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Amazing Fruit from Transform Uganda IV – Pt 1 of 4

Greetings CTM Supporters and Partners!

Our last update to you was August 13th, when we shared some early news and photos of Transform Uganda IV
, our forth big outreach into the jungle villages of Uganda.

We have some amazing stories to share with you all, and since there are SO many stories, photos, and videos, we thought it best to bring you the news in a multi-part series.  So this is Part 1 of 4, the experience and report from Mike Parker, CTM board member and project lead, also a pastor and member of eTeamGlobal.

Amazing Fruit from Transform Uganda IV – Part 1 of 4 in a Series

August 24th, 2018 – Uganda, Africa.  The Good News of Jesus Christ Continues to Reach Souls in Uganda – from Mike Parker, eTeam Global staff and CTM board member, reports:

Our fourth Transform Uganda mission took on a different look this year, but the results continue to glorify God!  Transform Uganda 4 was a modified version of previous missions and included a Pastor’s Conference, Jesus Film Team, a Medical Team, and a Village Team to minister to men, women, and children in rural villages across Uganda.

In addition to evangelizing in villages, our six-member US team also spent its two weeks in Uganda training pastors and evangelists.  TU 4 was a partnership of:

  • eTeamGlobal (ETG) – Mike Parker, Nathan Walters
  • Christ Transformation Ministries – CTM board chair Dan Noel and CTM Uganda team members
  • Calvary Chapel-Phoenix, Arizona  – Pastor Brad Nassif, Pastor Bryan Ferguson, and Pastor Zach Papuga

TU4 – Building on Previous TU Missions

After four years of Transform Uganda missions, I am amazed at what the church the Lord has built and sustained in the Busoga region of Uganda.

In that time, CTM and ETG have worked together to plant 35 churches (this is in addition to the nearly 100 churches that CTM has planted since 2003, all throughout Uganda). Today, all 35 of the recent church plants are growing, standing firm, and starting other church plants in nearby villages. The sight of these church plants in villages where there had never been a church before is a wonder to behold.

From the northern region of Uganda where villages have little in the way of material comfort and resources, much was given as the 35 churches tithed to the feed the TU 4 teams as well as the pastors attending the conference – a total of 125 people. They raised almost 500 pounds of maize (of which 271 was sold to purchase other food items), 254 pounds of rice, 2 goats, 10 chickens, and 200,000 Ugandan Schillings (approx. $55). Their sacrifice of giving and tithing to the Lord’s work reduced our mission costs by over $1,000!

The Fruit of Transform Uganda IV was Amazing!

  • Our Medical team treated 2,171 souls, and of those, 59 received Christ.
  • The Village team ministered to a total of 1,194 souls, and of those, 281 men, women and children prayed to receive Christ.
  • The Jesus Film was shown to a total of 950, and of those, 77 people received Christ.
  • We held four pastor’s and leader’s conferences – 268 attended sessions that were led by Pastor Bryan and Pastor Zach, and these pastors received much needed encouragement and teaching from our team

During the short two week period of Transform Uganda IV, a total of 417 received the Lord Jesus Christ into their hearts, and were born again into the Kingdom of our Lord!  Praise the Lord!  An by ministering to and building up their pastors, we have continued the Lord’s work of helping these churches to grow and further prosper.

Esther Magezi, CTM Women’s Ministry Leader, provided us with this reflection:

“The village team went and taught women and many gave their lives to Christ to be their Lord and Savior. One of these women was Naweriya Joy, who was in a very dark place spiritually. After we prayed for her, she accepted Jesus and immediately jumped up in excitement over her new-found faith and began praising God! She is free. Glory to God.”  
– Esther Magezi, CTM Women’s Ministry Leader

More of this Series Soon to Come!

In update #2 of 4, we will have a story from Pastor Brad Nassif, of Calvary Phoenix, and Chris Magezi, regarding their trip to Wangobo.  This is a remote village in north Uganda, and a first time mission experience for both.  To their amazement, many received the Word with gladness, and received Jesus!  Watch for this coming update.

In Update #3 we will share the experiences of Pastor Zach Papuga of Calvary Phoenix, and his participation in the pastor’s conference in Kamuli.

