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CTM “Taste and See” Event a Huge Success!

Greetings everyone,

Our CTM “Taste and See” event that was held on the evening of June 2nd was a HUGE success!

The event was held at Ann and Dan’s home in Lake Forest, two of our

board members in the U.S.  We had about 60-70 people attend the evening event, to experience:

  • Wonderful food prepared by volunteers and local restaurants
  • Special wine tasting hosted by a local producer
  • Uganda shopping, featuring had made purses, bags, and jewelry from Uganda
  • Live background music by a talented guitarist
  • Drawings for multiple prizes
  • A grand prize drawing – tickets to an Angels’ Baseball event, with special parking and accomodations!

Tables were tastefully arranged, and CTM supporters got to know

one another personally.  There were people from Saddleback Church, Cross-line, and Calvary Chapel Mission Viejo among others.

Of course the CTM board was there, some of use wearing authentic Ugandan garments!

A special guest was John Stewart and his wife Laurie. John happens to be Arthur’s Professor of Apologetics at Multnomah University, as well as a well known author, speaker and founder of the Intelligent


Faith ministry.

After dinner, Dan Noel took on his role of MC and thanked all those who came, as well as those who helped prepare the event.  Ann Mundell-Noel then took the stage to talk about how she met Arthur several years ago, and got caught up in the process of establishing CTM as a full-fledged ministry to the villages in Uganda.

Arthur then shared about his background, vision and goals for the ministry of CTM.  How we are

about going where other missionaries fear to tread – to the back country villages, often some 2-3 hours of rough driving through terrible roads to each some of these villages.  We bring hope – fresh water wells, a meeting center, teaching for men , women and children, and medical assistance.  CTM is all about “holistic” transformation – spiritually through Christ, but also economically and socially.

Which is why we are adopting the tag line Planting Hope in Africa”. Because that ultimately is what the Lord is enabling us to plant in these villages.  Hope for conquest over disease, hope for a better family life, and hope for the future  –

for individuals, and also for the village communities.

As far as the success of the fund raiser, we are happy to report that the fund raiser exceeded our expectations! We were able to raise a significant amount of one-time donations, and also increase the number of monthly financial supporters.

Thanks to those who participated and so generously gave, we will now be able to do much of what is on our road-map for the next few months ..

  • Supplying scooters to pastors (we currently need 30), so they can get to our quarterly regional training events (and also more effectively support their village)
  • Train some of the regional leaders in in-depth evangelism and discipleship, so they can minister to the pastors
  • Progress our water wells ministry
  • Provide for some of the funding for the TU4 outreach this year
  • Enable us to plan and old the next regional training event, to equip regional leaders to develop the pastors

Please look for news of these events in our upcoming news letter.  If you haven’t subscribed, send email to

God bless you!

Paul M. Dooley
Christ Transformation Ministries

New Church Plant Followup Continues in November!

Monthly New Church Follow-up Program Continues!

As you know from earlier posts, CTM was able to work with several partners to plant 12 new churches in the northern bush country of Uganda this past July.  Our amazing partners included:

  • eTeamGlobal – out of Oregon, USA
  • COCIN – Church of Christ in Nations – based in Nigeria, but now includes churches across Africa, and now on other continents
  • New LIfe For All (NLFA) – based in Nigeria, with outreaches to all parts of Africa

These 12 new churches plants are in addition to the 16 planted by Transform Uganda II in the summer of 2016 – making a total of 28 new church plants in the last two years alone.  And this is not even considering the churches planted by CTM in earlier years – going back to the early 2000’s.  In total, CTM has with its partners planted now well over 130 churches throughout the north of Uganda!

Church Planting is Only the Beginning 

But we all know planting churches is not enough – they need nurturing to grow, and in many ways – spiritually, socially and economically. That is why CTM has committed to send regional teams out to the new churches at least once a month.

  • To visit and encourage the new pastor
  • Make sure the pastor has a bible, and teaching materials
  • Check to see if the believers in the new church have bible, and if not, what we can do about supplying them
  • Discover any other needs for the new church community – for example, the need for a new water well, or skills development training, clothing and shoes, or construction help

Our local CTM team went out once again at the beginning of November to visit many of the new church plants that took root during Transform Uganda III, but also to visit some of the churches established in 2016 and earlier in 2015.

