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Sept-Oct Update – Trips to Build Up the Village Churches

Greetings CTM supporters and members,

This month we are giving you an update on two village followup trips that took place over the past two months.  The first was during the first week of September, with Arthur and our local CTM team visiting a number of villages. The second visit occurred during the first week of October, with Moses Magzi heading the local CTM team.

September Village Follow-up

Our local follow-up team for the September village visits included:

  • Rev.Arthur Magezi, CTM Founder and Executive Director
  • Esther Magezi, Women’s Ministry
  • Monday Wilberforce, theCTM driver
  • Tumwine Moses Magezi, lead for Project Follow-up

The team was out visiting local village churches over the space of 4 days, having left Kampala on Thursday morning and returning on Sunday night.

Five local village churches were visited in September:

Our CTM team first visited the church at Kisanga, and cleared the land bill at zero balance. Now this local church has the land on which to build an improved church structure in which to meet!

Next was a visit to the Nabigaga church, where our CTM team payed for the road access to the nearby borehole (which we had dug and paid for several months ago, as you recall), and the church  land where the large church was finished last August.

Our third visit was to the Kapyokoro church in Bukungu, where Arthur and the team met the pastor and few people there, talking with them and encouraging the pastor and the congregation.

The Kabale church was the fourth village church we visited,  where the team met and spoke with the person who is giving CTM 20 fits by 100 fit land for the church  in Kibale. Praise the Lord for His servants who freely given, for they shall be given to!

The fifth stop includes the Nabulezi B church, where the team prayed Sunday morning before then returned back to Kampala. That’s the  Nabulezi B church  where Arthur prayed for that girl who was demon possessed. She got healed during the service on Sunday. He also prayed for different people who were sick and others who had issues with their families.

October church follow-up

Arthur was on his way to the U.S. for his doctoral studies, along with visits with our U.S. based support organization, churches, and supporters.  In his absence and not wanting to look idle (!), Moses Magezi organized:

  • an evangelistic crusade
  • a door to door gospel outreach, and
  • a Jesus’s film showing at the Nagulu church.

Photo with youth arms raised – that’s pastor Ronald praying for those to give their lives to Christ. The bible says that “by grace are you saved through faith – and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God – not of works, lest anyone should boast”.

This photo with the red glare inside thatched church – this was taken inside the church of Nagulu. Not sure why the red glare – may have been due to the late afternoon sun shining through the sides of the church structure! In any case, whatever the building, the church is a community of people – not a building!

Here we have a photo with all the pastors from various CTM churches in different places who attended our meeting:

  • Pastor Blessing Kizito from Kabale church
  • Pastor Gwako Daniel from the Ssinini church
  • Pastor John Okuni from the Kassala church
  • Pastor Vicent from the Bulondo church
    … and many others

There is a great work God is doing in the church at Nagulu with pastor Monica.  See how a projector is helping us spread the gospel in Busoga.

I hope this update from the villages in Uganda is giving you a sense of what Christ Transformation Ministries is able to accomplish thanks to our gracious Father and the Lord Jesus Christ, as well as you our faithful supporters.  We are continuing our monthly follow-up to the village churches…

  • Praying with the pastors and congregations
  • Helping to ensure funding for land and water boreholes
  • Praying for the sick and those that need encouraging
  • Casting out evil spirits wherever we find them

Thank you for you continuing support.  In closing, your support has mad possible not only these regular follow-up projects, building up the local churches that were planed in 2015-2017;  as a result of the success of TU4 this past August,  we are now forming partnerships with several U.S. based churches, who have pledged to help CTM with resources, church leadership training, teaching programs, and further strengthening of the villages churches!

More new on the continuing growth of CTM and of the Lords Kingdom next month. Praise the Lord!

Paul M. Dooley
Secretary – Christ Transformation Ministries (CTM)

Updates from CTM for June 2018 – Well Completed, U.S. Visit, Villages Ministry


I wanted to give you all an update on what else has been happening so far during June 2018.  

The Borehole has been Completed!

As you know from an earlier post, the well (borehole) on Arthur’s home property had run dry earlier in the year. His family was without water (11 children), and so the situation became desperate very quickly!

CTM U.S. raised funds to truck in a water tank, and supply the family and our lead pastor with water for 2 months while we worked on raising funds to drill a deep well, and provide a permanent solution for water.

