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Update on Kasanga church after the Dec. 25th attack

Dear friends and supporters,

We wanted to give you an update on the aftermath of the attach on the Kasanga church, which occurred on Dec. 25th of 2016.

As you know from the previous blog posting, there was an attack on Dec. 25th, Christmas day, on the small village church in Kasanga. Chairs and tables were broken, electronic equipment was damaged, one of the walls of the church structure was pulled down, and some church members sustained minor injuries.

The attack was reported to the local police.  What happened next was amazing,  The parents of the youths that attacked the church are agreeing to pay for part of the damages!  Not only that, the youth themselves who carried out the attack are agreeing to pay for part of the damages by making bricks to repair the structure.

Thank you Lord for intervening, and caring for your people.  You are our Strong Tower – a very present help in time of trouble!  We pray for these youths, and their families, that we can live in peace.  And that the light of Christ Jesus our Lord may shine upon them!

Paul M. Dooleypaul-dooley

Christ Transformation Ministries 


Please pray! Attack on Kisanga Church by Muslims on Christmas Day!

Dear Friends:
We urgently need your prayers and support. One of our churches in Uganda near Kisanga has been attacked by a group of militant Muslims. Several christian men who protected the equipment received injuries, and the church building where the Jesus Film was being played was significantly damaged.
We need your prayers to ask God’s mighty hand of protections against such evil.  As as the Lord provides, your financial help to rebuild walls and a part of the structure damaged in this evil attack. We know evil exists, but the Lord God will prevail. 
Please pray:
  • That the hearts and minds of these Muslims will be turned to Jesus!
  • Pray that the Lord strengths the church’s hear to persevere through this testing
Where there is darkness, the light of Christ will always shine that much brighter!  This is a great opportunity to witness to the people of this church, to support and provide for their needs.

Please help CTM fight against this deplorable act by giving to help meet medical needs, and repair the damage:

  • Point your browser to the Donate page on CTM’s website:
  • Enter any amount to help meet the medical needs and to repair the damage
  • In the comments section, please type in “Kisanga church”
  • One hundred percent (100%) of the money raised for Kisanga will be used for this church.
May God be glorified through your gifts.  Bless you.
Dan Noel, Ann Noel, Mike Parker, Arthur Magezi, Paul M. Dooley
Christ Transformation Ministries (CTM) 

ISIS Committing Genocide Against Christians in the Middle East

“Hillary Clinton has said itMarco Rubio, too. The European parliament, the U.S. Catholic bishops and Pope Francis have also uttered the important word to describe the Islamic State’s systematic elimination of Christians and other religious and ethnic minorities in the Middle East.

It’s called genocide.

The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom, the Iraqi and Kurdish governments, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have called what is happening by its correct name.

But not so the Obama Administration. The president and his representatives refuse to embrace the word and the attendant responsibilities that come with recognizing the campaign of terror in the Middle East.

So it was left to the House of Representatives to speak out on behalf of the United States.”

Read the full article in USA Today: