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Arthur Returns to Uganda to Continue the Work of CTM …

After nearly 3 months in the US , Pastor Arthur returned home. to Uganda.

While in US, he continued his work on his doctorate, and also met with several churches …

  • Calvary Chapel Phoenix – As you recall, we had several pastors visit Uganda on this year’s Transform Uganda IV.  Calvary Phoenix has been such a blessing to CTM, and we look forward to their continued involvement in 2019!
  • A large church in Texas – Arthur has received communications and support from a church in Texas, as the pastor their has a heart from the people in Africa, and feels the Lord may be leading them to become more involved in reaching out to Africa with our mission teams.  He felt it important to visit the church in person, thank them for their interest and concern, and talk about how they can participate with us in 2019.

But his hard work did not stop when he returned home. The day after he landed in Uganda, Arthur was on the road to Central Uganda where he officiated the wedding of five couples.

We also have a new church plant not far from Arthur’s home, outside Kampala.  Nearly 50 members has joined this new church plant over the past few weeks, and it looks like this is going to grow very quickly!

We will share more about this new church in the next posting.

May you have a blessed Christmas, as you remember how much the Lord loved us to come into this world, become born as a little baby, grow up to become a man and suffer all the hardships of being human — all the while never sinning – and then sacrificing Himself for all of us, to make a way for us to heaven.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!




Sept-Oct Update – Trips to Build Up the Village Churches

Greetings CTM supporters and members,

This month we are giving you an update on two village followup trips that took place over the past two months.  The first was during the first week of September, with Arthur and our local CTM team visiting a number of villages. The second visit occurred during the first week of October, with Moses Magzi heading the local CTM team.

September Village Follow-up

Our local follow-up team for the September village visits included:

  • Rev.Arthur Magezi, CTM Founder and Executive Director
  • Esther Magezi, Women’s Ministry
  • Monday Wilberforce, theCTM driver
  • Tumwine Moses Magezi, lead for Project Follow-up

The team was out visiting local village churches over the space of 4 days, having left Kampala on Thursday morning and returning on Sunday night.

Five local village churches were visited in September:

Our CTM team first visited the church at Kisanga, and cleared the land bill at zero balance. Now this local church has the land on which to build an improved church structure in which to meet!

Next was a visit to the Nabigaga church, where our CTM team payed for the road access to the nearby borehole (which we had dug and paid for several months ago, as you recall), and the church  land where the large church was finished last August.

Our third visit was to the Kapyokoro church in Bukungu, where Arthur and the team met the pastor and few people there, talking with them and encouraging the pastor and the congregation.

The Kabale church was the fourth village church we visited,  where the team met and spoke with the person who is giving CTM 20 fits by 100 fit land for the church  in Kibale. Praise the Lord for His servants who freely given, for they shall be given to!

The fifth stop includes the Nabulezi B church, where the team prayed Sunday morning before then returned back to Kampala. That’s the  Nabulezi B church  where Arthur prayed for that girl who was demon possessed. She got healed during the service on Sunday. He also prayed for different people who were sick and others who had issues with their families.

October church follow-up

Arthur was on his way to the U.S. for his doctoral studies, along with visits with our U.S. based support organization, churches, and supporters.  In his absence and not wanting to look idle (!), Moses Magezi organized:

  • an evangelistic crusade
  • a door to door gospel outreach, and
  • a Jesus’s film showing at the Nagulu church.

Photo with youth arms raised – that’s pastor Ronald praying for those to give their lives to Christ. The bible says that “by grace are you saved through faith – and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God – not of works, lest anyone should boast”.

This photo with the red glare inside thatched church – this was taken inside the church of Nagulu. Not sure why the red glare – may have been due to the late afternoon sun shining through the sides of the church structure! In any case, whatever the building, the church is a community of people – not a building!

Here we have a photo with all the pastors from various CTM churches in different places who attended our meeting:

  • Pastor Blessing Kizito from Kabale church
  • Pastor Gwako Daniel from the Ssinini church
  • Pastor John Okuni from the Kassala church
  • Pastor Vicent from the Bulondo church
    … and many others

There is a great work God is doing in the church at Nagulu with pastor Monica.  See how a projector is helping us spread the gospel in Busoga.

