Transform Uganda III (2017) – Amazing!

This TU Had the Biggest Impact Ever!

Transform Uganda is the vision of Ugandan Evangelist and Church Planter, Rev. Arthur Magezi.  Arthur is founder of Christ Transformation Ministries (CTM), now established in the U.S. as an official non-profit, and in Uganda. The vision of CTM  is to plant churches deep in the rural bush of Uganda, then build those churches so that entire communities may be transformed!

Our focus is to see the rural villages embrace Christ, and start churches where there has never been one. A second focus, as the villagers embrace Jesus Christ and have a church over time, is for the villages to be transformed by the Gospel in many ways. These include literacy, health, clean water, treatment of women and children, and stabilized economic health, as the men turn from alcoholism, witchcraft, and gambling.

Our third TU project, Transform Uganda III, began on Sunday, July 23rd 2017 as the American team, the Nigerians and the Ugandans gathered in a small hotel which was to be our base of operations each day.  We worshiped the Lord together in praise and song, and heard messages from several leaders – Dr. Tim Robnett, and Arthur Magezi among them.

That evening we had a meal together, and planned our activities for the next week.  Monday morning at 7 AM, 2 Villages Teams, 2 Medical Teams, a Construction Team, and 2 Mobile Teams departed for the villages.  This was two be a 2 hour very bumpy ride through the bush, and the roads were slim to none!  Our goal:  to visit and minister to 2 villages each day who had never heard the good news.

  • We sent out two village teams, one to each village. Each team had 4-6 volunteers, They encourages the men, women and children, sharing the gospel with them, answering questions, and lifting them up.
  • Two medical teams went out daily to those same villages, along with the village teams.  A medical doctor in each team, along with several nurses, dispensed medicine and treated those who needed medical attention (or pre-med students). After they were treated, patients were prayed for.
  • A construction team headed out to Nabigaga, one of the “anchor” church plants, to get to work finishing an actual building that saints could gather and worship in. This was to be one of the “anchor” churches in this regions, with a building large enough for many together and worship the Lord!
  • Two “mobile” teams, composed of leadership, were to rove among the villages, encouraging the work, and trouble-shooting any issues that might arise.

Summary of Activities and Impact!

Medical Teams Results

The two medical teams worked hard each day. When the villages found out there is a free clinic, they flocked to get treatment for various illnesses starts arriving fast. Most problems are minor, but if left untreated become big issues. Many of the children have worms and there are cases of malaria. Beyond that is a myriad of other problems to try and help with. There were two teams with two doctors and some nurses each. In addition, there are others that volunteered taking


down information, distributing medicine, crowd control and sharing Christ with those who wait.

This year, the teams broke all records for number of people being treated, with each team seeing over 600 in just a few hours! All total, they have helped more than 3400 people in just the first four days. But the beauty of these teams is that, while they were sharing the love of Christ to all these people through medical treatment, many of the villagers turned their lives over to Christ. What a fantastic component of our Transform Uganda ministry!

Village Teams Results

The two village teams were each staffed with 4-6 volunteers. They would spend the entire day in the village, meeting under trees, on


porches, or out in the open to tell people about Christ. Two tactics emerged on how to reach the people. Some would walk around and talk to people in small groups of 2-4, while others would park themselves in one place and let a larger group gather around them. It turns out, both approaches work.

On one occasion, one team saw 35 adults and 40 children come to faith.  Many of the women that accepted Christ have Muslim husbands, so please be in prayer for them to stay strong and even influence the men to follow Christ.

Construction Team Results

The construction team of Americans, Nigerians and Ugandans focused on completing the “anchor” church building at Nabigaga. They worked very hard all week, sun up to sundown – laying bricks, attaching the trusses, and finally setting the metal roof in place.

May our Lord richly bless this team!  Now we have a decent building in which this church can gather and worship the Lord.   In fact, at the completion of TU 3, they were able to hold their first services, with praise and thanks giving!

TU 3’s Amazing Impact!

