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TU III – Post 4 – Evil Spirits Cast Out, a School for Christ!

July 25th – Tuesday – Evil spirits cast out, a school introduced to Christ!

After breakfast, we proceeded on our way with “Mobile 1”.  We went out to visit another village on Tuesday morning. When we got


there, our Medical Team began to get to work immediately. What a blessing!

It’s Tuesday in Uganda, and what an awesome day it was. We departed for the school that we had suspected had “demonic activity” was going on. Soon after we arrived we discovered that [approximately 30-40 minutes] there was indeed some serious


demonic activity going on there. Upon realizing our suspicions were true, we needed to go to the headmaster and inquire further. As soon as we met up with the headmaster we began experiencing all kinds of commotion, especially when we began witnessing to the headmaster. We shared with him the importance of his conversion and being filled with God’s Spirit to combat this sort of evil. He accepted Christ. In parallel to his conversion two brothers that we were praying for,


they also accepted Jesus and were set free in Jesus name. Several other besieged girls (16 in all) came to Christ.

Then the headmaster began calling all the teachers together in a room and we told them how important it was that they believe in the one true God, believe on the Lord Jesus and receive Him into their hearts. Eight accepted Christ, and received him as Lord. We gave them some Bible’s, and told them to read, study and know God’s word.


It gets even better still. The headmaster then began calling the whole school of children together, and we explained the good news about how Jesus came to pay the price for their sins, and give them a full life here, and in heaven to come. Over 200 of the approximately 300 grade school children stepped forward and prayed that they would receive Jesus as their savior.

We then prayed for the whole school, and we left them in the care of a local pastor for ongoing follow up and ministering. When we


arrived a few hours earlier, there was confusion and hopelessness. When we left there was a peace about the whole school. Our God is an awesome God. There is certainly great power in the name of Jesus!

I gave away my NKJV bible to a teach at the school.  He looked at it astonished, and exclaimed “How much do these bibles cost?” (they don’t have many bibles in the villages).  We told him $12 or so.  He was flipping the pages, and I have no doubt he will be reading it cover to cover. Praise the Lord!

After leaving, feeling very blessed that we accomplished the Lords work at the all school meeting, we thanked the headmaster, teachers and children. We departed and proceeded for the next village.  Here we dropped off many supplies and bibles, and we also met with the local village leader (the “LOC 1”) to ensure he knew about our activities and our good intentions.

Please pray! Attack on Kisanga Church by Muslims on Christmas Day!

Dear Friends:
We urgently need your prayers and support. One of our churches in Uganda near Kisanga has been attacked by a group of militant Muslims. Several christian men who protected the equipment received injuries, and the church building where the Jesus Film was being played was significantly damaged.
We need your prayers to ask God’s mighty hand of protections against such evil.  As as the Lord provides, your financial help to rebuild walls and a part of the structure damaged in this evil attack. We know evil exists, but the Lord God will prevail. 
Please pray:
  • That the hearts and minds of these Muslims will be turned to Jesus!
  • Pray that the Lord strengths the church’s hear to persevere through this testing
Where there is darkness, the light of Christ will always shine that much brighter!  This is a great opportunity to witness to the people of this church, to support and provide for their needs.

Please help CTM fight against this deplorable act by giving to help meet medical needs, and repair the damage:

  • Point your browser to the Donate page on CTM’s website:
  • Enter any amount to help meet the medical needs and to repair the damage
  • In the comments section, please type in “Kisanga church”
  • One hundred percent (100%) of the money raised for Kisanga will be used for this church.
May God be glorified through your gifts.  Bless you.
Dan Noel, Ann Noel, Mike Parker, Arthur Magezi, Paul M. Dooley
Christ Transformation Ministries (CTM) 

Nov 21st, 2016 – from Pastor Arthur:

Dear servants of God, I greet you in Christ Jesus.

I have come back from the field to meet church leaders and plan for churches_growingnext year missions. The journey was a bit challenging as the car got into some issues and we were delayed – but thanks be to God we still made it, and had a nice meeting!

We have identified 15 locations for new church plants and we have 13 leaders to train for leading the new church plants in July next year. I need to make two more trips before the Christmas season starts. So, continue praying for resources to buy TEE books and a car.

prayer_timeHere you can see we get very much into prayer time. We have stepped up our prayer ministry to ensure we are always listening to God’s direction, and in a right relationship with Him.

Here you can see wtchcraft items in the area of the Kisanga church being burnt. Muslim witches planted their stuff in the door way of the church. The Lord showed witchj_craft_items_burnedthe pastor in a dream and he dug the place in the morning and removed them. We then burnt them after the meeting. This church is growing fast and we needs resources to build a big church. Pray with us.

Have a blessed day.

Rev. Arthur Magezi
Founder/Executive Director
Christ Transformation Ministries (CTM)
Ph: +256782911817