministering. When we


arrived a few hours earlier, there was confusion and hopelessness. When we left there was a peace about the whole school. Our God is an awesome God. There is certainly great power in the name of Jesus!

I gave away my NKJV bible to a teach at the school.  He looked at it astonished, and exclaimed “How much do these bibles cost?” (they don’t have many bibles in the villages).  We told him $12 or so.  He was flipping the pages, and I have no doubt he will be reading it cover to cover. Praise the Lord!

After leaving, feeling very blessed that we accomplished the Lords work at the all school meeting, we thanked the headmaster, teachers and children. We departed and proceeded for the next village.  Here we dropped off many supplies and bibles, and we also met with the local village leader (the “LOC 1”) to ensure he knew about our activities and our good intentions.

TU III Post 2 – Well Dedication at Kisanga, and Rest Up for the Week!

July 22 – Saturday – A Joyous Well Dedication at Kisanga

Woke up and had breakfast.  Then departed with Arthur and Esther


to dedicate a borehole (well) at a village called Kisanga (this was the same village that had their church structure attacked by Muslims last December!)

The drive over very rough roads took about 2 hours.  Finally we arrived, and to a huge enthusiastic greeting I might add! As we got out of the Toyota Land Cruiser, women were singing, dancing and praising God!  What a welcome!

Chairs and a basic PA system were set up by the villagers, and we


gathered round for the dedication speeches. Arthur was speaking with a translator, and we thanked God for the provision of this most excellent borehole.  Arthur mentioned that Serrano Jr. High School, in Lake Forest California, had worked hard to raise the funds for this well, and we very thankful to them indeed (Arthur and Esther were wearing Serano T-shirts!).

The local village choir, all smartly dressed, broke out in song and dance to celebrate the blessing of the well for the villagers.  Such excitement in the faces of the men, women and children!  Having a well to draw clean, fresh water means so much to them that we can hardly appreciate this (don’t we in the U.S. just take clean, clear water for granted?).  Now the church, but also anyone in the village will have access to clean, healthy water – for drinking, cooking, and bathing.  No more contaminated water that led to disease, sickness, and in


some cases death for villagers!

In closing, Arthur gave a message about how Jesus was “the water of life”, and that if we come to Him and invite Him to be the Lord of our life, He would give each of us the spiritual water that each of our souls so longs for. People listened intently, and 8 raised their hands to say they wanted Jesus to come into their hearts and be their Lord and Redeemer.

After this, we all walked a short distance over to the well which was surrounded by decorated wooden poles (and flowers). I was asked to cut the ribbon to officially dedicate the well, which I did to much applause.  I bent down and washed my face, and tasted the cool, clear water.  Then everyone else joined me, enjoying the blessing.

After walking back to the gathering area, the local village official (the LOC 1), greeted us and thanked us for supporting the community by donating this most precious well.  We all said thank you, we were delighted that God had enabled us to provide this “water of natural life” to the community.

Arthur, Esther and I were also able to visit the “source of the Nile” on our way back to the hotel near the villages.  Did you know the Nile is


the longest river in the world, and that its source is located in Uganda.  Who knew? By the way, most of the roads in Uganda are very bumpy, dirt roads.  Only the main roads, and a few streets in some of the larger towns are paved (partially).  It soon became obvious why CTM so desperately needs a solid off-road 4WD vehicle.  This is a necessity just to get to the villages and back!

July 23 – Sunday – Worship and Fellowship!

Had a worship service in the evening with team members. Today was a day of worship together with the Nigerian and Ugandan team


members, as well as a number of believers from the villages who were brought in. It was a long day, but very rewarding. It would take too long to go into detail, so here are the highlights:
• Worship – we started off with a Ugandan worship group leading us in song.
• Prayer – a number of leaders led us in prayer for the ministry that will be taking place through the week
• Sermon – Tim Robnett shared from Deuteronomy 11:22-24, which is the theme verses for Transform Uganda 3 this year.


• Teaching – Arthur Magezi and a Nigerian leader both had sessions on teaching. These were mainly aimed at the Ugandans from the villages
• Bible Presentation – Martha was able to present Bibles to the village women that came to the conference she led in January. These were donated by friends at our church
• Graduation – four Nigerian evangelists finished their training led by Tim Robnett. They had a ceremony in the evening to honor them.

Next post:  TU 3 Begins on Monday – 12 new villages churches!

Mike Parker on His Trip to Nigeria, Preparing for Transform Uganda III

From Mike Parker, CTM Board Member
May 26th, 2017:  Trip Report – Just back from Nigeria…

Thank you to those who prayed for my trip, along with Gary to Nigeria. We had a fantastic week of ministry in Nigeria. Honestly, I have not laughed as many days and times as I did there in many years. The time was so good for the soul. I did come home with a nasty bug that has turned into a sinus infection.

The purpose of this trip was two-fold: to participate in a forum with Nigerian evangelists, and to prepare those in Nigeria  for “Transform Uganda III” (a number of Nigerians  will be joining us in again this July to visit the villages of Uganda to minister to their spiritual, social and physical needs).