Regional Team

Our local CTM Regional team support that went out on these trips (for the Busoga region in north Uganda) includes the brothers listed below.  You will see these servant-hearted men and women in many of the photos taken.

  • Rev. John Dayura
  • Allan Ntwiga
  • Monday Wilberforce
  • Moses Tumwine Magezi

Local Village Churches Visited in November

Thanks to your support and donations, these local CTM team members went out and visited a number of the churches during the first week of November:

  • Ngole A
  • Ngole B
  • Nagulu
  • Kapyokoro
  • Kasala
  • KIbala
  • Nabigaga
  • Irundu

Spotlight on a Few Churches We Visited

We can’t list news about all the churches visited (due to space limitations), but below we are sharing an insight into 3 of the churches visited.  Please be in prayer for these churches, and give financially if you are able!

The Church at Nagulu

Pastor Monica heads up the Nagulu church.  The Nagulu church is less than a year old, having been established in 2017. Monica has done an awesome job of getting this church going, while raising her 9 children!  The church was visited in July of 2017, and continues to grow thanks to the Lord’s blessing and Monica’s leadership and care.

The church numbers about 37 men, women and children, and Monica does have a bicycle to get around to visit church members. The church has a temporary structure to worship together in, and someday hopes to build a more permanent structure. Although Monica has a bible, many of her church members do not. She reports that about 20 bibles are needed – in the Luganda language. Will you help supply bibles to this church?  A new bible in the local language costs $13. You can easily help by going to our Donate page and clicking on the option to donate your gift toward purchasing bibles..

There is also a need for a water well (borehole) for this church!  There is no nearby water well at all for the people, and they must walk daily to rivers or streams to fetch water – which may in fact be polluted.  Thus causing disease and sickness to the people.  If you would like to help build the next CTM water well, please go to our Get Involved page and enter your donation.  A deep water well costs about $6,000 USD to drill, and thus far we have allocated $2,500 toward the next water well (borehole).  We need $3,500 in additional donations to begin drilling, so that the people in the village will have clean water.  This is probably where one of the next wells will be drilled!

The Church at Kapyokolo

The church at Kapyokolo was also established in 2017, is less than 1 year old, and is lead by Pastor Ben (who has 4 children).  The church has about 25 members, and is growing.  The problem is, the pastor has NO transportation to help him get around the village, go for supplies or help, etc.  Will you consider donating $75 to help this pastor get a bicycle?  You can easily do this by going to our Get Involved page and clicking on the option to donate $75 to purchase a bike for a pastor.  We will ensure 100% of your donation goes for this purpose, you will get a tax deduction, and the blessing that you are helping a pastor meet the needs of his congregation!

The church also has a need for more bibles for its members.  There are about 25 members, and only 5 have bibles.  So about 20 bibles are needed in the local Luganda language. Will you help supply bibles to this church?  A new bible in the local language costs $13. You can easily help by going to our Donate page and clicking on the option to donate your gift toward purchasing bibles..

Finally, this church at Kapyokolo also has no access to clean fresh water – no well, no borehole.  This will also be our target for an upcoming water well to be dug.  As we indicted above, a borehole costs about $6,000 for the surveying, getting the rig out on site over very rough roads, and paying the crew to drill the deep 300 foot well to reach clean, clear water.  If you feel led to contribute toward this well, please go to our Get Involved page and enter your donation toward “the well at Kapyokolo”.  Thank you. – you will be blessed, and helping an entire village get access to life-sustaining water!

The Church at Kasaala

We also visited the church at Kasaala, which was established almost 3 years ago  in 2015. This church is led by Pastor John, and has grown to about 60 members!  The pastor is married and has 6 children.  Thanks to your donations and support, he has a bicycle to get around and visit his congregation.

A temporary church meeting center is still in place, so there is a need for a better church structure.  And although the pastor has a bible, most church members still have no bibles!  They need about 20 bibles in the local Luganda language.  Will you help supply bibles to this church?  A new bible in the local language costs $13. You can easily help by going to our Donate page and clicking on the option to donate your gift toward purchasing bibles..

Fortunately there is a local water well (borehole) in the vicinity of the village, but it is not a deep well – hence the water is salty, and no so good.  We are planning to help them get a deep well in the future, so the villagers can have clear, fresh water – but we are waiting on the Lord for his provision on this.