By the grace of God, YOU gave and came through, and the deep well “Phase 1” has been dug and is now in place, providing fresh water to his family!  Thank you all for your donations.  We are now hoping and praying for a “Phase 2” – to put in additional piping to the street, and toward the local village – so that others can come and get fresh water.  This will take additional donations, and planning (we will need spigots, and monitoring of this capability), but we believing in sharing what God has provided! Please be in  prayer for “Phase 2”

Arthur Magezi Visiting the U.S.  – Orange County, Phoenix, and Portland

Our own Executive Director and Founder Arthur Magezi has been visiting the U.S. for about 2 weeks so far, for several purposes:

  • To speak to supporters at the CTM “Taste and See” fund raiser onJune 2nd. This was a fantastic event, and you can learn more about this by visiting our home page, checking out the photos, and reading an earlier blog entry.  Attendees heard from Arthur the latest news about CTM’s work in the Ugandan villages, as well as hearing from others that have visited Uganda and participated in CTM missionary outreaches.
  • To visit small groups in Southern California, in particular groups affiliated with Saddleback Church, Calvary Chapel Mission Viejo, Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and Crossline Church.  Arthur has already met with several small groups in homes, given them a personal update on CTM’s work, and ministered to each of them in a very special way.We also took a special trip to Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, the original Calvary Chapel Church.  By the way, this  church started in the latest 60’s as part of the “Jesus Movement”, with many thousands of young “hippies” coming to the Lord through its ministry.  We visited the Chapel Books Store, picked up some bibles to take back to Uganda, and met a young man by the name of Phillip Yeah who kindly put us in touch with the directors of the CC Bible College. We are hoping to arrange an appointment to see them in June, to see how we might be able to enroll 4 of our regional pastors in CCBC. Please be in prayer for this meeting!
  • To visit Calvary Community Church in Phoenix, Arizona. Calvary Community is a large (about 12,000 members) Calvary Chapel affiliated church located in the growing metropolis of Phoenix, Arizona.  It is very missions oriented, and a Bible teaching church. A member of Calvary Community – Nathan Walters – went on the TU3 outreach in 2017, and was so taken with CTM’s work that he invited Arthur to meet with the pastors at CC Phoenix.  He did so, and they were very receptive to the work of CTM in Africa. They are now planning to send several pastors to Uganda this August to participate in TU4, and see how they might become more involved. Praise the Lord!
  • To visit Portland, Oregon, where Arthur plans to attend Multnomah University and work toward completing his doctorate in ministry.  Arthur is nearing the end of this task, and will shortly receive his doctorate, and publish a book on how each believer should develop his/her ministry.  He also will be visiting local churches in Oregon, as well as our partner eTeamGlobal and their support team.

CTM Raising Up Regional Pastors to Grow Village Pastors

As you know, CTM had planted 42 small churches in the last 3 years alone (over 150 if you go back to the early 2000’s).  To ensure these village churches grow, we need now to focus on how best to grow and develop the pastors of these village churches – spiritually, socially and economically.  So they can minister and develop their individual church bodies.

To this end we have brought the first of these regional leaders – Naomi Migabi, and Alan Ntwiga – to the U.S. to begin in-depth biblical training.  The are now in Portand, beginning their education, and we hope to enroll them in a bible college soon so they can begin formal education in God’s word, and in the ministry. Our goal is to enroll them in formal bible college training, so they can go back and become the regional pastors we need in the various regions of Uganda.

As this strategy begins to take shape, Arthur will move more into his executive director oversight role of the churches, providing overall leadership –  and regional pastors will be focused on teaching and developing their pastors in each of their regions.  Please be in prayer for these new regional pastors, and give as the Lord leads to their support and education.

CTM Monthly Village Outreaches in Progress!

Moses Magezi, and project lead for monthly village support, reports that the CTM team visited several villages during late May and early June (Arthur was on some of these trip, before his departure to the U.S.).

Accompanying Moses was Rev. Ezekial Dachomo from Nigeria, Ivan, and Monday.  Some of the churches visited included Buwangala, Bulondo, and Kisanga.

They held four days of

  • Preaching and teaching God’s Word in the villages 
  • Showing the Jesus Film to villages who had not yet seen it
  • Laying on hands and praying for people to be healed (and indeed many were healed!)

The roads were not easy to pass according to Moses, but he says “by the grace of God” we made all the trip successfully.