For the Nigerians, this was the third forum for Nigeria evangelists. All are from respected evangelical ministries in Nigeria, have been been veted by their denomination as worthy leaders and evangelists, and all have at least a bachelor’s degree and most have a Master’s’. Gary and I were there to continue their once a quarter training and also prepare them for Uganda.

Gary taught on Festival Evangelism from a mass scale that included Preparation, Proclamation and Preservation. He also taught on Leadership for the Evangelist from the book of Nehemiah. I taught practical cross-cultural ministry principles as well as the 12 signal systems all cultures use to communicate but in different ways – ie colors, shapes, symbols, time, space, myths, kenesic movement, etc.. This lead to very fun discussions of examples of what can be stated in one Nigerian village and yet in another causes offense – like a dog is valuable to eat or a snake but in other places very offensive.

The trip also included a couple of outreach events in an area of Jos, Nigeria known as “the Jungle”. It is next to a very dry riverbed with huge granite boulders. The area is known as a place of robbery, drug abuse and distribution, prostitution, drunkards, and even the police are reluctant to go there because of criminality. At least once a week someone is found dead or murdered.

We engaged in two street evangelism outreaches, and the team did a wonderful job of testimonials, prayers, counseling, and preaching. I has a chance to demonstrate how to give a “mini-message”. The next day we debriefed the whole event, each section and I had them give feedback from what they witnessed from me: what I wore, how I moved and why, my message from the Leper that Jesus touches and says “Be Clean” in Mt. 8, to how I connected leprosy to my own testimony of rejection and street life.

The Lord moved in 207 hearts to have them respond the Gospel. About 1,000 people heard the Good News those two days! Some were prostitutes and “jungle boys” who live a life of crime and drugs. They are now being followed up by New Life for All, and a couple local churches we worked with.

Thanks be to God, He was with us the whole time, and He blessed this trip so abundantly!  

Walking with Jesus – Africa

Thanks to Chester Hudspeth, of The Jesus Film, for making us aware of a series of short films about how Jesus is reaching the people of Africa.  The series is broken down into 30 minute segments or less, each one focusing on a particular theme:

  • Assurance of Salvation
  • Fellowship of believers
  • The Holy Spirit
  • Walking in the Spirit
  • Growing in Christ

Start at the top and watch all in the series – on you PC, laptop, tablet, or smart phone!  Here is the “Link” to “Walking With Jesus – Africa”, a short series on different topics in 13 Languages:

These films are available in English, French, Hausa, Moore, Chichewa, Shona, Krio, Zulu, Ndebele: Northern, Portuguese/Mozambique, Kikuyu, Akan: Twi,   Swahili: Tanzania.

And, of course the classic JESUS Film in many African Languages is also available.

Blessings, Chester Hudspeth Project Representative – Jesus Film Project©
Watch the “Jesus” film in your heart language at:

God is Transforming Lives through CTM Uganda ….

Tim Robnett shares this update about how the Jesus File was used to reach hundreds of souls for Jesus during Transform Uganda II this past August…

Jesus Film Comes Alive!

Elder Alan Ntwiga, a member of the CTM team, called excitedly from the bush about half way into Transform Uganda. Alan had jesusfilm-alanmultiple roles for this mission – he coordinated transportation for 130 people, arranged translators for the Nigerians, and coordinated sound equipment each day in three locations. In addition, at night he was responsible to show the Jesus Film in several villages. To do this, he amazingly had to move each day sound equipment, set it up, and move all to a new location, over difficult remote bush roads and even trails, and then do it all over again the next day. And he slept in the back bed of a truck each night while doing this.

With the various sound equipment set up, the idea was to have gifted Nigerian evangelist share the gospel each evening at a typical “crusade” platform event at night. This was done in three villages.
Worshipping_in_BalawuliThe fourth village was for the Jesus Film showing. Then a rotation of equipment again the next morning and a change to other villages.

About mid-week, Alan called very excited. He said on the phone =+==_&%. We could not understand him due to his excitement. Alan was asked what was wrong or what did he need help with. He then shared, “God is transforming lives!”

He then proceeded to say that the combination of various touches of the Gospel in both word and deed was creating a breakthrough for the villagers. They were understanding! Alan then said that when he
would show the Jesus Film after several of the teams: medical team, Believers_listening in on servicewomen’s and children’s ministry team, the men’s ministry, or the Nigerian evening meetings that people were coming to Christ in amazing ways. The multiple touches, through a variety of ministries, was creating a clear understanding of the Gospel and God was transforming lives. Amazing!

Results of the Jesus Film team during Transform Uganda II:

  • Six villages saw the Jesus Film.
  • Three of these villages had not previously seen the film.
  • Over 900 watched the film and about 120 prayed at the end to recieve Jesus into their hearts when the Gospel was presented.

Praise the Lord for servants like Alan, and praise Him His goodness!