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To accomplish “Transform Uganda” for 2016, Christ Transformation Ministries (CTM) Uganda partnered with ETeam praying_for_land_kibaleGlobal and New Life for All (NLFA) from Nigeria. Transform Uganda is a three-year commitment to transform communities, evangelize, plant churches, and disciple new believers. Last year, during Transform Uganda I, 10 new churches were started in remote rural bush villages in Uganda that had not had a church previously. This year, during Transform Uganda II, we were back to help build up and encourages the churches, the people, and the communities.

Our Mission Theme

Our theme verse for the team of 40 Nigerians, 15 Ugandans, and 16 Americans was from 2 Cor. 3: 14 – 18 which reads:

“But their minds were hardened. For to this day, when they read the old covenant, that same veil remains unlifted, because only through Christ is it taken away. Yes, to this day, whenever Moses is read a veil lies over their hearts. But when one turns to the Lord, the veil is removed. Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. And we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another. For this comes from the Lord who is Spirit.”

We witnessed the Lord remove the veil, people turn to Christ, and freedom come. Please enjoy the stories and reports. Now individual lives and villages are “being transformed.”

Transformative Medicine with Joy!

Medical Team Update

Prior to the trip to Uganda, we were having difficulty putting together a full medical team. We had three nurses and a lab mae_photo_1technician who had helped lead many medical missions. We moved forward, trusting that God would provide the much needed Doctor. It was as if He heard the cries of the people in the villages just as God heard the Israelites in Exodus 3: 7-8 I have seen the affliction of my people…I have heard their cry…I know their sufferings…I have come down to deliver them….Enter Dr. Joy.

Dr. Joy, from the Wentz Clinic in Kampala, had just spent a week on LIttle boya medical mission in Northern Uganda. Our team arrived in the town of Kamuli and as we were leaving for the first village to distribute medicine, Dr. Joy pulled up in a taxi. She had returned from her medical mission, seen her family, gathered up new supplies and clothing, worked a night shift, and then came by taxi to join us!

Dr. Joy has a tremendous heart to see the joy of Christ spread in rural villages, dreaming of one day having a mobile medical clinic. She wants to see lives transformed through medicine, family planning, HIV/AIDS education, testing, and help, and telling villagers about Jesus. (Dr. Joy is pictured to the right, discussing family planning with expectant Ugandan mothers.)

Transforming Community Foundations!

Construction Team Update
by Garth Rouse

“After a few days the construction crew realized, just by being there, we drew a crowd of children. We determined at our lunch break each day we would put on a skit using stories from the bible. The Progress_buildingguys enjoyed “hamming it up” and we felt good about sharing God’s word through skits. We were even able to incorporate some of the locals into our performances. The culmination of the skits was on the last day when we portrayed the summation of why Christ came and died. We were excited to see many of the children pray the prayer of salvation with us at the end. What a treasured experience from beginning to end. Raising_the_walls

Zach Satrum expressed his thoughts on the church building: “We were amazed so many children came to watch us each day. It was cool as the kids began to help. They formed a train to help move the bricks from the pile to where our Ugandan and American team were laying bricks for the church walls. At that moment, I realized, these kids know they were helping to build the first church in their village. They will remember this throughout their lives as they reflect and tell their children “I helped place those bricks to build our first church.”

Incredible to think the children were a part of building the first Walking_along_the_wallsvillage church. And they found the One whom builds solid “transformed foundations” (Mt. 7:24-27).

Construction Team Results:

  • The majority of a solid brick church was built. The Ugandans began making and forming bricks in March. This church will serve as a regional training site for rural bush pastors and church planters. The intent was not to finish but to work together with them.
  • The church now will finish the trusses and sheet metal roof.
  • In addition, 12 children and a few men came to Christ through the work, the skits and Gospel presentation.
  • This team did a wonderful job of mixing work alongside nationals, preforming skits, sharing lunches, and taking breaks to kick a soccer ball or play and talk.

Transforming Children’s Futures

Children’s Ministry Team
by Carol Andresen

“Our children’s ministry team told two relevant main stories during our ministry in various villages. The first story was of Zacchaeus and Jesus calling him down from a tree (Luke 19:1-10). In the second Smiling_eyesstory we told how Jesus calmed the wind and waves on a boat in the midst of a storm (Mark 4: 35-41).

These stories relate to their lives because story telling often happens under a tree while preparing food, exchanging information, making trades, gambling, trading livestock or land, or other communal events (even politicians ask for votes while shaded under a big tree). Further the kids live next to Lake Kyoga, a large central Ugandan lake. Most of the men fish to provide an income and food for their families.”

“I Began to Truly See”

by Nurse Mae Dickason

“It was my third day out in villages. I observed things that I don’t see here in the United States. The poverty and the amount of Mae and friendsickness in these remote villages can feel overwhelming. We saw many children with intestinal parasites, malnourished, and with bellies swollen. Most villagers had malaria, the flu & skin problems such as ringworm and scabies. Some had burns or wounds or in the case of women, pelvic inflammatory disease.

On this day, we saw the sickest child. A young mother brought her youngest child, who looked like an infant, but was actually 18 months old. This child couldn’t hold her head up, her arms were so skinny, her eyes dull, and she was so dehydrated with a high fever. It really took all I had to not start crying right then and there. How does this happen in this Sorting_thru_medsday and age? I wondered what we could really do for this child. It was then I had to pray and ask God for help. This was more than I could handle on my own. We listened to this mother who was desperate for something to make her child well.