Thank you all for your prayers and support.  Please continue to pray specifically for safety for Arthur in his travels; for the new village churches, that God in His might may continue to watch over them and protect the people; for our new regional pastors, that God would open the right door to a bible college for them.  And for wisdom for CTM leaders.

Be blessed.


Paul M. Dooley
Secretary – Christ Transformation Ministries

Work Progressing on New Borehole for Pastor and Nearby School!

Greetings everyone,

Its April 24th, and I wanted to give you an update on the well (borehole) that is now being dug on a Pastor Arthur’s property outside Kampala, Uganda.

As you recall, about a month & half ago, Pastor Arthur’s well ran dry!  As a result,  there was no water for his family of 11, and they of course became very alarmed.  This was a hand dug well, and not very deep after all.  And so the situation became urgent very quickly!

About a month ago, thanks to your giving and generousity, our CTM base of supporters was able to amass enough donations to truck a tank of water to his home, and at least supply his family in the short term.  In parallel, you gave about $3,000 toward the digging of a new “deep well” on his property. The total cost of drilling the basic deep well is $4,000.

We are now happy to  report that MK Engineering, our local engineering resource and master of well drilling, has started drilling this deep well on Arthur’s property. The well is about 150 deep so far, and they are continuing to drill until they hit the water table (normally this is between 200-300 ft deep).

We need about another $1,000 in donations in order to complete the drilling of this deep well to supply Arthur and his family with water, so please, be in prayer about this, and give to help complete this much needed well by visiting our Donate page (its easy to give online, and don’t forget its tax deductible!)

Another point to note is that we would like to channel some of the water from this well to a neaby primary school.  This will require:

  • Trenches to be dug from the well at the home over to the nearby school
  • Pipes to be laid from the well to the local school
  • Spigots and fittings will need to be installed at the school to supply water to students

The school has no acces to fresh water now, and is within walking

distance of Arthur’s home. If we can raise additional funds, we can install piping from this new well to the near by school, and supply hunreds of small children with clean fresh water.

Note that many students stay the week at schools, and water is essential to their survival. We need about $7,000 in additional donations to do this – please be in prayer and if you feel you would like to help fund this special project, visit our Donate page and enter into your PayPal gift comment “Help fund water to the school”.

Thank you and may our Lord Jesus richly bless you in this life and in the life to come!

Paul M. Dooley
Secretary – Christ Transformation Ministries

January Updates from our CTM Regional Support Team

Greetings in Christ,

As you know, one of our goals in 2018 is to reach out to the local village churches on a monthly basis – visting them, encouraging the pastors and beleivers, and continuing to build up these “baby” village churches.

We thank you our supporters so much for contuing to pray for CTM, and to support the people and these churches financially  on a monthly basis.  During this past month of January, Moses and other members of our regional support team visisted several village churches:

  • The Bulondo church
  • The Irundu church
  • The Sinini church

We had the opportunity to film a couple of the pastors, to provide you with further insight into two of these local village churches:

Highlights from the Bulondo church

The Bulondo church has been planted since 2016, and is now about 1 year old.  Pastor Vicent Mulooki leads the small flock of believers, and has a wife and 5 children to raise as well.  Here is a short video clip of the pastor, who prasies God our Lord for His provision, but also lets us know of the needs of this small but growing church.  Needs that we can help address thorugh our prayer and giving include:

  • Funds and support for a borehole (water well). The community has no well, and thus many contineu to be sick and die of disease
  • Support for buying some land on which to build a church structure. Currently the church building (in photo) is being rented. If you would like to donate toward land for the church structure, please do so!
  • Lack of nearby hospital.  CTM will be visiting this church during our next outreach, to provide medical help and treatment – since there is no nearby hospital or clinic
  • Lack of a school for the children.  The community has no school for the children, so Lord willing CTM will be visiting this church several times this year to provide teaching and training to the families that are part of this village.

Highlights from the Sinini Church

The Sinini church has also been in existence about 1 year, and has now grown to about 70 members.  Pastor Daniel Gwaku leads this small church, and takes care of a wife and 10 children as well!

The church is on temporary land, so they do need money to pay for a permanent structure.  Other needs include:

  • Funds for bibles – currently the church has about 50 bibles in the local language, and the flock numbers about 70.  So we need more bibles.
  • A community school – like so many other communities, the people have no local school for the children.  And so CTM will of course provide some training and teaching during our next outreach here.
  • Medical help – as there is no local clinic, CTM will plan to provide medical treatment during our next outreach to this village. You can help by providing funds for medical supplies!
  • Church land – the church is using rented facilities, so any help you can provide to buy land for a church building would be awesome.

