Transform Uganda I (2015)

Transform Uganda I (2015)


During July of 2015, CTM in Uganda partnered with eTeamGlobal, Tim Robnett Ministries, and Nigerian Churches to minister to the Medical_team_ready_to_goback-country villages of Uganda. During a period of two weeks in July, several teams ministered to the needs of the people in these rural villages – a ministry team, ministering to the people’s spiritual needs; a medical team, providing care and medicine to the sick; a women’s and children’s team ministered to the needs of women and children; and a construction team started on work to provide foundations for two “anchor” churches in two key areas.

Ten New Churches Raised up!

The churches raised up are throughout the back country of Uganda: they are Kyankoole, Kibaale, Ngole, Makanga, Nabigaaga, Iyingo, photo_1Buyumba, Irundu, Naganga and Kisanga.

  • The Jesus film was shown to many groups during the two week period, and dozens came to Jesus and new life in Christ
  • Wells were drilled, providing fresh water where there was none.
  • A medical team ministered to the needs of those who were ill.
  • A construction team began work on foundations for two new “anchor” church buildings
  • And an evangelistic team ministered to the people, giving them a hope for new life and joy in Jesus Christ! Praise the Lord!

CTM Creates New Learning Materials

To assist these the new pastors of these churches, CTM has created three (3) valuable books to help these church leaders grow in faith, discipleship_prog_jul_2015in in turn, this will help the local churches grow and develop. The books are:

  • 1) “Following Jesus”, which is a 10 week course on being a leader;
  • 2) “Talking to God”, which teaches one how to pray, and
  • 3) “Bring People to Jesus”, which teaches a new pastor the skills of evangelism.

Please give to support the copy and distribution of these materials to the leaders of these newly planted churches. Please visit our Donate page. May God richly bless you!

Next Year:  Transform Uganda II!

At the conclusion of July, the teams returned to the U.S., and Nigeria. Hands_upraisedTen new village churches have been planted, and hundreds of new believers added to Christ’s Kingdom!

But we will go back in the Spring, in a special mission to build up and encourage the new pastors and  believers.  And we will return with teams in the summer of 2016 to embark on TU II!

Transforming Africa through Jesus

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