Update #4 in this series will feature summarizing comments from Dan Noel, President of CTM, and Arthur Magezi, Founder and Executive Director.

Be blessed,

Paul M. Dooley
Secretary – Christ Transformation Ministries

January Updates from our CTM Regional Support Team

Greetings in Christ,

As you know, one of our goals in 2018 is to reach out to the local village churches on a monthly basis – visting them, encouraging the pastors and beleivers, and continuing to build up these “baby” village churches.

We thank you our supporters so much for contuing to pray for CTM, and to support the people and these churches financially  on a monthly basis.  During this past month of January, Moses and other members of our regional support team visisted several village churches:

  • The Bulondo church
  • The Irundu church
  • The Sinini church

We had the opportunity to film a couple of the pastors, to provide you with further insight into two of these local village churches:

Highlights from the Bulondo church

The Bulondo church has been planted since 2016, and is now about 1 year old.  Pastor Vicent Mulooki leads the small flock of believers, and has a wife and 5 children to raise as well.  Here is a short video clip of the pastor, who prasies God our Lord for His provision, but also lets us know of the needs of this small but growing church.  Needs that we can help address thorugh our prayer and giving include:

  • Funds and support for a borehole (water well). The community has no well, and thus many contineu to be sick and die of disease
  • Support for buying some land on which to build a church structure. Currently the church building (in photo) is being rented. If you would like to donate toward land for the church structure, please do so!
  • Lack of nearby hospital.  CTM will be visiting this church during our next outreach, to provide medical help and treatment – since there is no nearby hospital or clinic
  • Lack of a school for the children.  The community has no school for the children, so Lord willing CTM will be visiting this church several times this year to provide teaching and training to the families that are part of this village.

Highlights from the Sinini Church

The Sinini church has also been in existence about 1 year, and has now grown to about 70 members.  Pastor Daniel Gwaku leads this small church, and takes care of a wife and 10 children as well!

The church is on temporary land, so they do need money to pay for a permanent structure.  Other needs include:

  • Funds for bibles – currently the church has about 50 bibles in the local language, and the flock numbers about 70.  So we need more bibles.
  • A community school – like so many other communities, the people have no local school for the children.  And so CTM will of course provide some training and teaching during our next outreach here.
  • Medical help – as there is no local clinic, CTM will plan to provide medical treatment during our next outreach to this village. You can help by providing funds for medical supplies!
  • Church land – the church is using rented facilities, so any help you can provide to buy land for a church building would be awesome.

How You Can Help!

First, rermember to pray for the pastors and beleivers in the churches of Sinini and Bulondo.  Pray for their needs specifically, and if you feel led, give whatever you can financially to these churches, to help address these needs.

>> Go to Donate to make your secure, online donation,.

You gift is tax deductible, and we will make sure your donation goes specifiically to meet the need you express when you make your donation.

Thank you, and may the Lord bless your for your prayers and financial support!

Paul M. Dooley
Secretary – Christ Transformation Ministiries



A Look Back at What You Helped Us Accomplish in 2017!

Looking Back at 2017

Together We Have Made a Huge Difference in the Lives of Thousands of Ugandan Villagers!

Because of the faithful support from individuals like you, Christ Transformation Ministries (CTM) was able to reach out to dozens of jungle villages in 2017, and make a real impact on the lives of children, families and entire communities. Here are some key CTM accomplishments in 2017:

Twelve New Churches Planted!

During our summer outreach, 12 new churches were planted in the back country of Uganda, where no church had existed, and the goodnews about Jesus was never heard! This brings the total number of churches planted by CTM to well over 100 during the last 5 years, with over 30 in the past 2 years alone. Because of your support, you have equipped us to carry the good news of the saving grace of Jesus Christ to thousands of villagers in Uganda. Truly your reward will be great in heaven!

Thousands Accepted Christ to Begin a New Life!

CTM showed the Jesus Film in 12 villages this past summer. 3,170 attending the showings in 12 villages, with 509 praying to receive


Christ into their lives. During the provision of medical treatment, 336 prayed to receive Christ. Our village teams ministered to the men, women and children during our village visits. 687 adults were shared with by the village teams, and 258 prayed to receive Christ (More men than women, which is unusual and wonderful). Of the 2,957 children ministered to, 1,379 prayed to receive Jesus into their lives.