I hope this update from the villages in Uganda is giving you a sense of what Christ Transformation Ministries is able to accomplish thanks to our gracious Father and the Lord Jesus Christ, as well as you our faithful supporters.  We are continuing our monthly follow-up to the village churches…

  • Praying with the pastors and congregations
  • Helping to ensure funding for land and water boreholes
  • Praying for the sick and those that need encouraging
  • Casting out evil spirits wherever we find them

Thank you for you continuing support.  In closing, your support has mad possible not only these regular follow-up projects, building up the local churches that were planed in 2015-2017;  as a result of the success of TU4 this past August,  we are now forming partnerships with several U.S. based churches, who have pledged to help CTM with resources, church leadership training, teaching programs, and further strengthening of the villages churches!

More new on the continuing growth of CTM and of the Lords Kingdom next month. Praise the Lord!

Paul M. Dooley
Secretary – Christ Transformation Ministries (CTM)

Part 3 of 4 – Amazing Stories from Transform Uganda IV!

Our last update on the Amazing Stories of Transform Uganda IV was on Sept 7th, when we shared Part 2 of 4 – The Trip to the Village of Wangobo,  ,the experience of Pastor Brad Nassif, Calvary Phoenix, Arizona,  and Chris Magezi, CTM Uganda team member.

This 3rd update is from Pastor Zach Papuga, Calvary Phoenix, as he shares on the Pastors Conference in Kamuli

“The pastors conference in Kamuli was a time of fruitful ministry and encouragement for the pastors of northern Uganda. We spent Sunday exploring some of the villages of the area to gain an awareness of their ministry context. The faithfulness they exhibit in ministry was truly inspiring.

Without that exposure to their ministry context we don’t think the pastors conference would’ve been as effective as it was. Going into the conference we felt inspired and impassioned to share with these rural pastors some biblical foundations and scriptural truths we had prepared.

The first day of the conference was eye opening as we delivered four messages and had two extended times of question and answer. Towards the end of the day we had more questions then we could answer, and we really began to understand the theological and spiritual issues these churches were encountering. This allowed us to tailor our messages for the next day to speak into these issues and to create more time for question and answer.

Day two was even more fruitful as the Holy Spirit helped us bridge cultural barriers and really begin to bring some of the lies and deceit of the enemy that have confused the pastors into the light of truth. We felt that the conference was a good building block for the future and was a wonderful introduction to the church in Uganda.”

Next week check back for the final Part 4 in our series of Amazing Stories from Transform Uganda IV – a final word from Dan Noel and Arthur Magezi. 



Paul M. Dooley
Secretary, Christ Transformation Ministries

Amazing Fruit from Transform Uganda IV – Pt 1 of 4

Greetings CTM Supporters and Partners!

Our last update to you was August 13th, when we shared some early news and photos of Transform Uganda IV
, our forth big outreach into the jungle villages of Uganda.

We have some amazing stories to share with you all, and since there are SO many stories, photos, and videos, we thought it best to bring you the news in a multi-part series.  So this is Part 1 of 4, the experience and report from Mike Parker, CTM board member and project lead, also a pastor and member of eTeamGlobal.

Amazing Fruit from Transform Uganda IV – Part 1 of 4 in a Series

August 24th, 2018 – Uganda, Africa.  The Good News of Jesus Christ Continues to Reach Souls in Uganda – from Mike Parker, eTeam Global staff and CTM board member, reports:

Our fourth Transform Uganda mission took on a different look this year, but the results continue to glorify God!  Transform Uganda 4 was a modified version of previous missions and included a Pastor’s Conference, Jesus Film Team, a Medical Team, and a Village Team to minister to men, women, and children in rural villages across Uganda.

In addition to evangelizing in villages, our six-member US team also spent its two weeks in Uganda training pastors and evangelists.  TU 4 was a partnership of:

  • eTeamGlobal (ETG) – Mike Parker, Nathan Walters
  • Christ Transformation Ministries – CTM board chair Dan Noel and CTM Uganda team members
  • Calvary Chapel-Phoenix, Arizona  – Pastor Brad Nassif, Pastor Bryan Ferguson, and Pastor Zach Papuga

TU4 – Building on Previous TU Missions

After four years of Transform Uganda missions, I am amazed at what the church the Lord has built and sustained in the Busoga region of Uganda.

