Christ Transformation Ministries (CTM)


ETeam Global is a fraternity of Evangelists that are committed and CTM Outreach July 2015 - Leadershipactive in training evangelists and equipping local churches in effective evangelism. This will be a selected and invited group of evangelists that are committed to the purposes and values of the Tim Robnett Ministries.

The goal will be to multiply themselves through the training of others. A dream is to create opportunities for regular training and collaborations in countries around the world. For more information please visit:

A Way to Help

Formed by a group of friends from southern California, our Arthur_w_kids from Serrano Intermediateorganization is committed to providing access to clean water for those without. Our endeavor is to equip people locally to love globally. We are simply people that use our interests to benefit others.  Since 2006, thousands of families in Uganda have been given one of our most basic needs—water.  To learn more, visit

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