How You Can Help!

First, rermember to pray for the pastors and beleivers in the churches of Sinini and Bulondo.  Pray for their needs specifically, and if you feel led, give whatever you can financially to these churches, to help address these needs.

>> Go to Donate to make your secure, online donation,.

You gift is tax deductible, and we will make sure your donation goes specifiically to meet the need you express when you make your donation.

Thank you, and may the Lord bless your for your prayers and financial support!

Paul M. Dooley
Secretary – Christ Transformation Ministiries



Urgent Need for Water Borehole to Support Pastor Arthur, Family

Dear friends,
We have an urgent need to fund the drilling of a new water well (borehole), so that fresh water can be provided for our Founder and Executive Director, Arthur Magezi, and his family.
The borehole (water well) which was on his property has dried up, and now the rather large family is without fresh water.  As a temporary measure, CTM has transfered some funds to bring in a tank of water to hold them over for a few weeks. Arthur’s family has been forced to walk a distance to fetch water from a swamp area near the home, which has many different bacteria including typhoid and malaria. This temporary tank of water is helping them avoice that trek.  But the real solutuion is a new “deep” well.
Our primary obective is to raise enough funds to drill another deep well on the property.  A survey has been done, and a location has been identified to drill.  But we do not have enough funds for the project.  The cost to dig the well on Arthur’s property is approximately $4500 (special rate from a local engineering contractor we employ), and we have raised – thanks to donors – $3,200.  We need just $1,300 to get that well dug, and our lead pastor’s family a source of clean, fresh water.
A secondary objective is to use this well to supply a near-by school with much needed water.  The school has approximately 100+ children who’s families have NO access to clean water. They too are suffering from malaria, typhoid and dysentery.
Regarding the costs of finishing the piping to the school, that cost is approximately $2,000 (in addition to the $4,500 to dig the borehole).. That cost would cover the adaption of some fittings from the well on Pastor’s property, and then to run pipes about 225 feet from the property to the school, and then build two taps for water to be drawn. There is some engineering that has to occur to make that happen.
If you decide you’d like to gift the well, and the piping, please know you’d be shaping the lives of hundreds of families and children for generations to come! Clean water is the single greatest need in Uganda where infant mortality rates and incidents of water-borne diseases among the highest in the world.
We are praying for you as you consider this opportunity.  If you’d like to help, please visit our Donate page and enter your One Time Donation of ANY amount toward this project. Please enter in the comments “for Pastor Arthur’s deep well project”.
Thank you for your prayers and your gift.

A Look Back at What You Helped Us Accomplish in 2017!

Looking Back at 2017

Together We Have Made a Huge Difference in the Lives of Thousands of Ugandan Villagers!

Because of the faithful support from individuals like you, Christ Transformation Ministries (CTM) was able to reach out to dozens of jungle villages in 2017, and make a real impact on the lives of children, families and entire communities. Here are some key CTM accomplishments in 2017:

Twelve New Churches Planted!

During our summer outreach, 12 new churches were planted in the back country of Uganda, where no church had existed, and the goodnews about Jesus was never heard! This brings the total number of churches planted by CTM to well over 100 during the last 5 years, with over 30 in the past 2 years alone. Because of your support, you have equipped us to carry the good news of the saving grace of Jesus Christ to thousands of villagers in Uganda. Truly your reward will be great in heaven!

Thousands Accepted Christ to Begin a New Life!

CTM showed the Jesus Film in 12 villages this past summer. 3,170 attending the showings in 12 villages, with 509 praying to receive


Christ into their lives. During the provision of medical treatment, 336 prayed to receive Christ. Our village teams ministered to the men, women and children during our village visits. 687 adults were shared with by the village teams, and 258 prayed to receive Christ (More men than women, which is unusual and wonderful). Of the 2,957 children ministered to, 1,379 prayed to receive Jesus into their lives.

Equipping Pastors with a Means of Transportation

CTM provided 12 bicycles to pastors in small villages who had no other means of transportation. We also provided several motor scooters to pastors of larger villages, so they could more easily get around to visit their congregation, go for supplies, and be more effective in their ministry. In the fall we were able to provide even more pastors with scooters, giving them a means to go for village supplies, and more effectively support their church.