In that time, CTM and ETG have worked together to plant 35 churches (this is in addition to the nearly 100 churches that CTM has planted since 2003, all throughout Uganda). Today, all 35 of the recent church plants are growing, standing firm, and starting other church plants in nearby villages. The sight of these church plants in villages where there had never been a church before is a wonder to behold.

From the northern region of Uganda where villages have little in the way of material comfort and resources, much was given as the 35 churches tithed to the feed the TU 4 teams as well as the pastors attending the conference – a total of 125 people. They raised almost 500 pounds of maize (of which 271 was sold to purchase other food items), 254 pounds of rice, 2 goats, 10 chickens, and 200,000 Ugandan Schillings (approx. $55). Their sacrifice of giving and tithing to the Lord’s work reduced our mission costs by over $1,000!

The Fruit of Transform Uganda IV was Amazing!

  • Our Medical team treated 2,171 souls, and of those, 59 received Christ.
  • The Village team ministered to a total of 1,194 souls, and of those, 281 men, women and children prayed to receive Christ.
  • The Jesus Film was shown to a total of 950, and of those, 77 people received Christ.
  • We held four pastor’s and leader’s conferences – 268 attended sessions that were led by Pastor Bryan and Pastor Zach, and these pastors received much needed encouragement and teaching from our team

During the short two week period of Transform Uganda IV, a total of 417 received the Lord Jesus Christ into their hearts, and were born again into the Kingdom of our Lord!  Praise the Lord!  An by ministering to and building up their pastors, we have continued the Lord’s work of helping these churches to grow and further prosper.

Esther Magezi, CTM Women’s Ministry Leader, provided us with this reflection:

“The village team went and taught women and many gave their lives to Christ to be their Lord and Savior. One of these women was Naweriya Joy, who was in a very dark place spiritually. After we prayed for her, she accepted Jesus and immediately jumped up in excitement over her new-found faith and began praising God! She is free. Glory to God.”  
– Esther Magezi, CTM Women’s Ministry Leader

More of this Series Soon to Come!

In update #2 of 4, we will have a story from Pastor Brad Nassif, of Calvary Phoenix, and Chris Magezi, regarding their trip to Wangobo.  This is a remote village in north Uganda, and a first time mission experience for both.  To their amazement, many received the Word with gladness, and received Jesus!  Watch for this coming update.

In Update #3 we will share the experiences of Pastor Zach Papuga of Calvary Phoenix, and his participation in the pastor’s conference in Kamuli.

Update #4 in this series will feature summarizing comments from Dan Noel, President of CTM, and Arthur Magezi, Founder and Executive Director.

Be blessed,

Paul M. Dooley
Secretary – Christ Transformation Ministries

April Update – Regional CTM Team Teaching Pastors from 3 Villages!

Greeings everyone,

Arthur Magezi, our Executive Director and Founder, along with one of our regional CTM support teams, conducted a pastors teaching seminar in the region of Busoga during the latter  part of March 2018.

Pastors from 3 villages attended the seminar:

  • Nabigaga
  • Kibale
  • Nagulu

The pastors gathered at the church at Nabigaga, which as you recall was completed as one of the “anchor” church buildings this past summer of 2017, as we concluded the work done during our last big outreach – “Transform Uganda III”.

Since that time this building has been hosting the regular church meetings of the Nabigaga local church, and now is beginning its role as a regional “anchor” church for the surrounding village churches and pastors!  We thank our Lord for your faithfulness, and God’s blessing! 

In the video below you can see and hear the pastors as they pray and open the conference teaching activities: 

One of the goals of Christ Transformation Ministries in 2018 is to fortify the local churches already established over the past several years, and to “build them up” – spiritually, economically and socially. To this end we conducted our first “pastors conference” in the region during the month of March, inviting pastors and teachers from  the regional churches in the area to Nabigaga.

Arthur spoke, encouraging the pastors in the Word, and giving them guidance on how to better guide and lead their congregations.  By conducting these quarterly pastor’s seminars, we hope to magify our efforts – with the Lord’s blessing – to give the pastors and teachers better tools and training to grow themselves, and to strengthen their communities.

