What We Do

We Transform Communities for Christ From the Inside Out

Through the Christ Transformation Centers that CTM establishes in each community, there will be serious holistic transformational Buyumba_church_8-6-15ministry, that will prove the existence of a practical, omnipotent God above any Satanic powers embedded in ancestral worship. In places where the community is not comfortable with the name Christ Transformation Centers, it can be changed to Community Transformation Center or anything as long as the practice and results are the same.

Everyone should be clearly aware that CTCs are for training the community about the Kingdom of God holistically, and they are all owned by one Kingdom, the Kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

What a Christ Transformation Center (CTC) Looks Like

The center should have a very big hall (capacity not less than 2000 discipleship_prog_jul_2015people). It should have a resource center, classrooms, dormitories and all necessary boarding facilities. The leaders should ensure that all Christians get involved in the development of the center, right from construction of this hall physically (even if the resources are available from donors). The people can make all the bricks, provide wood, labor, and the like, as outside donors provide resources for technical and other needs that are beyond the community’s reach.

Christ Transformation Centers Established Thus Far

As of the start of April 2018, CTM has established through its missions over 150 Christ Transformation Centers in villages across the back country jungle of Uganda (click on image to enlarge and view some of these village church locations):

Map Church plants Uganda

The purpose of each Christ Transformation Center in each village is:

  • For Christians to have a place of refuge and help when they are attacked by demons, instead of running to the witchdoctors. The center should have a 24 hour ministry of deliverance (teaching, worship and prayer). It will be a sanctuary of the heavenly Kingdom on earth.
  • To unite all Christians for a common Kingdom goal. The Kingdom of God has no divisions or denominations and this should be communicated in every way.
  • To declare the Identity of Christians as people of one Kingdom IMG_0296in that community. Kingdom people building a Kingdom facility together. Christians will be seen by all people praying together before starting work, eating lunch together and closing together in prayer.
  • To clearly define the ownership of the vision, mission and facility. As the people work on the center, their input will become a store for their passion to see success of the project. Community members will clearly know that the facility is for the Glory of God, and will appreciate the Christian influence when the facility starts getting used to host training in agriculture, health, etc., to benefit all the people.
  • To ensure sustainability. The people, who will see the structures go up with their sweat, will gain confidence to the fact that they are actually able to maintain it. The same people will not allow anyone to spoil the facility or misuse it.
  • To ensure that the facility is used only for the Kingdom of God, and not for discos, Satanic ceremonies, etc. Considering that this facility will be a center of attraction for the community, it will attract good (Kingdom values) activities to dominate the community.
  • To challenge the people to develop visions and missions that are big enough for God to be trusted. The facility, which should be abnormally big in relation to what people are used to, will become a testimony when it gets completed. The community will also see that Christians serve a God who is able to do great things.

Finally, to give the Christians confidence to witness and stand outArthur Magezi, CTM
to worship God publicly
and hold spiritual activities without being intimidated. For example, joint nights of prayer can be announced publicly as a respectable activity that the community should respect.

This result: dynamic church growth, and community transformation!

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