The Written Word of God – The Bible

  • There is nothing more important to your spiritual growth than to openbiblebe in God’s Word, the Bible.
  • Click here to get free  online access to the Blue Letter Bible – a searchable, online resource for God’s written word, the Bible, in the most popular translations!

Evidence to Believe

  • Once of the weakness of many Christians is “apologetics” – Shroud_faceproviding a defense of the faith.
  • Yet the Bible charges each believer to “be ready to provide an answer to anyone who asks, for the hope that lies within you”.
  • Visit the EvidencetoBelieve web site for helpful articles on why the Christian faith is the most reasonable of all belief systems! And be ready to give an answer to those who ask!

How to Know God

  • Humankind has been in a sad state ever since the first man and woman decided to turn their back on end_timestheir Creator, and try to decide for themselves what was “good”, or “evil”.I think we can all say that it has not gone so well since – today people call good thing s”evil”, and evil “good – just like God warned us in the Bible!
  • The “Good News” is that our Creator has provided “a way” back into fellowship and communion with Him, and this “way” is in the Person of Jesus Christ. Click here to learn more about the Good News of Jesus Christ!

Walking with Jesus – Africa

Thanks to Chester Hudspeth, of The Jesus Film, for making us aware of a series of short films about how Jesus is reaching the
people of Africa.  The series is broken down into 30 minute
segments or less, each one focusing on a particular theme:

  • Assurance of Salvation
  • Fellowship of believers
  • The Holy Spirit
  • Walking in the Spirit
  • Growing in Christ

Start at the top and watch all in the series – on you PC, laptop, tablet, or smart phone!  Here is the “Link” to “Walking With Jesus – Africa”, a short series on different topics in 13 Languages:

Truth Revealed 

  • God is not distant, as some claim. In fact, He has revealed His presence in two key ways: 1) In all of creation,bible_image so that we see His divine nature by the things which are made all around us – the magnificent stars and galaxies, the wonders creation, the amazing design in all of nature, and 2) In His Word, the Bible – the inspired Word of God. which tells us of “His Story”, how He created the heavens and the earth, and has dealt with humankind through the ages, and how He has provided a Savior for all of His creatures – if they will only believe and trust in Him.
  • Click here to learn more about the Truth Revealed in Creation and in God’s Word.


  • eTeamGlobal is focused on communicating the gospel Tim_photoof Jesus Christ in as many places and ways that the Lord allows.  Primarily eTeamGlobal is focused on activities to identify, affirm, train and network evangelists worldwide.  This happens through the network of ministries that Tim Robnett has made over the last 35+ years of ministry, and that is why Tim is actively involved in support Christ Transformation Ministries.
  • Visit the eTeamGlobal web site for more information on TRM.

Intelligent Faith

  • John and Laurie Stewart have a vision for presenting an intelligent Christian faith in an increasingly Laurie-John-294x221pxsecular world. Both have been serving others in a variety of ways for a number of years through teaching, legal advocacy, speaking, and writing.
  • In 2007, they founded Rolling Stone Ministries to expand their work.  The rolling stone represents the mechanism by which evidence confirmed that Jesus is the Savior!  For more information, please visit the Intelligent Faith web site.

CTM Videos and Newsletter 

  • Click here to see videos, and hear hear the story of how Christ Transformation Ministries (CTM) was started, what we are all Mike_PArker_encouragesabout, and why this ministry is so vital to reaching 80% of the people in Uganda!
  • CTM periodic eNewsletter: If you would like to receive our quarterly eNewsletter, to get timely updates on current and future activities, please send your name and email address to

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