Please be in prayer on how you can help and become a part of this vital campaignTo be effective, we need to provide the funds for the logistical support and the materials for these quarterly seminars.  For example, your gifts can help provide for:

  • Fuel for the CTM vehicle and scooters used to get to the seminar location.  Usually getting to where these seminar are held  means driving 2-3 hours through the rough jungle, so funds are eneeded for travel fuel and supplies for the trip.  Our CTM vehicle is use, along with several scooters.
  • Teaching material for pastors – funds are needed to provide each pastor attending with copies of the training materials. These have to be purchased, cost about $13 USD for a set.
  • Biblessome pastors or their assistants may not even have a bible! So your gift can purchase a bible (for $13) for a pastor or assistant in need.

How can you give to meet one of these needs?  Its easY!  Just go online to our Donate page at and click on “One time donation” to give a specified amount to meet one of the above needs.  When you enter your payment through our secure PayPal site, be sure to note in the comments field how you would like the money used.

Thanks for supporting CTM and our work to transform the villages in Africa – first in the outback of Uganda, and then to the rest of Africa!  To God be the glory!

Paul M. Dooley
Secretary – Christ Transformation Ministries

CTM Uganda Partners with Nigerian Church in Follow-up to Churches …

Last month we told you about our CTM regional teams following up with the newly established churches that were planted as result of Transform Uganda III.

In addition to that outreach (which we want to continue on a monthly basis), our CTM Uganda team partnered with the Church of Christ in Nations (COCIN) to followup with many of the other churches that have been planted previously.

The material for this update with provided by our Nigerian brothers and sisters, who we worked with very closely this past July-August, during Transform Uganda III. As you know from previous posts, the Nigerian Church posted a volunteer pastor in each village during the week of TU III – with each pastor residing in a village for the whole week – encouraging, supporting, and loving the new believers.

As a result of this close partnership formed duing TU III, the Nigerian Church decided to work with us again to do some more followup.  Thanks be to God for these brothers and sisters!  Some 16 decided to participate in this additional outreach, traveling from Nigeria to the various villages where we have planted churches in the northern Uganda bush country. Due to difficulties that arove, only 7 were able to leave Nigeria and activiely participate in this additional outeach to the other villages.

The New Life For All in conjunction with the Child Evangelism Fellowship of Nigeria organized and packaged the program by obtaining the Visa for the journey and the training materials for children ministry. The Family Life Program was also packaged to help the newly born again Christian couples, forming the basis for  child evangelism. Here is a summary of the additional followup visits that took place in November, in partnership with them:

The Journey to Uganda 

Monday, Nov 13th –  The 7 delegates left Kaduna for Uganda on the 13th, arriving by the 16th and enroute to their mission.

Friday Nov. 17 – Nov . 20th   – the team started at a village called Kiyinja- Kiluuma –Butloogo. Evg. Jonah Tsado, Evg Dorothy Bagaiya, Evg. Lucy Sheshi and Evg. Margaret served there along with Pastor Emma who was translating and organizing the team from Nigeria. The training continued on Saturday 18th and on Sunday, the 19th of November.

The team members were divided to worship in different churches and to share God’s word; great testimonies were recorded. On Sunday Evening the team had the Family Life teachings that made great impact, and  many people had many questions and they were answered by the help of the Holy Spirit. The Family Life program continued on Monday 20th and it was very amazing. The team started receiving good testimonies it was very encouraging – we give God all the glory.

Kibale Followup Activities

The second  team was led by the mission cordinator Evg. Sheshi with Eld. Stephen Bage, and Mummy Rakiya Buba. The team was giving an unusual resounding welcome along with Bishop Emmanuel Kabonge. Almost what happened in Mubende happened in Kibale too. We had similar programs exept that a conference was organized which was comprised of pastors, Sunday school workers, adults and children. The pastors and children workers were separated and trained while the rest were assigned to other helpers for other activities.

Progarams started on Friday 17th November and ended on Monday 20th November there was trianing of pastors and Sunday school teachers, Crusades and Film ministry every evening. On Sunday, the children were seperated and taught specially and all the children and teens prayed to receive Christ. Evg. Stephen Sheshi remained in the adult church and share God’s word and  when the invitation was given, virtouly all the worshippers repented and made Jesus their savior.

On Monday 20th November There was practical session where the trainees were given the chance to for practicals to use the wordless book to win school Children to Christ and it was very effective, as many children were won to Christ. The Family Life session was taken on Monday aftenoon and it was a wonderful time with the church, some questions were asked from the participants and were answered as the Holy Spirit led us.

