Transform Uganda IV – 2018

An eTeamGlobal, Calvary Phoenix, and Christ Transformation Ministries Outreach

What is Transform Uganda?

Transform Uganda is the vision of Ugandan Evangelist and Church Planter, Rev. Arthur Magezi. Arthur is founder of Christ Transformation Ministries (CTM) in Uganda. The vision God has laid on his heart is to plant 50 churches, over the several years, deep in the rural bush jungles of Uganda.  Read more about the vision of Transform Uganda. 

Calvary Phoenix Joins CTM and eTeamGlobal!

We are excited that this year a team of pastors from Calvary Phoenix (based in Phoenix, Arizona)  is joining our team from eTeamGlobal (based in Oregon), and CTM U.S.A. (based in Southern California), as well as CTM Uganda.  Listen as they share the vision of Calvary Phoenix, as they participate with us in sharing the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ, training new pastors, and building up the fledgling churches and new believers in the back country of Uganda:

The Mission of Transform Uganda Phase IV

Final preparations are underway for TU4 this August. The focus will be to strengthen the 28 church plants and train the leaders. The primary ministry will be to continue the training and development of the church plant pastors and women/children’s ministry leaders. In addition, as the Lord provides team members and resources we will be conducting the following ministries to the villages:

  • Jesus Film showings each night in the villages, leading hundreds of people to Christ
  • Evangelism  to groups of men, women and youth in the villages, sharing the good news about Jesus, our Lord and Savior
  • Training of pastors and church leaders will be provided, thanks to the efforts of CTM regional pastors, and the support of eTeamGlobal and Calvary Phoenix
  • Daily medical clinics will be made available as the team visits  each of the villages. Thankfully we will have several doctors and nurses on board!

Volunteers from Christ Transformation Ministries (USA and Uganda), eTeamGlobal (Oregon), and Calvary Phoenix (Arizona), will be traveling down to Uganda the first week of August, and be engaged with local CTM resources for about 2 weeks to carry out the multi-faceted mission of Transform Uganda IV.

Awesome Results from the 2017 TU Mission – We Expect Great Things this Year!

Last summer, a total of 12 new churches were planted in villages that had little or no knowledge of Christ prior!  Twelve bicycles were given to village Pastors, enabling them to travel to the daughter church plant villages.  Clothing and sandals were distributed to children. A regional church building project was completed at Nabigaga. Two bore holes for clean water were established in villages where thre was no water. A total of 14,000 heard the gospel and 4,323 made professions of faith. Finally, numerous villagers were delivered from demon possession, including 17 children from a single school.

Interested in Supporting Transform Uganda IV?

Download our Prayer Calendar. And please pray that travels would be safe for the pastors, that lives would be touched and brought into the Kingdom of our Lord, and that the new pastors and their families – and the churches – would be strengthened in the might of the Lord.  Download the Prayer Calendar:  TU4 Prayer Calendar-FINAL

Support the mission financially.  CTM is entirely dependent on donors just like you. Even $5, $10 or $20 will help! And giving to support this mission is easy!  You can do so online via our secure PayPal account, or by mailing a check.  Just visit our Donate page, pick the amount (one time or recurring donation), and enter a comment regarding how you would like the funds used.

May the Lord our Savior richly bless you and yours for your prayers and support.  

Transforming Africa through Jesus

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