Two Deep Boreholes Dug to Provide Fresh Water

Because of your generous gifts to our water wells ministry, and our partnership with “A Way to Help”, we were able to dig two deep water wells for two of the larger communities – Nabigaga, and Kisanga. These wells were received with overwhelming joy, and the difference your have made in these communities is nothing less than astounding. There will be less sickness, disease and death because of what you have done! In 2018, we plan to continue our water borehole ministry, with plans for more boreholes that will provide fresh, clear water to hundreds of villagers in other communities.

Medical Treatment Given to Thousands!

Over 5,000 were treated by the Medical Teams during our TU III summer visit to villages. Those with malaria, yellow feve, typhoid, worms and many other ailments were examined by our doctors and nurses, and treated with medical supplies we were able to procure. Our medical team treated 5,620 men, women and chilkdren, and 336 prayed to receive Christ after their treatment!. Teaching was also provided by te doctors and nurses on family planning, nutrition, and hygiene.

Children Provided with Teaching, Clothing and Sandals

Because of your gifts, we were able to provide teaching about the


saving Christ grace of our Lord Jesus Christ to hundreds of children across the villages we visited. Many accepted Jesus into their hearts, including over 200 at a school near to one of the villages! 200 sets of clothing were distributed to small children during our visits to villages. In addition,70 sets of sandals were distributed in one village for small children.

Our First “Anchor Church” Building Completed

During TU III in July, our construction team finished the walls and the roof on the “anchor” church building at Nabigaga. The trusses and metal roofing were put in place, and the first church services were held. Preformed bible skits were performed each day by our team to tell big stories of God, and our Lord Jesus. 275 adults and children attend the plays, and 215 prayed to receive Christ.

Our plan for 2018 is to complete a building for a second “anchor church in another region of the country. These larger structures allow the churches in the entire region to come together in praise and worship, for special events such as weddings, and to engages in training activities.

Learn more about the amazing impact CTM had to thousands of villagers in Ugamda by visiting our Transform Uganda web page.

Thank You for Giving Generously
throughout the Year.
You Have Been the Hands and Feet our Our Lord Jesus, Making a Difference in the Lives
of Thousands of Ugandan Villagers!

Please Help CTM Continue to Transform the Lives of Ugandan Villagers into 2018

Donate to CTM


TU III Post 2 – Well Dedication at Kisanga, and Rest Up for the Week!

July 22 – Saturday – A Joyous Well Dedication at Kisanga

Woke up and had breakfast.  Then departed with Arthur and Esther


to dedicate a borehole (well) at a village called Kisanga (this was the same village that had their church structure attacked by Muslims last December!)

The drive over very rough roads took about 2 hours.  Finally we arrived, and to a huge enthusiastic greeting I might add! As we got out of the Toyota Land Cruiser, women were singing, dancing and praising God!  What a welcome!

Chairs and a basic PA system were set up by the villagers, and we


gathered round for the dedication speeches. Arthur was speaking with a translator, and we thanked God for the provision of this most excellent borehole.  Arthur mentioned that Serrano Jr. High School, in Lake Forest California, had worked hard to raise the funds for this well, and we very thankful to them indeed (Arthur and Esther were wearing Serano T-shirts!).

The local village choir, all smartly dressed, broke out in song and dance to celebrate the blessing of the well for the villagers.  Such excitement in the faces of the men, women and children!  Having a well to draw clean, fresh water means so much to them that we can hardly appreciate this (don’t we in the U.S. just take clean, clear water for granted?).  Now the church, but also anyone in the village will have access to clean, healthy water – for drinking, cooking, and bathing.  No more contaminated water that led to disease, sickness, and in


some cases death for villagers!

In closing, Arthur gave a message about how Jesus was “the water of life”, and that if we come to Him and invite Him to be the Lord of our life, He would give each of us the spiritual water that each of our souls so longs for. People listened intently, and 8 raised their hands to say they wanted Jesus to come into their hearts and be their Lord and Redeemer.

After this, we all walked a short distance over to the well which was surrounded by decorated wooden poles (and flowers). I was asked to cut the ribbon to officially dedicate the well, which I did to much applause.  I bent down and washed my face, and tasted the cool, clear water.  Then everyone else joined me, enjoying the blessing.

