CTM Advisory Board

Christ Transformation Ministries

Dr. Tim Robnett, eTeamGlobal

Dr. Tim Robnett leads eTeamGlobal and Tim Robnett Ministries, which is focused on communicating the gospel of Jesus Christ in as many places and ways that the Lord allows. Primarily his focus is to identify, affirm, Tim_phototrain and network evangelists worldwide. This happens through the network of ministries that Tim Robnett has made over the last 35+ years of ministry, and that is why Tim is actively involved in support Christ Transformation Ministries.

The NEED for identifying and affirming evangelists around the world is tremendous. Tim Robnett Ministries is directly focused on this group of God’s servants. Often the evangelist is on the verge of giving up because they are overwhelmed with the need, over-worked, or under-resourced. The lack of resources includes biblical training, supportive mentoring relationships, and not understanding the network of relationships that multiply their resources.
Tim has been to Uganda several times, is actively involved in supporting “Transform Uganda” as CTM seeks to establish 50 churches throughout Uganda over the next 5 years. He is also very active in other evangelistic outreaches around the world to spread the good news of Jesus’ saving grace.  Please visit their web site at : http://www.eteamglobal.org/

Jonathan Morris

Jonathan Morris is the pastor of Ascend Malibu Fellowship, in Malibu, California. Jonathan has been traveling to various nations over the last few years, training leaders and leading evangelism and Jonathan_Norrris_smchurch planting teams. He’s seen more than 100,000 come to faith in Christ, and has been instrumental in planting hundreds of new churches around the globe. Currently, his short-term campaigns are focused in the Philippines, Russia, South Asia, and East Africa.

Jonathan is passionate about bringing people to Christ and making disciples in many regions of the world. Through his work in SPAN, he wants to see ‘people’ movements to Christ and ‘church planting’ movements so that Christ can be worshipped “in every village.” And that is why he is so passionate about Christ Transformation Ministries – because that is exactly what CTM is all about – transforming entire communities throughout Uganda by the transforming power and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Transforming Africa through Jesus

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