This Transform Uganda outreach had the biggest impact ever. During this amazing 6 days in July 2017…

12 new churches were planted in the back country of Uganda, where no church had existed, and the good news about Jesus was never heard!

Over 3000 viewed the Jesus Film, with over 500 saved:  3,170 attending the showings in 12 villages, with 509 praying to receive Christ into their lives.

Over 5,000 were treated by the Medical Teams:  5,620 were treated by doctors and nurses, and 336 prayed to receive Christ. Teaching was also provided on family planning, nutrition, and hygiene.

The Construction Team finished a church building:  The team finished the walls and the roof on the anchor church building at Nabigaga. The trusses and metal roofing were put in place, and the first church services were held. Preformed bible skits were performed each day to tell big stories of God, and our Lord Jesus. 275 adults and children attend the plays, and 215 prayed to receive Christ.

The Village Teams shared Jesus and many accepted Him:  687 adults were shared with by the village teams, 258 prayed to receive Christ (More men than women, which is unusual and wonderful).  Of the 2,957 children ministered to, 1,379 prayed to receive Jesus into their lives.

Nigerian Village Team stayed in the Villages all week: The Nigerians split up into teams of two – evangelist and pastor. They lived for just over a week in 12 villages. They went door to door to meet with and pray with people. At other times, they would invite folks to join them under trees in the shade to sit, talk, visit, and hear bible stories. Another part of their ministry was to send a roving team of three very gifted evangelist to speak each night in a different village.

In addition:

Two clean water well projects were dedicated in two of the larger villages – KIsanga, and Nabigaga

  • 12 bicycles were provided to pastors who had no transportation
  • 200 sets of clothing were provided to small children
  • 70 sandals were distributed in one village for small children
  • 300 bibles and children’s bibles were distributed
  • An “anchor church” building at Nabigaga was completed, roof and all, and held its first service
  • A marriage was performed  – Alex and his wife Judith were married at Nabigaga, to great celebration
  • A primary school was set free from demonic oppression, and the head master, 10 teachers, and over 200 children accepted Christ!

.. and there is now a total of 28 new church plants within the last two years alone!

Watch Selected Videos of Transform Uganda III

We have compiled a selection of videos from TU III, organized in chronological order.  Click below to watch the videos you choose to see!

Watch TU III selected videos

Watch Interviews with Volunteers

We had people fro Oregon, Washington, Nigeria and Uganda all participating in the Transform Uganda III outreach.  Watch a selection of short interviews with some of the volunteers:

Watch TU III interviews with volunteers

We Need Your Support Going into r2018!


Please be in prayer for Christ Transformation Ministries, as we now go back on a monthly basis with our local CTM Uganda team to minister and strengthen these new church plants.  Our small team of local CTM volunteers, led by Pastor Arthur, will be …

  • Providing training to the new pastors
  • Our women’s ministry leader Esther will be teaching and encouraging the women.
  • We will be laying our our strategic plan for 2018, in terms of our plans for partnerships, priorities, and the building up of these churches and new believers.

We need prayer partners, and those who can support us financially. Now that the teams have returned to the U.S., and Nigeria, it is up to CTM to shore up and build up what has been accomplished.  For example, funds are needed for:

  • Bibles for pastors and new believers ($10 can provide a bible for a pastor). We want every believer to have a bible!
  • Bicycles for pastors to get around their village ($75 can buy a bike).
  • Church structures are still needed form many village church structures, which are not much more than sticks with a thatched roof.
  • Biblical teaching materials

Please pray and ask our Lord what you can do to partner with us as we go to serve Him. If you can provide even a small gift of $10, $25 or $100 per month to help shore up what has been done,

that would be greatly appreciated!The Lord will bless you! See our Get Involved page for more details on how you can help partner with us. And please see our Donate page for details on how you can easily donate online. Or send an email to to join our email list for regular updates.

May the Lord bless you for you help and support.  Your reward will be great here, and in the life to come!

Transforming Africa through Jesus

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