We Need Your Continuing Prayers and Support!

We rely on your donations to go back and visit these churches, and see that we help the grow and develop.  Currently Christ Transformation Ministries (CTM), being formally organized as a non-profit in 2016, does not yet have any big donor organizations, not are we funded by any large churches or institutions.

We rely on individual donors like you to so the work of Christ in the back country, hard to reach villages.

Why Not Become a CTM Support Partner?

Please consider signing on as a CTM Support Partner.  If you can contribute just $10, $20, $50 or $100 per month, your regular monthly donation – added to others that come along side us – will help us do the work God our Savior has called us to do. Its easy to signup as a CTM Support Partner – just go to our Get Involved page, and select how you want to your donation put to work each month:

  • To support these village follow-up missions
  • To support an individual pastor and his/her family
  • Provide a monthly amount to purchase much needed bibles for the villages
  • Have your donation used to purchase bicycles or scooters – much needed!
  • .. and other options

Or, you can visit our Donate page, and just pledge a flat monthly gift (ANY amount will help – even $20 per month) to be used to support the work of CTM. in Africa. We will sent you a CTM T-Shirt or Cap as a special thank you, and you will be an integral part of this work. Please consider partnering with us, and praying for the work of CTM! We need your prayers, and your monthly support to continue the work God has called us to do!

May God bless you, and keep you in His care.

Paul M. Dooley
Christ Transformation Ministries (CTM)


Transform Uganda III – Post 1 – Preparing for the Work to Come

Transform Uganda III – July 2017
July 19 – Aug 2, 2017

Here is a breakdown of the activities of Transform Uganda III, as well as some other CTM activities I was engaged in while down in Uganda. This is the first of a series of posts, as there is much to share!

The Lord prepared our way before us, blessed the entire team while were there, and accomplished much during this mission. Literally hundreds received Jesus as their personal savior, people were delivered from the powers of darkness and brought into the light of God’s love, hundreds were treated by our medical teams, men were counseled and invited to draw closer to the Lord, and women and children were ministered to by the village teams we brought.

July 18th, Tuesday – On the Way to Uganda!

Boarded the plan at LAX for Uganda – which means first a long flight to Dubai, a stop-over, then on to Entebbe, Uganda. Met a girl on the plane from Cornerstone Community Church in San Clemente. She shared that she was part of a team going to Kenya, to minister to primary and high school children.

I told her about Transform Uganda, and CTM, and gave her our website address. Who knows, perhaps this local southern California Church may want to partner with us in our teaching ministry in the future!

July 19th, Wednesday – Met up with eTeamGlobal leaders in Dubai

Upon arriving in Dubai I met up with leaders and team members of the eTeamGlobal organization, with whom CTM was partnering to do the Transform Uganda outreach. These included Tim Robnett, Founder of TR Ministries and eTeamGlobal; Mike Parker, eTeamGlobal project lead and CTM board member; Paul Slankard, TU project lead; and Bill Wagner, accountant and project recorder.

We made it through customs, and boarded the bus enroute to the Copthorne Hotel to spend the night for our layover (Emirates puts you up free in a nearby hotel, if your layover exceeds 10 hours!). It was a splendid room, and I was able to get some blessed rest before wakuch on hising at 5:30 am for breakfast! The meal was served buffet style, and we had our fill as we talked about the upcoming TU3 project, excited about what the Lord was going to do!

We took off from Dubai, and arrived at Entebbe about 2:00 pm in the afternoon. I met up with Tim, Mike, Paul and Bill, and we proceeded through customs and entered the line to get our Uganda Visa. There we paid $50 each for the Tourist Visa, and proceeded on


through to get our car and get going to the hotel. Later that afternoon we arrived at the Space Hotel, and checked into our rooms.

A refreshing meal was served that evening, and we gathered and discussed our plans for TU 3 and the upcoming week. Everyone was in good spirits – laughing, smiling, and getting to know each other better.