Equipping Pastors with a Means of Transportation

CTM provided 12 bicycles to pastors in small villages who had no other means of transportation. We also provided several motor scooters to pastors of larger villages, so they could more easily get around to visit their congregation, go for supplies, and be more effective in their ministry. In the fall we were able to provide even more pastors with scooters, giving them a means to go for village supplies, and more effectively support their church.

Two Deep Boreholes Dug to Provide Fresh Water

Because of your generous gifts to our water wells ministry, and our partnership with “A Way to Help”, we were able to dig two deep water wells for two of the larger communities – Nabigaga, and Kisanga. These wells were received with overwhelming joy, and the difference your have made in these communities is nothing less than astounding. There will be less sickness, disease and death because of what you have done! In 2018, we plan to continue our water borehole ministry, with plans for more boreholes that will provide fresh, clear water to hundreds of villagers in other communities.

Medical Treatment Given to Thousands!

Over 5,000 were treated by the Medical Teams during our TU III summer visit to villages. Those with malaria, yellow feve, typhoid, worms and many other ailments were examined by our doctors and nurses, and treated with medical supplies we were able to procure. Our medical team treated 5,620 men, women and chilkdren, and 336 prayed to receive Christ after their treatment!. Teaching was also provided by te doctors and nurses on family planning, nutrition, and hygiene.

Children Provided with Teaching, Clothing and Sandals

Because of your gifts, we were able to provide teaching about the


saving Christ grace of our Lord Jesus Christ to hundreds of children across the villages we visited. Many accepted Jesus into their hearts, including over 200 at a school near to one of the villages! 200 sets of clothing were distributed to small children during our visits to villages. In addition,70 sets of sandals were distributed in one village for small children.

Our First “Anchor Church” Building Completed

During TU III in July, our construction team finished the walls and the roof on the “anchor” church building at Nabigaga. The trusses and metal roofing were put in place, and the first church services were held. Preformed bible skits were performed each day by our team to tell big stories of God, and our Lord Jesus. 275 adults and children attend the plays, and 215 prayed to receive Christ.

Our plan for 2018 is to complete a building for a second “anchor church in another region of the country. These larger structures allow the churches in the entire region to come together in praise and worship, for special events such as weddings, and to engages in training activities.

Learn more about the amazing impact CTM had to thousands of villagers in Ugamda by visiting our Transform Uganda web page.

Thank You for Giving Generously
throughout the Year.
You Have Been the Hands and Feet our Our Lord Jesus, Making a Difference in the Lives
of Thousands of Ugandan Villagers!

Please Help CTM Continue to Transform the Lives of Ugandan Villagers into 2018

Donate to CTM


TU III – Post 6 – Bicycles for Pastors, Medical Teams Break Records!

July 27th, Thursday

After breakfast we set out for our first village – Buwangala.  This village church was planted 4 years ago, in 2013.  It was one of the


first church plants by CTM.  Our purpose was to visit, assess how they were doing, needs, and to encourage them.  Pastor Paul greeted us, and we took photos of him and is family – 9 children in all!

Next we set out for our 2nd village visit of the day – Kasanga.  This is


a fishing village, as it is nearby lake.  But the problem is that there is no local pastor, and no church structure!  We walked around and spoke to the people, and stakes have been set in the ground where a future church structure might be built, given the resources.  We prayed with the people that God might provide a pastor to guide them, and eventually a meeting place in which to worship.

Another issue that surfaced was one with the men of the village.  Apparently many were given to drinking, leaving all the work to the


women!  Upon hearing this, Paul Slankard, asked by Richard, invited the men to assemble to hear a message.  20-30 men gathered, and Paul, along with Richard proving the translation, delivered a message about how if they would commit their lives to the Lord and put Him first, all these other cares would be provided for.  We asked how many would like to accept Jesus,


and about 15 responded “yes”!  We prayed with them, and let them know that we would be following up by delivering bibles the next day.

Ngole was the next village stop, checking on the Village and Medical teams ministering there.  Things seemed to be going well, so we called it a day and departed back for the hotel.

July 28th, Friday – Bikes Delivered for Pastors, Setting Out Once Again!