After walking back to the gathering area, the local village official (the LOC 1), greeted us and thanked us for supporting the community by donating this most precious well.  We all said thank you, we were delighted that God had enabled us to provide this “water of natural life” to the community.

Arthur, Esther and I were also able to visit the “source of the Nile” on our way back to the hotel near the villages.  Did you know the Nile is


the longest river in the world, and that its source is located in Uganda.  Who knew? By the way, most of the roads in Uganda are very bumpy, dirt roads.  Only the main roads, and a few streets in some of the larger towns are paved (partially).  It soon became obvious why CTM so desperately needs a solid off-road 4WD vehicle.  This is a necessity just to get to the villages and back!

July 23 – Sunday – Worship and Fellowship!

Had a worship service in the evening with team members. Today was a day of worship together with the Nigerian and Ugandan team


members, as well as a number of believers from the villages who were brought in. It was a long day, but very rewarding. It would take too long to go into detail, so here are the highlights:
• Worship – we started off with a Ugandan worship group leading us in song.
• Prayer – a number of leaders led us in prayer for the ministry that will be taking place through the week
• Sermon – Tim Robnett shared from Deuteronomy 11:22-24, which is the theme verses for Transform Uganda 3 this year.


• Teaching – Arthur Magezi and a Nigerian leader both had sessions on teaching. These were mainly aimed at the Ugandans from the villages
• Bible Presentation – Martha was able to present Bibles to the village women that came to the conference she led in January. These were donated by friends at our church
• Graduation – four Nigerian evangelists finished their training led by Tim Robnett. They had a ceremony in the evening to honor them.

Next post:  TU 3 Begins on Monday – 12 new villages churches!

Fresh Water Wells in Kasanga and Nabigaga Successful!

June 4, 2017
From Dan Noel and Mike Parker

Christ Transformation Ministries (CTM) has been able to complete the drilling of two fresh water wells in the villages of Kisanga and Nabigaga over the past 2-3 weeks. Through the generous donations of supporters, and the prayers of many which resulted in overcoming a lot of physical, logistical and other barriers, the two wells were completed and now the people of these villages have Clean Water!  

Where as in the past the villagers had to walk 2-3 hours to streams to gather water, and deal with the risk of getting sick due to contamination, the people of these villages are so thrilled to be able to fill their containers with fresh clean water right there in the village!

Our thanks to the many generous donors who made this possible, to MK Engineering, the local firm we partnered with to do the surveys and drill the wells, and to our Lord and Savor Jesus!  To whom be all the glory for ever and ever!

For your benefit we have included some photos of the drilling activities – first in Kisanga, then in Nabigaga.  Notice how both wells are generating a respectable amount of fresh water. Notice also that both wells were completed with a dedication to the “Glory of God”, quoting Mat 6:33, which is CTM’s flagship verse:

“Seek first the Kingdom of God, and His righteous, and all these things shall be added unto you!”

This is exactly what the people and Kisanga and Nabigaga have been doing!  Putting our Lord and Savior first in their lives, and look what has happened!  God is blessing them for believing, and your faithfulness for supporting these efforts!

New Borehole in Village of Nabigaga Strikes Water!

Well drilled in Nabigaga nails it!

5/25/17, 5:07:09 AM: Moses Magezi:  Glory be to God in the Highest!  The bad devil has again failed so

badly! We have succeeded also in Nabigaga, with the new borehole drilled up to 62m, and striking water yield of 3500 ltrs per hour of constant discharge!

Thank you all for your contributions to Christ Transformation Ministries to make this new water well successful at Nabigaga! You are God’s instruments!


AwayToHelp Assisting with New Water Well for Kisanga!

Update from Dan Noel, April 27, 2017:

We have just heard from AwayToHelp regarding funds for the planned water well in Kisanga.  AwayToHelp is a partner of Christ Transformation Ministries, and has been accumulating funds from all all of Ann Mundell-Noel’s hard work with Recycle Tuesday/Recycle Thursday, where the middle school kids bring in bottles and cans, and we exchange them for cash.

Knowing that CTM needed additional funds for the well as Kisanga to be completed, we prayerfully asked their board to contribute the additional monies needed, to which they have said yes!  What a blessing!

We are now working with AwayToHelp to get the funds transferred, and local Ugandan resources in place to begin planning and drilling the new water well. So grateful to God.. and thankful for Ann and her hard work and sacrifice so that village can have clean water, and now they can begin to also make bricks for the church!