Kamuli District Followup

On Tuesday 21st November, the two teams come together and traveled to the eastern part of Uganda –  though they had to stop over at Kiwanga Kampala to pick the new team of organizers and interpreters under the CTM, led by Eld Alan of the COCIN Church Kiwanga. The team first arrived at a village called Balawoli where Pastor Timothy Iduli welcomed them , and the first team stayed there for the training. The second team proceeded to the next mission station – the Bumongoli village, near Lake Choga.

On  Wednesday 22nd November they started the training both at Balawoli-Kamuli and Bumogoli-Buyende.

Balawoli Missionary Outreach

On Wednesday the training started , Evg. Sheshi, Evg Bage and Mummy  Buba anchored the work there, though the number was few the first day due to bereavement in the village –  but it keep rising gradually.  On Thursiday  23rd November 2017 the team was blessed to have Evg. Richard Muwanguzi, the Eastern uganda education director of CEF Uganda who joined the team at the Balawoli mission station.

On Friday 24th November the teams trained till afternoon, then they shared with the students in different schools to practice what they have learnt, The team witnessed many children give their lives to Christ. Even within the days of training, the team managed to visit a school in the community – witnessing to both pupils and their teachers, and many accepted Jesus to His glory.

The second team served in the Bumongoli village, but had to be sleeping at a nearby village. Almost the same activities happened in Bumongoli mission station which was led by Evg. Jonah Tsado, CEF National Director. The team had a wonderful experience as many of villagers confessed that they never knew children could receive Christ as their savior. Some promised to start children work immediately. The Family Life Program was a great blessing to many families that participated, and many burning issues and questions were answered.

On  Saturday 25th Nov. the teams started their journey back to Kampala to wind up this additonal mission outreach to the village churches established by CTM in northern Uganda.  Praise the Lord for the soft and gracious hearts of these Nigerian brothers and sisters – so selfless and willing to help and support their Ugandan brothers and sisters.

May the Lord continue to bless the Nigerian Church, CTM, and all the people whom the Lord has chosen to fill His Kingdom!  Stay tuned to this Blog, our eNewsletter, and our Facebook page to stay current with CTM.

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How You Can Get Involved to Support CTM!

Greetings in Christ Jesus!

I have updated the “Get Involved” web page of the web site to list the most critical areas of prayer and financial need for CTM:

  • Supporting CTM Monthly Village Visitations
  • Providing Monthly Support for a Village Pastor
  • Helping provide Bibles and Teaching Materials
  • Providing Bicycles to Pastors who have no transportation
  • Motor scooters to Pastors of Larger Villages
  • Donating toward the Digging of a new Water Well (Boreholes)
  • Helping to support the Jesus Film Ministry
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Paul M. Dooley, MBA

Christ Transformation Ministries (CTM)

Mike Parker on His Trip to Nigeria, Preparing for Transform Uganda III

From Mike Parker, CTM Board Member
May 26th, 2017:  Trip Report – Just back from Nigeria…

Thank you to those who prayed for my trip, along with Gary to Nigeria. We had a fantastic week of ministry in Nigeria. Honestly, I have not laughed as many days and times as I did there in many years. The time was so good for the soul. I did come home with a nasty bug that has turned into a sinus infection.

The purpose of this trip was two-fold: to participate in a forum with Nigerian evangelists, and to prepare those in Nigeria  for “Transform Uganda III” (a number of Nigerians  will be joining us in again this July to visit the villages of Uganda to minister to their spiritual, social and physical needs).

For the Nigerians, this was the third forum for Nigeria evangelists. All are from respected evangelical ministries in Nigeria, have been been veted by their denomination as worthy leaders and evangelists, and all have at least a bachelor’s degree and most have a Master’s’. Gary and I were there to continue their once a quarter training and also prepare them for Uganda.

Gary taught on Festival Evangelism from a mass scale that included Preparation, Proclamation and Preservation. He also taught on Leadership for the Evangelist from the book of Nehemiah. I taught practical cross-cultural ministry principles as well as the 12 signal systems all cultures use to communicate but in different ways – ie colors, shapes, symbols, time, space, myths, kenesic movement, etc.. This lead to very fun discussions of examples of what can be stated in one Nigerian village and yet in another causes offense – like a dog is valuable to eat or a snake but in other places very offensive.