As we gathered in the courtyard, a truck pulled up to deliver bicycles for some local village pastors.  From your donations, we initially purchased 10 bikes (@ $75 each), but Nathan – one of our volunteers – donated $150 while he was with us to purchase two more bikes, making 12 bikes in all.  

A bicycle is a very valuable means of transportation for people in the villages.  If you have a bike, you are considered very blessed! It not only provides basic transport to get out and minister to the villagers, but also a means of carrying produce back from the fields.  Arthur will be seeing that these bikes get to the pastors who are without any means of transportation.

The village teams also had a good day. Our volunteers met under trees, on porches, or out in the open to tell people about Christ. Two tactics emerged on how to reach the people. Some would walk


around and talk to people in small groups of 2-4, while others would park themselves in one place and let a larger group gather around them. It turns out, both approaches work. One team saw 35 adults and 40 children come to faith. Many of the 14 women that accepted Christ have Muslim husbands, so please be in prayer for them to stay strong and even influence the men to follow Christ.

The two medical teams are working hard each day. When the villages find out there is a free clinic, they flock to get treatment for various illnesses starts arriving fast. Most problems are minor, but if left untreated become big issues. Many of the children have worms and there are cases of malaria. Beyond that is a myriad of other problems to try and help. There are two teams with two doctors and some nurses. In addition, there are others that volunteer taking down information, distributing medicine, crowd control and sharing Christ with those who wait.

The week started slow, but yesterday the teams broke all records for number of people being treated, with each team seeing over 600 in just a few hours! All total, they have helped more than 3400 people over the first four days. But the beauty of these teams is that, while they were sharing the love of Christ to all these people through medical treatment, 82 of the villagers turned their lives over to Christ. What a fantastic component of our Transform Uganda ministry!

Please be in prayer for Pastor Arthur

Please be praying for Pastor Arthur Magezi.

I just wanted to solicit your prayers for Pastor Arthur. He had to go Arthur Magezi, CTMinto the hospital today as he was feeling ill. The doctors say he has some form of a bacterial infection, and they are giving him antibiotics to fight this. He is to be resting for the present time.

Please remember Arthur in your prayers, that the infection be banished from his body, and that the Lord heal him!

As he so often says, be blessed.

Medical update from Mae – Transform Uganda II

August 8th, PM. Further Medical Team update from Mae …

Today the medical team went back to the village I went to for Mae listeningchurch yesterday. When we first got to Ngole there wasn’t very many people there. Part of the reason is that it had rained and so the people were out working the fields. But when they figured out we were here, we saw a total of 271 people.

A few of the people were really ill.  One baby was super sick, and a pregnant woman has probably pre eclampsia.  We treated a little boy with a really weird looking tongue – Dr. Joy thinks it might be cancer.  

We also saw LIttle boya little elderly lady that felt sick. Her blood pressure was 180/100. Her family brought her by motorcycle.

It can be really overwhelming here if you aren’t careful. The poverty and the lack of education is mind boggling.

You can’t truly get a grip on the severity of it unless you are here to see it.

But overall it was a very productive and rewarding day. Glory be to God! !!

Transform Uganda II Update: Medical Team Makes the Rounds

On location – an update from Mae Dickason:

Today was an experience. …our medical team went out to Buyumba. It was our first day, and I was no sure what to expect. I Villagers_awaiting_treatmentremembered what the ride out to the villages was going to be like from last year, so was not surprised by the bumpy, jolting, crazy ride that it was . Not sure why but I ended up in the front..let’s just say that I look out the side a lot!!!!

The people were ready for us. We had a nice thatched area to work Sorting_thru_medsin. I think it was actually their church. We set up 2 stations to diagnose and then a table to dispense medications I was so thankful for Rose and Evelyn, the nurses from Nigeria who are experienced at this kind of mission, and for Dr Charles and Ruth from Uganda. They were amazing.

Dr Charles and I worked together. Apollo who is an evangelist was one of our drivers, translators and helped by preaching Jesus and Ministering to God's peoplecrowd control. Wyatt and Alex helped with record keeping and handing out the meds that were packaged for the people. So…..the thought was to treat 50-60 people, but we ended up treating around 130 people!

It was amazing, sad, encouraging, and at times a little overwhelming, but i was never scared – which is totally a God thing. Tomorrow we go to another village that is a little bigger.