Transform Uganda III – Selected Videos

These are selected videos from the Transform Uganda III outreach which took place during the last 2 weeks of July, 2017, to the outback villages of Uganda. The videos are in chronological order for the most part, and each is only a few minutes in length. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 20

On the Road to Kisanga:

Headed through Kampala

Saturday July 22nd

Arriving in Kisanga for the Borehole Dedication!

Kisanga Borehole Dedication:

Nabigaga Borehole Dedication:

Sunday, July 23rd

Sunday Fellowship Before Setting Out:

Monday, July 24th

Teams getting ready to go out!

Visiting the first village on Monday morning!

Building the Nabigaga Church Worship Center:

Visiting the Naguru church

Tuesday, July 25th

Pulling into the School Oppressed by Daemons:

Sharing Jesus with the School Headmaster:

A School Transformed for Jesus!

Children were very excited to see us when we arrived at this village!

Wednesday, July 26th

A Mayor’s Daughter Freed!

A Typical Children’s Primary School

A Beach Ball can make all the Difference to Children!

Saying good bye to children when leaving a village. So hard to do!

Pastor Shares about Village, Mayor’s Daughter

Thursday, July 27th

Visiting the Bmugole Church…

The Bmugole Church – est. 2013… and growing!

Joy in the Children’s Ministry

Friday, July 28th

Doctor Joy Giving Medical Advice:

The Medical Team Dispensing Medicine:

Comments from Nuhu Dauda – New Life for All – on What God is Doing through CTM …

Medical Treatment with Dr. Joy in a village …

Saturday, July 29

Preparing for the Wedding to come …

The Wedding Party Arrives in Nabigaga…

Dancing at Pastor Alex and Judith’s Wedding Celebration


Transforming Africa through Jesus

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