The trip also included a couple of outreach events in an area of Jos, Nigeria known as “the Jungle”. It is next to a very dry riverbed with huge granite boulders. The area is known as a place of robbery, drug abuse and distribution, prostitution, drunkards, and even the police are reluctant to go there because of criminality. At least once a week someone is found dead or murdered.

We engaged in two street evangelism outreaches, and the team did a wonderful job of testimonials, prayers, counseling, and preaching. I has a chance to demonstrate how to give a “mini-message”. The next day we debriefed the whole event, each section and I had them give feedback from what they witnessed from me: what I wore, how I moved and why, my message from the Leper that Jesus touches and says “Be Clean” in Mt. 8, to how I connected leprosy to my own testimony of rejection and street life.

The Lord moved in 207 hearts to have them respond the Gospel. About 1,000 people heard the Good News those two days! Some were prostitutes and “jungle boys” who live a life of crime and drugs. They are now being followed up by New Life for All, and a couple local churches we worked with.

Thanks be to God, He was with us the whole time, and He blessed this trip so abundantly!  

Tee Books Equip New Pastors and Believers!

During July, 2015, CTM was able to plant 10 new churches throughout the back country of Uganda: they are Kyankoole, Kibaale, Ngole, Makanga, Nabigaaga, Iyingo, Buyumba, Irundu, Naganga and Kisanga. And in the summer of 2016, through Transform Uganda II, we added 16 more to this number – for a total of 31 village churches planted over the last two years!

Praise the Lord! But the new pastors of these churches, and the new believers, are often without basic materials to help them develop.

CTM has created three (3) valuable books to help these church leaders and new believers grow in faith, in in turn, this will help the local churches grow and develop. The books are :

1) “Following Jesus”, which is a 10 week course on being a leader;
2) “Talking to God”, which teaches one how to pray, and
3) “Bringing People to Jesus”, which teaches a new pastor the skills of evangelism.

In the photo above you can see some of the village church leaders and new believers proudly holding their books, thanks to YOUR donations!

Please give to support the copy and distribution of these materials to the leaders and believers of these newly planted churches. Its easy to donate on-line with just a few clicks:

May God richly bless you!

Updates from January – Transform Uganda III Planning underway!

Greetings in the Lord,

Well, by now Dan Noel is on his way back to Southern California, and the events of January are coming to a close.matthew_filming

Dan had flown out to Uganda, along with his son Matthew and a friend, to engage in planning activities for Transform Uganda III – due to take place this coming summer.

Over the past two weeks, Dan Noel met up with Arthur Magezi, Mike Parker, and others to …inside_kisanga_church

  • Visit the back country churches established by CTM, to encourage them and build up the leaders and the new believers there.
  • Take part in planning meetings with our CTM Uganda team, to begin making preparations for the Transform Uganda III outreach to take place this coming summer
    • Two weeks of traveling to the country churchesmike_preaching_at_kisanga
    • Ministering to pastors and believers,
    • Digging new water wells to provide fresh water,
    • Engaging construction crews to build housing and meeting places, and
    • Ministering to health needs with doctors and nurses who will be part of our team.

arthur_and_mikeWe look forward to the great things God is doing through Christ Transformation Ministries (CTM), and you generous support that makes this possible!

During this January trip, Matthew Noel was charged with filming some of the activities.  Here you can see him getting his gear together.transform_uganda_3_meeting

The crew also visited a number of country churches, among them the Kisanga church.  In  the photos provided you can see people gathered inside the modest church structure, and in another photo Arthur and Mike smiling as they enjoy the fellowship.

esther_and_marthaMike also had the opportunity to preach the Word to several congregations, among them the Kisanga church.

Martha Wagner from Oregon was also there to join with Esther Magezi in holding the 3 day women’s conference, to build up and encourage women in the faith.

Many thanks and much blessings be upon all who help and support Christ Transformation Ministries!  We love you, and are so grateful for your prayers and your much needed financial support! You are helping so many people who are in real need of food, water, and the essentials of daily life – much of what we in America take for granted!  And not only that, you helping to spread God’s message of love to people’s that have never heard of that love before.

If you would like to get involved, or donate, please do.  We would love to have you partner with us!


Paul M. Dooley
Christ Transformation Ministries (CTM)