The doctor prescribed medicines and oral hydration solution to make this child a little better. Ugandan Pastor Apollo gently explained to the mother how to give the baby her medicine and suggested she seek further help. He touched this child and prayed (in their language) for God’s love and healing touch. The young Mae_with_little_girlmother seemed grateful for the medicines and for the prayer. That moment I began to truly see the desperate reality of their lives and the hardships they face as women and mothers.”

As Transform Uganda Phase II wraps up, Shelby Cogswell shared how it transformed her personally. She shares “it was the third day in the villages and we asked if anyone wanted to follow Jesus and 14 hands were raised among the kids. That was the first time that anyone I had shared the Gospel with had prayed to confess their sins and ask Jesus into their heart. That really transformed me because it showed me that what I say really does make a difference. It made me excited to turn more people to God not only during the mission trip but when I returned home.”

Was there an Impact for Jesus? ABSOLUTELY!

Results from Transform Uganda II!

  • Jesus Film: 900 viewed in 6 villages with 120 responses to the Gospel
  • Medical Team: 2,287 treated and 300 responses to the Gospel. Teaching on family planning, nutrition, and hygiene.
  • Construction Team: Helped locals who had already built the foundation and made bricks build a church with main hall and two rooms. The trusses and metal roofing are next for the church to finish. Built alongside church members and children helpers. Preformed bible skits each day to tell big stories of God, Jesus. 12 children respond to the Gospel and a few men.
  • Women’s Ministry: 160 women heard special messages for them during the day. Most women were busy with gathering wood, cooking, and tending to their children or small gardens. Of these, 41 responded to the Gospel including four prostitutes.
  • Men’s Ministry: 88 listened to special messages for men. Most men were out in the fields farming, moving livestock to feed, or out fishing. Of these men, 18 responded to the Gospel in day meetings.
  • Children’s Ministry: 887 Children heard the Good News through bible stories with puppets, wordless books, cross necklaces, and balloons. Of these, 340 responded to the Gospel.
  • Nigerian Village Team and Evening Events: The Nigerians split up into teams of two – evangelist and pastor. They lived for just over a week in 13 villages. They went door to door to meet with and pray with people. At other times, they would invite folks to join them under trees in the shade to sit, talk, visit, and hear bible stories. Another part of their ministry was to send a roving team of three very gifted evangelist to speak each night in a different village. Through the Nigerian team of 40 about 4,500 heard the Gospel and 1,431 responded to repent and believe in Christ. Further, an additional 90 rededicated their lives to follow Christ.

Watch a Short Video on Transform Uganda II

A Need for Continuing Prayer and Finances

Fresh Water Wells: The two wells are still a work in progress. We are praying for completion soon so that the villagers in two locations have a clean source of water that is readily accessible. Water_well_hole

Funds and Resources for Follow-Up: Evangelist/Pastor Arthur Magezi of CTM has implemented training sessions for his church planters as well as follow-up for the new Christians. Meetings have already been held. Materials specific to Africa has also been provided, with training how to use, to the local pastors.

  • Yet there is a need for more pastors in this area who have some training, the calling, and character to help met the needs for this relatively unreached area. Side_view_truck
  • Pastor Arthur must also have the resources to go back now and help nurture the new pastors and uphold the work that has been done.
  • Pray that funds are provided for renting/buying a vehicle to go back to the villages in September, and for materials for the pastors of the local churches.

Looking to the Future!

September brings the beginning of fall and it is well known that this season is a time of harvest across our land. Even so we are praying, mission-planning_at_ngoleplanning, and preparing for a significant harvest of new followers of Jesus Christ.

Over the last two years the Lord has enabled Christ Transformation Ministries, in partnership with eTeamGlobal and others, to have an extensive and productive season of evangelistic events. Next year we look forward to Transform Uganda III, the final part of our 3-year transformative program. But we are not staying still until then! We are even now, this September, we are going back to strengthen the pastors, and local churches.

The Time for Follow-up  is Now!

We would like to share with you a concern that has increased. We have learned that even now the devil is attacking local church
leaders. These young churches are delicate because the leaders are Buyumba_church_8-6-15not yet fully trained. They are vulnerable, and the enemy knows this! The Muslims and local witch doctors are very angry with us, and its spiritual warfare my friends. Arthur is forming and training prayer teams. But we need your help as well!

We need your prayer and financial partnership to enable us to SHORE UP what has been accomplished this summer. We must go back and meet the challenge of the enemy, and strengthen the new pastors over the next three months.

Please keep us in prayer, and give whatever you can to provide for much needed resources. Now that the tams have returned to the U.S., and Nigeria, it is up to CTM Uganda to shore up what has been accomplished. Arthur and his team are in need of renting an off-road vehicle, and funding to go back to the villages to help local pastors stand for Christ!

We are believing that this fall is their day of salvation! Please pray Arthur Magezi, CTMand ask our Lord what you can do to partner with us as we go to serve Him. If you can provide even a small gift of $25 to help shore up what has been done, that would be greatly appreciated! Please see our Donate page for details.

May our Lord richly bless you.

Yours In Christ,

Arthur Magezi, Executive Director
Christ Transformation Ministries (CTM)

Transforming Africa through Jesus

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