Thursday, July 20th – Kampala, Space Hotel

I woke up early, 5:40 am local time. I could hear the 1st of the loud speaker calls to prayer from the local mosque. It reminded me that we are in a spiritual battle for the souls of God’s creation. Yes, we are ministering to the medical, economical and social needs of people during Transform Uganda – but more importantly, we are to share the good news of Jesus while we minister! He alone is the Way, the Truth, and the Life that we all need to life this life to the fullest. And not only that, His resurrection life means we will live with Him and our brothers and sisters in Christ forever!

Nice dinner last night with the TU 3 leadership team. A fantastic meal was served by KIzza’s staff, while we talked of plans for the upcoming week.

I left with Arthur for his home in the outskirts of Kampala. I finally arrived to see a pleasant and well built home just a few miles outside the city. Here Arthur lives with his wife Esther, and his 13 children (4 biological, others adopted). They range from Rebecca, 9, all the way up to Moses, 25 (project lead for local CTM).

Abbigail is 19, and is studying law. To help pay fees, she is setting up a small booth in town to sell tapes, souveniers, and other items. Nathan is 21, and studying software development. Chris 24, is studying filming. Nygoma May is 16, and then there is Geoffrey, 24. Allan, Rachel, Patience, and Emmanual are among the other children. The children that are at home all pitch in, helping to work the farm to raise crops – including corn, fruits of various types, and bannanas.

In the evening I met Wycliff, a member of the local CTM board. Wycliff is a consultant, and specializes in programs and project management. I plan to work with him in developing the CTM programs we have in mind for 2018.

Arthur and I discussed the purchase of a used Benz 4WD vehicle. As you my know, the existing CTM vehicle is very old, with over 300K miles on it. It is rusting, and breaking down frequently (which is why we have had to rent vehicles to get to the villages). This used Benz 4 WD has low miles, and appears to be is solid condition. We are having a mechanic check it out before finalizing the purchase. This will provide us with a reliable off-road vehicle, help reduce expenses, and enable us to visit the villages 1-2 times per month to continue the work God has started in TU 3.

Next posting:  TU 3 Begins! 

September 2016 updates – new Kibale church going up, Congo outreach, and more!

Greetings in the name of Jesus!

Pastor Arthur sends us these updates as September winds to a close..


Here is the new church building n Kibale being constructed.  As you can see, we start first  with a simple shade covering.

Praise the Lord that land was donated for the community church! church_land_donationThe lady in blue is the donor who has graciously given us the land on which to build this new church building
We need funds for supporting improved construction of the new churches.  The building start out as poles with thatched roofs – but then these don’t stand up to the weather very well.  Please pray for donors so we can improve the places where our brother and sisters in Christ meet!
Congo Outreach!pastors_taught
I had the opportunity to visit a neighboring country – the Congo – in mid September.  Here is a photo of some 45 senior pastor couples I had the opportunity to minister to yesterday.
I was blessed to be the lead facilitator, along with a great group of arthur_and_estherfriends from the U.S. and Uganda (see below).
Here is a photo of my lovely wife
Esther with me
lead_facilitatorsThis the team of facilitators. On the left is Kenneth, our host. Dr. Shane is missions director for Southern Baptist denomination, based in Texas USA. On the right is Dennis, also from Uganda.
To the left is a photo of me teaching church leaders this morning. teaching_churchleaders
The next morning I spoke to the top police officers.
And I have a counseling session for one hour, as well as one more speaking engagement.

God is blessing people! All the police officers prayed to receive speaking_to_police_offfersChrist! The are very high ranking officers. Glory to God!!

Rev. Arthur Magezi, Founder/Executive Director
Christ Transformation Ministries (CTM)
Ph:  +256782911817

Update from Mae Dickason re visit to Ngole Church …

Update  from Mae, nurse who is part of Transform Uganda II …

Sorry, couldn’t post yesterday as the internet is iffy. Yesterday wePeople of Ngole went to church in Ngole. The pastor Jacob is a young man I met last year in Uganda. I asked him today how old he was, and he said he is now 19. He now lives in this village.
The village was holding a worship service when we got there, but stopped when we arrived and welcomed us. Pastor Boe from Nigeria Mae and friendpreached first, and then Apollo and his wife Caroline both gave their testimonies. They were very powerful.

I was asked to close the worship service in prayer,  Those that know me, know that this is not something that I am comfortable at doing, but when you let the Holy Spirit lead you, it all just happens! Then Bill was asked to pray over the people and he did an awesome job. It was a very rewarding day.